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  1. Yes, Anti-Theft is included in ESET Internet Security and in ESET Smart Security Premium.
  2. First of all, we kindly ask you to post in English since this is an English forum, otherwise administrators and most of other users won't understand and be able to help. As for the issue, please run the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode and then install the latest version of ESET from scratch.
  3. Not sure if I'm missing something but OTP even at a particular website is always different so storing it would not make sense.
  4. If you can't use hostname, there must be a problem with DNS resolution on the machine. Did you try nslookup or dig the hostname?
  5. I overlooked this info. However, the latest version Endpoint can be installed on Windows 7 as long as updates adding SHA-2 code signing support are installed. Another question is using an OS that was already discontinued and doesn't receive security updates. If security matters, we recommend using an OS that is fully supported by its maker.
  6. You can free the license via the license manager at my.eset.com, if necessary.
  7. Please download the ESET product that you are eligible to use from www.eset.com. During installation, enter your license key that you received after purchase and that's all.
  8. ESET Security is not installed, only ERA Server v5.3 and Console are. As I wrote, Endpoint Antivirus v5 is very old and reach EOL last year. As such doesn't contain any modern protection features to protect you from ransomware, RDP attacks, etc. As already mentioned, files encrypted by Filecoder.Phobos cannot be decrypted. You may, however, keep important encrypted files in case that decryption would be possible in the future.
  9. Files were encrypted by Filecoder.Phobos. Unfortunately decryption is not possible. EEA v5 is very old and reached EOL in Dec 2020. Please uninstall it and install the latest Endpoint v8.1 (Windows 7 SP1 or newer). You can provide me with logs collected with ESET Log Collector so that I can review your configuration and recommend settings that you could enable for maximum protection, if necessary. Also I'd recommend purchasing ESET Dynamic Threat Defense which can be set up to block execution of unknown untrusted files unless analysis in ESET's cloud sandbox has completed.
  10. I'm gonna send you your U/P via a personal message momentarily. I'd recommend contacting your license seller and ask to convert the license from ESET EAV for Windows to ESET EAV for Linux desktop so that you are eligible for a replacement product when the current legacy version reaches EOL and updates are terminated.
  11. Peter will reply you after the weekend since he's in charge of the Insider program.
  12. Yes. However, ESET NO32 Antivirus has never contained network attack and botnet protection which can detect malicious network / botnet communication, exploitation of vulnerabilities in network protocols and prevent bruteforce (e.g. RDP) attacks.
  13. It's legit but we don't know why it was sent. Maybe the signature could not be verified for whatever reason.
  14. This was actually already answered in the Insider forum. The new feature will be included only in ESSP since it generates extra costs.
  15. With vacations in full swing, cybercriminals will be looking to scam vacationers looking for that perfect accommodation. Learn to identify these scams. Most people are fans of the convenience provided by online shopping, but some criminals uses this to lure clients into Amazon scams. Learn to detect these. Now that organizations are set to evolve a The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  16. Yes, raw files are legit update files. Also the folder 00 is expected in certain cases.
  17. 1, I assume that all features will be available except the phantom account. Without a phantom account it's quite possible that a possible thief will not keep the system turned on and thus Anti-theft may not be able to report information about the notebook. 2, Yes, a new system account with random letters is created when you enable Anti-Theft.
  18. Most people are fans of the convenience Amazon brings to online shopping, and that’s precisely what cybercriminals are betting on. The post Watch out for these scams, targeting Amazon’s customers appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  19. Does installing the latest not yet released version 14.2.23 from https://forum.eset.com/files/file/30-eset-security-14223/ make a difference?
  20. In the main app menu -> License -> Enter a license key you can enter the license key for the other license you have.
  21. Please check your personal messages for your U/P. I'd recommend contacting the seller and ask to convert this EAV license to EAV for Linux desktop license so that you are eligible to use the replacement product once the current legacy version of EAV for Linux desktop reaches EOL.
  22. You probably cannot check it on Linux directly but you'd see EDTD in client detains in the ESET PROTECT console:
  23. Please check if installing the latest version 14.2.23 (not yet released) makes a difference. You can download it from https://forum.eset.com/files/file/30-eset-security-14223/
  24. A workaround will be to enable the setting "Disable checking upon inbox content change" in future v8.x versions. There's currently a bug causing this setting not to work.
  25. I'm sorry but I can't answer it myself, will have to ask developers. I assume there's no connection with the update issue discussed in this topic even though you posted it here, isn't it?
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