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  1. The difference between WD and ESET in this case is that with ESET only 1 file got encrypted. In my test case it was eicar in c:\1. However, this was with WD and ESET disabled: The conclusion is that in this case ESET did better than WD and protected the user. The malware was detected almost immediately after execution by the AMSI scanner and was killed.
  2. I will try it with ESET not installed and Defender active but I have a hunch that files will get encrypted in this case.
  3. The extra antiransomware HIPS rules may cause issues in environments where scripting is used. We already received some complaints from users where HIPS blocked some legitimate operations. They are not for everyone and one must understand what they do and how to fix possible issues. As for the above ransomware, it wasn't much successful on Windows 10. A trojan was detected upon execution, it managed to encrypt just one file. 1/6/2020 11:42:03 PM;AMSI scanner;file;script;PowerShell/DelShadowCopy.A trojan;blocked;95786A4DE23FFB5935973D801BEF42A92B2DC6E0;
  4. In https://forum.eset.com/topic/21939-eset-nod32-google-chrome-79-crashes/ we stated that Endpoint v7 will address the issue. As for the home version of ESET NOD32 for Linux Desktop, there are currently no plans for a newer version. If there's some news on this, we'll let you know.
  5. Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector.
  6. If you have a 3rd party application for filtering website content installed, try uninstalling it. Does the issue go away after temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup? Please provide logs logs collected with ESET Log Collector for perusal.
  7. What websites are you unable to access? Do you get an alert from ESET or the content of such website doesn't load properly?
  8. The fact that a particular AV detects more than ESET doesn't make it better. Rogue applications also find a lot of issues even on clean operating system and it doesn't make them better, quite the contrary. If you think that ESET has missed a threat, feel free to submit MBAM's quarantine to samples[at]eset.com and we'll most likely confirm that the object is not subject to detection.
  9. Please make sure that this requirement is met: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 with latest Windows updates (at least KB4474419 and KB4490628)
  10. I would check Notifications permissions in your browser setup and block them for the said website.
  11. Do you have the latest version of Endpoint Security 7.2 installed?
  12. I respectfully disagree. MBAM typically ranks lower than ESET in tests and from my personal experience if it detects something that ESET doesn't it's something that is not subject to detection, e.g. benign registry values, folders left after malware infection or PUA, etc.
  13. The Product column is not visible in your screen shot. If the alert comes from a security product, check the settings on the client if the policy was correctly applied and notifications about missing OS updates are actually disabled.
  14. Kindly please follow the steps in Please read this before you post next time: Do not report blocked websites After cleaning a website from malware and taking measures to prevent further re-infection, request a re-check as per the instructions in the FAQ. This forum does not serve as a channel for requesting website re-check or disputing blocks or detections. Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.
  15. No wonder it doesn't work, it's a leaked license. You should activate a trial version and after the trial period either purchase a license or uninstall ESET.
  16. Hard to say if they provide a legitimate tech support service. According to reviews 93% of users rated it as excellent but another site with reviews tells the opposite: ESET provides technical support for existing users for free. I'd therefore recommend contacting ESET LLC for assistance.
  17. This issue can be fixed by restarting egui.exe, ie. a computer restart should fix it as well. Only Endpoint v6 was affected by this bug. We strongly recommend upgrading Endpoint to the latest version 7.2 for maximum protection.
  18. Which options are greyed out? Please post a screen shot for clarification.
  19. Try the following: - switch SSL filtering to interactive mode - connect to a VM - when asked about action for the given SSL communication, select Exclude - switch SSL filtering to automatic mode.
  20. Botnet.CnC.Generic is detection of brute-force attacks, typically RDP but it can also be SQL or SMB attacks. While the detection is not very generic now, it will be soon so there won't be any particular IP addresses that it pertains to.
  21. If agent is installed and communicates with the ESMC server alright, sending a software install task should install ESET Endpoint on clients without issues. After sending the task, agent will connect to the ESET repository, download an Endpoint installer and run it in the background. Is the software install task failing on clients?
  22. Could be a hw issue as well. Does the issue occur if you start Windows in safe mode? And what if you boot from a live Linux usb?
  23. V8 obvously cannot have issues since it didn't support activation yet. As itman wrote, v8 is not supported and we cannot guarantee further module updates.
  24. The only issue related to backup that we are aware of is the following error: Error: Windows Backup failed to get an exclusive lock on the EFI system partition (ESP). Could you confirm or deny that your issue is like that? If your issue is different, I'd recommend raising a support ticket with customer care.
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