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  1. Galaxy that is what backups and the built in Previous Version feature is for. There is another antivirus product that claims they can do this, but their own engineers on their own website admit it doesn't work lol.
  2. Can we please have the same email account settings in client policies as are available in Server Settings in ERA/ESMC. Currently we can't use Office 365, Hotmail (etc), gmail accounts for notifications from endpoints. I've tried with yahoo which only works some of the time. I'm sure there are other online smtp relay servers and accounts that may work, but the most common for most small businesses would be Office 365 and to a lesser extent Google. I know I can create notifications in ERA/ESMC, but of course these are delayed based on the how long the agent connect interval is set to.
  3. I would really like to see a separate setting available for how to handle PUA's. By default I setup policy with everything set to max security settings, enabling Strict Cleaning on all policies. But it would be useful to be able to set this setting separately for PUA's, as this often picks up and deletes programs/processes in use by the client. And I don't want to reduce the response for viruses and malicious processes by changing this setting to Normal Cleaning, so as a result have started to disable PUA detection, which again I really don't want to do. I'd like to be able to setup PUA detection separately so I can set these to alert only, prompt, or Strict Cleaning depending on the customer.
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