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  1. After it starts it can scan any files, including drivers. A driver itself cannot scan files or drivers.
  2. It's ekrn.exe which scans files for threats.
  3. Are all machines where BSOD occurs relatively new with USB3.x support? Do you use a USB-C cable to connect USB devices? So far it looks like a USB3 component writing to a memory area that was already freed by the component and is already allocated by ESET.
  4. The driver is required on Windows 10 for ekrn to load other modules.
  5. Please supply the executable that installs the driver to samples[at]eset.com along with a link to this topic.
  6. In order to find out the actual SMTP server from which the email originated, you will need to check the email headers. Are you referring to a log generated by ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange or to the email protection which is part of Endpoint?
  7. Please contact your local ESET distributor. Since you have posted as a guest, we have no information about the country you are from nor can check what happened to emails sent from our system to your email address.
  8. Not sure what pop-up ads you are receiving but my understanding is that if they are occurring with a browser being the active app it can only be notifications from particular websites that you allowed and that you can disable in the browser security setup.
  9. Does temporarily pausing the firewall or another protection feature make a difference?
  10. Please open a support ticket via the built-in form and let the logs be submitted for perusal. Customer care may ask for additional screen shots for clarification.
  11. We're waiting for some customers to confirm that a fix resolved the issue for them before it's included in the source files for compilation.
  12. This happens if you use an AiO installer to install ESET Server Security on a server with RDS role. Most likely it will be fixed in the next service build of ESET PROTECT. You can use the msi installer which will install fine.
  13. Please drop me a personal message with: - your public license ID - your my.eset.com account email address - the name of the device you want to remove
  14. It's a phishing site made in a form generator. Currently blocked by ESET.
  15. Please check your personal messages. You have purchase a license for ESET Internet Security for Windows; this license will not work with the new version for Linux as of the next year.
  16. The setting affects messages in inbox (not those in subfolders). If set to 0, the plug-in writes the said property to each of the message in inbox to track message modifications for re-scan purposes. If set to 1, this property is not written. If the value is changed from 0 to 1, the property is removed from each message which may take longer to complete if there are too many messages in inbox.
  17. I've talked to the developer of the plugin and according to him DisableInboxChangesChecking to 1 must resolve EsetMessageFlag property conflicts. Couldn't it be that you have quite many emails in inbox and it takes longer to remove the property from all the emails?
  18. Please continue in https://forum.eset.com/topic/29072-eamonmsys-bsod-stop-code-system_thread_exception-not-handled and carry on as follows: 1, Configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb380. 2, Run the following as administrator and reboot the machine: verifier /standard /driver eamonm.sys 3, Reproduce BSOD. 4, After BSOD and rebooting the machine, run as administrator and reboot the machine: verifier /reset Compress the memory dump, upload it to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link. In order to keep discussion on the subject at one place, we'll draw this topic to a close.
  19. Please check your personal messages for your U/P.
  20. Please try to get a new memory dump but run verifier as per my instructions above prior to reproducing the crash.
  21. The Kaseya VST supply-chain attack impacts hundreds of companies – ESET discovers a new version of Bandook malware – How the ransomware business model works The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  22. In this case the crash is caused by HIPS. Does uninstalling the recent Printingnightmare Windows upates make a difference? Since no substantial changes have been made to HIPS for a long time developers assume the issue could be caused by the recent Windows updates.
  23. As long as the machine is managed by ESET PROTECT, pot. unsafe and unwanted applications are cleaned automatically without setting up cleaning.
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