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  1. ShaneDT

    IOS MDM licence with ESMC

    Thanks Mirek. I see there is a lot of comment on here with MDM for IOS so is this how everyone licences this? Or are there other options also?
  2. Not sure if this should be in this section or the ERA/ESMC section. What licence is required for IOS MDM? There is a separate licence for Android devices but from what I can see there is no separate licence for IOS devices? So the only option is to purchase additional Endpoint Protection Advanced licences which fairly expensive just for MDM on mobiles and tablets? Thanks.
  3. ShaneDT

    ESMC7 Scheduled Reports not running

    I've disabled this setting now on all the reports, and have duplicated one of the reports to run daily so will test this with a restart tomorrow if the daily report doesn't run. Also just a note from reading other posts, I am receiving notification emails fine. Just not receiving the scheduled reports.
  4. ShaneDT

    ESMC7 Scheduled Reports not running

    Pinni I had a look at the link you posted and the thread this was split from but can't see what the cause or solution is relating to my problem? I had a look at the server trace log and I do get the occasional error_code=INVALID_TOKEN, status=TOKEN_EXPIRED event recorded, but this doesn't seem to correlate with the reports not running and generally I'm not having any issues with agents not reporting in. You're a lot more experienced with these products than I am. Could you provide a clearer answer on what was the cause and the fix for the scheduled reports not running please?
  5. ShaneDT

    AIO deployment and SmartScreen

    Update on this issue. Turns out the SmartScreen block is applied to the file on the server when downloading the AIO installer in ESMC (Server 2012 R2). So before deploying to customers/clients, right click the file while still on the server and select to Unblock it. You can then zip it with the batch file and deploy this however you want and it's no longer blocked on the clients. I completed 3 Windows 10 installs on the weekend and no issues with SmartScreen.
  6. ShaneDT

    ESMC7 Scheduled Reports not running

    Yes I have that setting enabled, will disable and test it again. Pinni3, got a link to your post about connection problems? I'm not having any problems with hosts not connecting.
  7. ShaneDT

    ESMC7 Scheduled Reports not running

    I did a complete server restart on Thursday. Interestingly the restart triggered the scheduled reports to run. These were date and time stamped at the time of the restart, not from the previous scheduled time (ie Monday 8am). I decided to then leave it and see if the scheduled reports then ran at 8:00am and 8:01am as scheduled on Monday morning this week. Nothing. I then decided to install the latest Microsoft updates to my server this morning, restarted the server, and again on restart the scheduled reports were triggered. So resetting the services / restarting the server, made no difference to the scheduled reports running when scheduled. Worse, now it looks like every time I restart the server it's going to send out reports when it shouldn't. Embarrassing to explain to the customer why reports that are scheduled for 8am Monday mornings aren't running, but instead seem to run randomly.
  8. ShaneDT

    ESMC7 Scheduled Reports not running

    Will try a restart in the next couple of days, sorry guys haven't had any time to test this further.
  9. ShaneDT

    Windows 10 version 1809

    The one thing you should be able to trust above all else with any operating system is that they are not going to delete or lose your files. Yes you should have backups but these are only limited points in time, unless you check all your files and folders everyday to make sure none are missing or corrupted, backups won't save you from files that you haven't noticed had been deleted at previous points in time. This is a massive fail on Microsoft in my opinion, goes straight to the heart of whether you can trust the stability of their offering. Re updates, yes in Windows 10 Pro you can enable 'Semi Annual Channel', but this setting seems to change every version, and there have been several examples in the past where Microsoft has ignored it's own settings and installed the updates anyway. Not to mention that you can no longer control when updates are downloaded and installed (unless you have WSUS). At least pre W10 you could leave computers on overnight and know that updates would be installed at 3am and computers restarted automatically. Now even when you leave them on they still seem to insist on downloading and installing updates when you first logon in the morning. I've been a Microsoft partner for a very long time and in my opinion the current W10 upgrade agenda is a disgrace.
  10. Any chance I can get a reply on this please? It would be nice to know what the above settings actually do and whether either may help. Also if ESET is considering a change as suggested above that would mitigate this issue in the future.
  11. Initially I had a single report scheduled to run every Monday at 8am. This seemed to be working fine for a couple of weeks. I then added an additional report to also run every Monday at 8am (to different recipients). Since creating this second report neither report is running automatically. I'm having to login and select Run Now to generate the reports. Initially I though maybe a bug having them both run at the same time, so changed one to run at 8:01am. Still fails to run automatically. I assume this is a bug? Thanks.
  12. TBH I doubt it would be possible to create a task for a scheduled scan of a users mailbox in Outlook. You wouldn't be able to scan the pst/ost directly without risking corruption, so it would need to be done through Outlook, which would require Outlook to be running. Maybe an option could be included on the ESET add-in for Outlook, adding a 'Scan entire mailbox' option. User could then run this manually leaving Outlook open overnight. Fairly simple recommendation for a new install.
  13. Thanks bbahes yes I'm aware of that, have been through most of these settings googling them to find out exactly what they do.
  14. Unfortunately not so simple to test. I need a client with thousands of emails in their Inbox to install a fresh instance of EES. And if it doesn't work the client can't use Outlook for several hours...
  15. Or would not enabling (disabling) all the options under ESET EES Policy / Web and Email / Email Client Protection /Alerts and Notifications. And not enabling 'Add text to email subject' under Antispam Protection. Would these settings remove this behaviour?