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  1. We plan to automatize these things so it should be easier to upgrade both the security products and agent in the relatively near future.
  2. Correct. Companies usually use just one ESMC server so only that one will appear in the list. Select it and complete the task.
  3. Logs from clients are not sent to the ESMC server unless they have "warning" or "critical" severity (ie. cases of an error or threat detection) so most of the log records you see on clients won't make it to ESMC. The Logs section in client details shows only SysInspector logs, logs collected with ESET Log Collector and diagnostic logs, ie. those that you have to generate first. Diagnostic logs are intended only for troubleshooting purposes. In order to view Audit log records, create an Audit log report. The screen shots are taken from ESMC but it should be alike in ECA too:
  4. You have to send also a "Security Management Center Components Upgrade" task to the clients to update agent.
  5. Access to the website was blocked by Parental Control because a parent blocked the appropriate category. Unfortunately you didn't enclose the domain / url so we can't check if the categorization is correct or not.
  6. Theoretically it could be a bug in the license anti-leakage system. The seller should contact ESET HQ if they can't help.
  7. Ok, I don't use a leaked license so that explains it. Anyways, contact your license seller to get it sorted please.
  8. There are these 3 options available in the license manager to work with your license: As for purchasing from various countries, technical support is provided by the seller from whom you purchased your license so it would be a disadvantage for one to purchase a license in China for instance if the person doesn't understand Chinese at all. Moreover, oversea calls can be quite expensive if you purchase a license from a different continent.
  9. It is not clear what you mean by resetting your license. It can be done only by ESET staff, the License manager doesn't provide such option. Also it is not clear where you see that your license leaked. In fact, you have several licenses purchased in several countries which is weird. Please contact the seller of your license in license matters.
  10. You can clear logs on a daily basis but that's not recommended: Even if you were able to delete Web Control logs on clients on a daily basis , it would not mitigate the load on ESMC. Moreover, the enormous number of records generated on clients would make it impossible to get some useful data. However, I would encourage you to report any potentially good idea you may have to your local ESET partner who can then report it further to ESET and thus influence decisions about future improvements.
  11. It's not possible. I would not recommend using URL management to allow all addresses via * but instead create a Web Control group with all categories selected and "warning" logging severity set. Then create a custom report in ESMC using desired data from the Web Control category:
  12. Please carry on as follows: - in the adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics, enable full application memory dumps and click OK - in the same setup section, click Create to generate a dump of ekrn - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.
  13. Works for me: However, I'd like to stress again that opening a single website may generate dozens of records so reporting all urls from all machines can cause a big burden on the ESMC server and database and may render them unresponsive.
  14. The logging severity must be changed to Warning if you want Web Control records to be transmitted to ESMC. However, the higher number of visited urls be reported to ESMC, the more likely the ESMC server will stop responding due to being inundated with tons of Web Control data.
  15. According to the logs provided the startup scan tasks are already disabled. Did the issue disappear then?
  16. There's one entry because you have one ESMC server that you select there. ESMC component upgrade task updates only ESMC components, not ESET security products. In order to upgrade security products (Endpoint, ESET File Security,...) you will have to send a software install task with the appropriate product selected to clients.
  17. Unfortunately it's not possible. Dumps can be analyzed only by our developers. Maybe you could try to reproduce it on a vm with a vanilla OS; I assume that sharing such dump should be possible.
  18. A complete memory dump from the point when the system stops responding will be needed. Please create one as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb380-how-do-i-generate-a-memory-dump-manually, compress it, upload it to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link.
  19. This will be fixed in the next version of the ESET Online Scanner (EOS). The issue affects Windows 7 SP1. We strongly recommend installing an ESET security product since EOS is just an on-demand scanner that cannot protect you from malware attacks and cannot detect malware which was already auto removed after it had been run.
  20. Detection exclusions can be exported from a policy as per https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/72/en-US/exclusions.html.
  21. Unchecking the 2 automatic startup scan tasks in scheduler will disable them. It's important to keep them enabled but disable them only temporarily for troubleshooting purposes.
  22. The easiest way how to upgrade agent is by sending a Security Management Center component upgrade task.
  23. The router identifies itself under different names. The dat file has helped us improve the heuristics for determining the name. Next week we plan to release a module update after which the router will be identified as RT-AC53.
  24. What about the Tomcat service? Is it running?
  25. Does temporarily disabling the startup scan tasks make a difference? Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector for more information about your system and hw configuration.
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