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  1. ShaneDT

    ESET outlook plugin

    Hi Kieran, Yes the customer can do that to re-enable it if it's disabled. You can also set registry keys to somewhat control the behaviour. But this requires access to the customers computer / group policy, and/or providing additional instructions. And without checking the computers in person there is currently no way to know if it is actually disabled. If there was at least an alert for this in ESMC, we could create a report to notify the customer which computers need this re-enabled.
  2. ESMC7 / EES7 / W8/W10. I want to be able to deploy EES7 and the ESMC Agent using the All-in-one installer to new customers using the silent installation command. So I created a .bat file that I distribute with the AIO .exe with the following command; ESMC_Installer_x64_en_US.exe --silent --accepteula Instructions for the customer are to double click the .bat file to run and install EES. This works perfectly on W7, but nothing happens with W8/W10 installs. I tested today and realised that SmartScreen must be blocking the installer from running. If I double click the ESMC_Installer_x64_en_US.exe file directly to run it, I get a SmartScreen warning and can select 'More Info' and then proceed with the install. Is there any way to script this into the .bat file? Or another way to do this? Thanks.
  3. ShaneDT

    ESET outlook plugin

    I think the problem is that Outlook itself will often disable or prompt to disable add-ins that 'slow down' loading Outlook. It would be good if there was a notification of computers that have this disabled. I don't think there would be any way to prevent Outlook from disabling it from ESMC policy?
  4. ShaneDT

    PDF Reports in Landscape?

    Excellent, thanks Michal.
  5. It's a never ending battle getting users to manage their Inboxes Worst is when they file read emails by deleting them, permanently storing them in the Deleted Items!
  6. ShaneDT

    Separate PUA settings / scan

    Thanks Michal, yes be useful to add this in a future release. Possibly as a stand alone Client Task even. Cheers.
  7. No, prior they were using TM. Couple more questions to understand what's happening. Pretty sure this user (like most lol) has thousands of emails in the Inbox. Is there any setting to disable setting this flag when installing ESET for existing emails? Would this flag be an attribute that would then synchronise back to Exchange Online? If the user has their email configured in Outlook on multiple computers, would this then require syncing this attribute from Exchange Online back to Outlook on the second computer also? Is this behaviour new in v7? (vs EES6 - I haven't noticed this before, only with these last two customers, both EES7)
  8. Possibly there are a lot of emails in the Inbox. The mailbox was previously fully synchronised, and turns out was still receiving emails shortly after the install, but then about an hour later (not sure of exact timing) was stuck as above. Same issue on multiple computers. When first installing EES, does ESET do a full scan of Outlook? Does this change any attributes on emails or folders in Outlook?
  9. ESMC7 / EES7 / W7/10 / Office 2016 / Office 365. Have just installed EES7 using All-in-one installer from ESMC for a new customer. Installations seem to go without issue. Agents connected to ESMC server, EES updated successfully and completed initial scans. However customer has called me back saying Outlook has not updated since prior to installing EES. Outlook is reporting 'Connected to Microsoft Exchange' and stuck on 'Updating Inbox'. If I go into Send/Receive menu and hit 'Update Folder', it seems to be stuck on 'Updating Hierarchy'. None of the settings have changed in Outlook (other than ESET add-in active) and can access their webmail no problem. Have tried restarting Outlook, also restarting the computer completely, same issue. I had a similar problem with another new customer a few weeks ago with a couple of their computers as well. Eventually it started synchronising again after several hours. It seems ESET is doing something in Outlook that seems to have paused or stopped synchronising with Exchange Online. Any ideas?
  10. ShaneDT

    Separate PUA settings / scan

    Marcos I totally agree, but when you've just signed up a new customer and the first thing eset does is deletes the CEOs beloved Google Toolbar, 1: its not a good start to the relationship, and 2: it creates additional unnecessary work for me that the customers probably not going to want to pay me for. a lot of what PUA detects is mostly crapware. I'd rather scan for this first so I can create a list to discuss and then exclude before enabling for strict cleaning.
  11. ShaneDT

    Separate PUA settings / scan

    Can I somehow create a Client Task to run that on remote computers from the ESMC server?
  12. ESMC7 with EES/EFS7 on Windows. Is there any way to create a PUA scan without clean enabled, ie detect only, without changing settings for every other scan type? Currently the only place to enable/disable PUA in policy is in the Detection Engine / Basic settings. This then applies for all scan types. I want to be able to disable PUA detection without compromising all the scan settings for all other threat types, ie viruses. And then run a detection only scan for PUA's to check for false positives before setting PUA to be 'cleaned'. I can't see any way to do this, even by creating a Client Task, as everything refers back to whether PUA is enabled or disabled in Basic settings. So the only option I can see is enable PUA detection and enable 'No Cleaning' for all threat types, or disable PUA's altogether permanently. Why do I want to be able to scan PUA's separately? Because sometimes business or wanted applications are detected as PUA's and deleted. I want to be able to detect these first, then exclude any that the customer doesn't want removed.
  13. ShaneDT

    PDF Reports in Landscape?

    Hi Martin, I would like to be able to completely remove it. Maybe add the ability to add a custom footer in it's place.
  14. ShaneDT

    PDF Reports in Landscape?

    Also is there any way to remove the ESMC server name from the bottom of the pdf reports?
  15. ShaneDT

    PDF Reports in Landscape?

    Hi Peter, thanks for your reply. So for example I've created custom 'Report Templates' for each customer. I then create a scheduled report to email these reports to the customer. The reports are attached to the single email as multiple pdf's. I can't see any way to change the orientation of the individual reports. If I change the orientation in the scheduled report, this will change the orientation for all attached pdf reports, where some are preferred to be in Portrait orientation. TBH it is very clunky having to create multiple report templates which generate separate pdf's. It would be much better if I could generate all reports as a single pdf, or better still embed the reports in a single html email. I could then start the report with some pretty graphs followed by the tables with the important stuff.