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  1. All detections come from EdgeTransport.exe, ie. it's malware detected in spammed email that was cleaned / removed by ESET.
  2. To start off, please collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here. I'll need to check files with the hashes that were detected as ML/Augur.
  3. Do you have the importance level of OS updates set to recommended, important or critical updates? If set to "optional", try selecting the more important ones:
  4. I'd suggest raising a support ticket with your local customer care since the issue seems to be completely different than the one discussed in this topic. Most likely a complete memory dump from the point when the issue is manifesting will be needed. Instructions for generating a complete memory dump are available at https://support.eset.com/kb380/. You can also drop me a message with a link to the dump when ready so that we at ESET HQ can analyze it as soon as possible.
  5. Massive encryption activities themselves are not enough for recognition of ransomware since encryption per se is not a bad thing and is often used for legit reasons. An example could be moving files to a password encrypted archive. Although it's not very common, the action itself is not malicious if carried out with the knowledge of the user. Anyways, we'll check what conditions were not fulfilled in order for RS to trigger detection.
  6. What version of the Configuration Engine module do you have?
  7. Unfortunately, the detection created by an automated system was removed during a purge of simple automated detections in 2018 after 2 years of no detection of the malware from 2016. We've created a smart generic detection for it and the file is already blocked.
  8. Correct. If you are unable to contact the seller, it sounds weird. When purchasing a license, purchase from an authorized distributor or reseller so that you don't buy a leaked license that will be canceled.
  9. The public license ID doesn't exist. You'll need to contact the seller from whom you purchased the license and provide them a proof of purchase, e.g. a receipt if you purchased a retail version in a store.
  10. Does temporarily pausing web access protection make a difference? If not, what about temporarily disabling protocol filtering for a test?
  11. You must have purchased your license somewhere in the past. Where was it? Do you have any confirmation email sent after purchase? If not, you should contact the seller from whom you purchased your license.
  12. First of all, please install ESET Internet Security, activate a trial license and run a full disk scan. ESET Online Scanner performs only an on-demand scan of disks and cannot actively protect your system and prevent it from being infected by malware.
  13. What game are you referring to? Does temporarily disabling real-time protection or HIPS (followed by a system restart) make a difference?
  14. This is an English forum and your second post that you've made in Greece. Please re-post in English or contact your local customer care for assistance since we don't speak your language. Also please avoid posting the same post multiple times.
  15. If the remote device is trusted, you can create an IDS exception:
  16. Where did you purchase the license? Via ESET ME (https://www.eset.com/me/) that is the authorized distributor for your region?
  17. You should turn to Avast's support since you are using that AV. I can only assume that it's the link which is detected in an html file on a disk in browser's cache or somewhere, they should know better. As I wrote, the said AV probably reacts to a dead link; we do not check all links in html files but protect users when such url is actually accessed.
  18. Please copy and paste the data from Details for technical support. It also contains your public license ID.
  19. I was able to find only one license for ESET Mobile Security registered to your forum's email address. Please provide your public license ID if you also purchased a license for ESET Security (EAV/EIS or ESSP).
  20. To start off, please collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here. Only ESET staff can access uploaded files.
  21. It appears that ESMC cannot access the Internet. 1, Update servers unreachable 2, epns.eset.com unreachable 3, Activation servers unreachable Please make sure that the ESMC server, ESMC agent and security products can access ESET's servers as per the KB https://support.eset.com/kb332/
  22. As long as you have ESET installed and activated, you don't need to do anything after purchasing a renewal. The license key remains same so you don't need to re-enter it in the activation window.
  23. The files were encrypted by Filecoder.STOP. Unfortunately, decryption is not possible for this particular variant. Please contact samples[at]eset.com and provide: - a handful of examples of encrypted files - the ransomware note with payment instructions - logs collected with ESET Log Collector (ESET must be installed and activated).
  24. I was able to enter your license key and proceed with ordering a renewal. Did you encounter a problem after this step? I for one don't see a reason why it should not be possible to purchase.
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