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  1. None that we would be aware of. If you start Outlook without add-ins (ie. using the "/safe:3" switch) and disable the ESET add-in, does it start correctly next time? Or the other way around; disable all other add-ins and keep only the ESET add-in enabled.
  2. This issue is already fixed in the internal build v2.7.11.0, should be released soon.
  3. Probably you mean AppEsteem, however, as I said each vendor applies their own criteria. The fact that vendor A adds or removes a particular PUA detection doesn't mean that ESET must necessarily follow their decision.
  4. Please check the version of the Configuration Engine module (36) under Update -> Show all modules. Is EFSW crashing even with the version of the module 1745.13?
  5. Please check it out at https://www.eset.com/afr/.
  6. We don't block any applications without displaying an alert at least and asking for an action (in case of PUAs).
  7. Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, please configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps as per https://support.eset.com/kb380/. When the issue occurs, trigger a manual crash to generate one. When done, compress it and provide it to us for perusal together with logs collected with ESET Log Collector.
  8. Not sure which window you are referring to because the window with action selection for PUAs was actually made resizable as of v11 or v12 if I remember correctly.
  9. We do not reveal exact information why an application is classified as PUA for legal reasons. We disclose that only in the course of legal disputes with particular PUA vendors. As for users, we provide them with a general information about what PUAs are. They are in no way threats so the user can be sure that allowing a PUA will not cause any harm. A PUA may install a toolbar, give excessive false warnings about issues (e.g. in case of system cleaners), etc.
  10. Please raise a support ticket and provide logs from ELC created as per the instructions at How do I use ESET Log Collector?
  11. This is a known bug, will be fixed in a newer version soon.
  12. What ESET product / version is installed on the remote machine? When did the issue start to manifest? Does temporarily pausing real-time protection make a difference? As for contacting customer care, you can do so via this form for instance: https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/
  13. I'd also add that ESET has been very good at malware detection, however, with recent additions of Advanced Machine Learning, Deep Behavioral Inspection, streamed updates, etc. ESET has improved even more. For a list of technologies leveraged by ESET, I'd recommend reading https://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/.
  14. You can try ESET Internet Security which also contains Network protection compared to ESET NOD32 Antivirus. This feature protects your computer from vulnerabilities in network protocols even at times when no patch or hotfix exists yet. For instance, it saved our users from Wannacry when it started to spread, exploiting vulnerabilities in SMB. After installation, you can activate a fully functional 30-day trial version which you can later purchase and easily turn the trial license into a paid one.
  15. Wasn't it in ERA v5? ERA v6 or ESMC never submitted files from clients as far as I know. They don't provide update mirror for clients either.
  16. Are you getting an alert from ESET about a threat while running Chrome? If so, please post a screen shot or better the appropriate record from logs. If the issue is different, does temporarily pausing protection, disabling protocol filtering or even uninstalling ESET make a difference?
  17. The license key is private, only the public license ID in the form XXX-XXX-XXX is public. You should have received your license email from a trusted system, not from a private or personal email address. In such case, you should be able to ask the seller to reset the license key and provide a new one.
  18. Do you have that option enabled in the EBA setup?
  19. Please provide the public ID of your license so that we can check it on files.
  20. This kind of issues should be reported to customer care and properly tracked. Is ESET or another AV installed on the remote machine from which the application is run? Please provide aligned Procmon logs with Advanced output enabled in the Procmon menu from the time when the issue occurs as well as logs collected with ELC on both machines. Also be careful about using network path exclusions which may cause bigger delays when starting the OS and ekrn mail fail to start eventually. That is because ekrn is run in the local system account, ie. it has no access to network shares.
  21. Hello, You can uninstall ESET in a standard way via the Control Panel -> Add or remove programs (or Programs and features, depending on your OS). If needed, you can use the Uninstall tool in safe mode. We hope that you will return to ESET one day since we have a lot of to offer. ESET is not known only for it's very small footprint but it also provides excellent protection against threats including ransomware while leveraging multi=-layered technologies as described at https://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/.
  22. First of all, this forum is meant to be for sharing the knowledge with users and moderators. It does not work as a replacement for contacting customer care. In general, forums do not provide tracking capabilities to ensure that an answer is provided in a timely manner. Regarding the logs, you have SuperAdBlocker installed and its drivers running. I'd suggest temporarily uninstalling it and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't help, does installing a trial version of ESET fail too according to the events in the Event log? A weird thing is the location of the ehdrv.sys drive since it's installed in the \system32\drivers folder: \??\C:\Users\Laptop\AppData\Local\Temp\ehdrv.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver." 11/10/2019 20:35:47 ; I'd suggest raising a ticket with your local customer care.
  23. Typically the Not scanned category includes internal messages and messages coming from authenticated SMTP sessions which are not scanned by default. We consider it pretty normal.
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