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  1. No, that's not possible with ESET's products.
  2. Could you please add some screen shots for clarification?
  3. There is an ongoing discussion about this vulnerability here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/29732-cve-2021-40444-are-eset-user-protected/ In order to avoid multiple topics on the subject, we'll draw this one to a close.
  4. Cyberespionnage against Kurdish ethnic group, and more! – Week in security with Tony Anscombe The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  5. Elderly men and women were the main targets of the romance scams operated by the fraudsters. The post Victims duped out of US$1.8 million by BEC and Romance scam ring appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  6. The issue is caused by an older version of the Translation support module. On Monday we should start with upgrade, however, it will require a restart of the ESET PROTECT Cloud instance.
  7. It's custom HIPS rules: https://support.eset.com/en/kb6119 They are not there by default since they may generate false positives especially in networks where scripting is used. After creating the rules we recommend monitoring the network for potential script-related issues and disable or adjust the appropriate rule(s), if necessary.
  8. On the computer from which you provided ELC logs all on-demand scan logs have zero number of detections so it looks like the detection exclusion for "EFI/CompuTrace.A" works there. When running an on-demand scan, you have an option to ignore exclusions. Make sure it's disabled:
  9. The university suffered a ransomware attack, however there is no evidence so far of data being accessed or stolen. The post Howard University suffers cyberattack, suspends online classes in aftermath appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  10. Please provide a kernel or better a complete memory dump from a crash. Wfplwfs.sys is a Windows driver, not ESET's.
  11. Dobry den, problem som zareportoval kolegom z antispam timu, predpokladam, ze najneskor zajtra (piatok) rano alebo doobeda bude fixnuty.
  12. A problem in gui requires compilation of a brand new version, thorough QA testing of all languages (about 40), releasing the installers on the web and slowly releasing upgrade to the new version via uPCU. This kind of issues cannot be fixed via module updates but requires a new version of the product.
  13. I've consulted it with the developer of the updater and he claimed that clearing update cache has no effect on the issue whatsoever. It was the restart that helped temporarily. As we have already mentioned, this visual glitch will be fixed in v15 soon. The issue should manifest after waking up the system from sleep/hibernation if the system went to sleep/hibernation during update. Another possibility is when using two update profiles and update from the primary profile fails.
  14. Please upgrade it to the latest version 8.1. If it's just one or a few machines, you can download the installer from www.eset.com and install it over the existing version. Otherwise if you use ESET PROTECT to manage clients, send a software install task with the latest version of Endpoint selected to clients.
  15. Since we are close to the release of v15, we don't plan to release any further v14 hotfix unless there's a critical issue affecting stability.
  16. ESET detects known samples exploiting the vulnerability. The challenge is that the hashes or files found to be using the vulnerability have not been made public and the hashes you may find on Twitter or elsewhere on the Internet is rather just people guessing that they have found documents which are probably using the vulnerability which makes it difficult to verify detection.
  17. Learning mode cannot be enforced via a policy if you have firewall rules locked by a policy.
  18. I'd merely add that the known issue is a visual glitch that has no effect on system performance.
  19. You can use the firewall troubleshooting wizard to get a list of recently blocked connections with an option to unblock the desired ones. You can then apply created rules via a policy to other machines in the network. Or you can use learning mode for a moment to get the necessary rules created automatically and then apply them via a policy.
  20. Please enable advanced antispam logging under Tools -> Diagnostics in the advanced setup and wait until the error occurs. Then disable logging, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here. Are those machines behind a firewall? Do they connect directly to the Internet or through a proxy server? Are they always in the same network?
  21. Please raise a support ticket with your ESET UK. It's probably caused by the update of the Translation support module yesterday, however, I don't have this problem myself so there must be also something else that triggers the issue.
  22. Is the computer completely unresponsive when you are running a scan? Even if you scan a folder with a couple of files in it? What CPU do you have installed and how much RAM? In order to investigate the issue, further logs and a dump of ekrn will be needed. Please raise a support ticket with your local ESET distributor.
  23. Since malware often disguise as a crack, keygen, etc. you should avoid using them regardless of whether it's for antivirus or another application.
  24. If it's a boxed version with an activation code in it that you enter on ESET's website to get a license key to activate the ESET product, you could use another activation code to get another license key after one year, etc. However, I'm not sure if this is the case and if it is, we don't know for how long the activation codes are valid. I'd recommend contacting ESET Australia since pricing and offerings may vary between countries.
  25. What ESET product / version do you have installed?
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