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  1. one more thing, do you have a internal system to make local support in different countries aware of these kind of issues? i contacted ESET support in Norway, and they needed to check and get back to me.
  2. no, both ESET shell and GUI is non-responsive (not able to start them), but i can access the file system remotely on the affected servers. is the module a separate dll file?, that i can check the version on?
  3. is there a way to kill the update process and ESET? to avoid reboot.
  4. after a reboot it probably sort's itself out, i have only one server that needed a second reboot before the issue was resolved.
  5. it's also affecting servers without the RDS session host role installed, we are in the process of identifying all of them. is there a way to kill the stuck update/eset without doing a reboot?
  6. can i check this directly from the file system remotely? but can you answer if there is a known issue or not?
  7. Hi we see a similar issue, 1.ESET is stuck on update 2.The server is partly unresponsive and user's who attempts to logout is stuck on: Please Wait for the system Event Notification Service so between the 26 and today there must have been a bad definition/module release. i have a server where i can recreate the issue where the ESET update is stuck again after a hard reboot. update seems to have stopped here on some servers: 2019-10-26T12:00:15Z 09e5a745-679c-4215-90be-6b4c212bcf4e,efsw,211,7.0.12016.0,GA,biz paid(3),6.3.9600 SP 0.0 NT,NB_NO,LicenseChange
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