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  1. Ah OK. I got it wrong. On server was with network prot other not. Now I did manual install, and it seems OK, results are almost as without AV installed. Can this be solved in further product version? Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to do this from command line at install time?
  3. Did that as well, same result. What happened with: ? I have case opened with local ESET support.
  4. Well, got reply from local support. They said (ESET said), that problem is "within OS of the server". ??? So... Server 2008 - 2019 have apparently the same "OS problem" according to my tests Without ESET speed jumps from 2 Gbit/s to 9.5 Gbit/s, so WHO has the problem here? I`m truly disappointed on what kind of answers we are getting.
  5. Hello. I still haven`t got any reply from local support and not from here. Is it not possible for you to replicate this one? I uninstalled EFS from 4 servers where I need 10GB network speed and I`m using Defender now. What`s the point of having EFS licences if I will end up using Defender on 100 servers I have? Regrads, G
  6. No. Fileshare copy file from one server to another gives me 2Gbit/s. See iperf logs. Iperf does not use any kind of network share and port 5201 is used that has nothing to do with fileshare. No matter which port I use result is alwyas the same. If I remove eset and reboot I get 9Gbit/s instantly.
  7. I just opened support case with all logs attached...
  8. Hi everyone! We have deployed 10G networking in our datacenters. We also have Windows Server 2019 servers (latest CU) and EFS 7.1.12006 deployed on them. When we did network tests, we were really dissapointed to see 2GB/s only troughput. So I did test with iperf3 between Linux servers, results were OK, 10GB/s as expected. So I did another look at my Windows servers, removed EFS and got expected 9GB/s. We also contacted local support without success. With them we tried to rename driver ekrnEpfw.dll but results were the same. We tried with Windows defender and have no such issue there. What can we do to troubleshoot and resolve this one? Attached iperf3 test results. Thanks! eset_iperf_network.txt
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