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  1. You mean we are the only ones who use your business product behind a proxy? I don't understand what makes our situation so different from others.
  2. Hello, the first birthday of my post (see below) is getting closer. Still no solution? Best
  3. well... i talked about the email notification for the admin, not about Webpage customizing may i should repeat it in the text next time, i only wrote it in the topic.
  4. Hi all, is it possible to specify the URL category in the text of the email when web control blocks a web page? If this variable is not supported, are there any plans to support this variable in the future? Best
  5. Hi MartinK Thanks for the update! works like a charm! Good job. Thank you. Best
  6. Hi MartinK any news for me regarding this issue/bug? Best
  7. wow.... sounds like a bonus for me *smile* and since it is the second error (see here) there is perhaps a double bonus? *double-smile* what are the next steps? Will you inform me when the problem is solved?
  8. ..and Edge, and Vivaldi... is there a browser where it works? if I understand correctly, this does not work anywhere? are we the only company using ESET and a proxy? Best Stefan
  9. @itman this is what I expect to see this is what i get when accessing https sites from a blocked category:
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