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  1. If you purchased the license from an authorized distributor the license must be legitimate and work. Please provide your public license ID or drop me a personal message with the license key enclosed.
  2. There are several licenses registered to your email address. You can retrieve them via https://www.eset.com/int/support/lost-license/.
  3. If you attempted to install ESET File Security v7 on VA and it failed, I'd recommend opening a support ticket with your local ESET support.
  4. Updates are usually very small, typically below 100kB if you update on a regular basis and don't skip some updates.
  5. Was there a problem uninstalling the AV via Settings -> Apps -> McAfee -> Uninstall ?
  6. V6.6.2086.1 is not the latest version 6.6. The latest is 6.6.2089.2. However, the latest version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus is 7.3.2032.0. We recommend downloading it and installing over Endpoint 6.6. In case of issues uninstall Endpoint completely and install v7.3 from scratch.
  7. The tooltip (i) reads that each scan target must be entered on a new line. Wildcards are not supported.
  8. Yes, it's safe. Moreover, malware seems to have been removed from the website so we will unlock it.
  9. Just to make sure we are on the same page and to better understand your needs, do you expect a notification to be sent: a) when access to a web page has been blocked (your first post)? b) when threats were detected during an on-demand scan (your last post)?
  10. I was able to find only a trial license for Parental Control for Android registered with your forum email address. You can provide me with the username that you tried to use for update or with your public license key so that I can look up your other license for NOD32 Antivirus for Linux if you actually purchased one.
  11. Hello, You have the following options: - provide me with the email address that you registered your license with - provide me with your public license ID (probably not applicable since you don't have it as I assume) - contact the seller from whom you purchased the license.
  12. All's well that ends well Since you are new to ESET, I would also like to inform you about our offerings that you might be interested in. For small business and enterprise customers we offer additional cloud protection ESET Dynamic Threat Defense. In a nutshell, this is an extra paid service that enables ESET Security products to detect new, never-yet-seen threats by uploading files potentially carrying malware to the ESET EDTD cloud where we utilize 3 different machine learning models to evaluate the submitted file. Afterwards the sample is run through a full sandbox which simulates user behavior to trick anti-evasive techniques. Finally all clients within your organization receive information about the result of analysis, typically within 5 minutes since the file was submitted. Mail server products utilizing EDTD defer delivery of email until the result of analysis is received. You can also configure ESET to temporarily block files downloaded from the Internet or received by email until results of analysis are received. EDTD is also an additional protection layer against ransomware besides the Ransomware shield that is included in our security products by default. EDTD doesn't require any additional software or hardware, just extension of the license if it's not already included in the pack. For more information, please read https://www.eset.com/int/business/dynamic-threat-defense/. For enterprise users we offer ESET Enterprise Inspector which enables granular visibility and identification of anomalous behavior and breaches in your network, risk assessment, incident response, investigation and effective remediation. For more information, please read https://www.eset.com/int/business/enterprise-inspector/ Besides that we also offer products such as Full Disk Encryption, ESET Secure Authentication or EEI-related services ESET Threat Monitoring and ESET Threat Hunting. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  13. The issue would need to be investigated further. Just enabling LiveGrid cannot render your OS unusable since LiveGrid is basically just about getting additional metadata about files but LiveGrid itself doesn't touch files, registry or processes. Should you run into the issue again, we can help you investigate what happened and possibly even rule out ESET as the root cause.
  14. What is ESET continually detecting? Please post the appropriate record(s) from logs.
  15. A small fix has been applied to one of the plug-ins we use (not related to the above mentioned option) and it appears to have fixed the issue for me. Please confirm.
  16. A hotfix version 7.3 has passed QA tests and is ready for release. It should not take long; I expect it to be released within next week.
  17. Do you observe the issue with real-time protection paused while having network protection not installed?
  18. If update via an http proxy is not possible for whatever reason and you must update from a mirror, update both ESMC server and agents from the era6 folder created by the mirror tool.
  19. I'd recommend leaving the server set to AUTOSELECT in Endpoint, ESMC and agents. In case they are not connected to the Internet, use http proxy and configure it in each product.
  20. Both ERAv6 and ESMC share the same modules so yes, ESMC updates from the era6 folder as well.
  21. Before we can deal with particular issues we need to learn about them first. While I noticed this issue about 2 days for the first time, it was more-less random and since nobody else has reported it here, I was trying to find the common pattern and troubleshoot it further. Now that we've learned that more of you have run into it as well, we have reported it to the forum provider to look into it and fix the issue.
  22. That happens when modules are updated. It's crucial to keep modules updated, otherwise you could not work with policies for instance if they would not match settings on clients if they get the Configuration engine and Translation support modules updated.
  23. ESMC doesn't update automatically, only modules are updated. In order to update the ESMC server, you must send a component update task manually.
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