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ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS 7 with completely new architecture Early access program signup

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For anyone interested in trying ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS 7 in early access, we have good news to share - we have just launched a sign up for it.

The new generation is built on new, modern micro-services like architecture which will enable us to develop new features faster and makes code maintenance much easier.

The first release comes with features, which are most important for our user base so only EEA product tier is available. Next features will be added gradually with new releases.

As of now, the product is supposed to be managed by ESET PROTECT (Cloud) / ESMC, as it does not have a full GUI yet to display all necessary info and to locally configure the features.

Stand-alone deployment is possible, but the configuration needs to be performed by importing manually adjusted configuration file.

The features which we would like to highlight are:

  • Native 64bit
  • Improved performance – more effective code, improved multithreading, offloading unused modules
  • Improved security and stability - more simple components, auto-restart in case of a crash
  • CLI commands same as on Linux platform
  • ARM support via Rosetta 2 (ARM native version will be available later)
  • CLI commands as on our products for Linux platform
  • A lot of under-the hood and user facing improvements

To sign up for Early access program for trying ESET Endpoint Antivirus for macOS 7, just drop a reply here, or send me @Peter Randziak or @TomasP a private message. 

The Early access program build is on QA right now, we will notify the signed users once it becomes available.


We are looking forward to your participation and feedback,
Peter on behalf of the teams involved

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Hi, I really like your products, but I am a 2021 user, so I use 2021 equipment and among them is one of the best selling processors in the last year, the Apple M1 and a year after the promise they made, they are still promising the same, that the ARM version will come later....

All their competitors already have native support. Do they really want us to wait "indefinitely"...? I'm sorry, but if in 30 days they don't release the native version I will go to the solution that really brings the latest technology solutions.


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Native support is planned for Endpoint v7, ie. it won't be available sooner than some time next year. In the mean time, the current version of Endpoint for Mac works on M1-powered systems via Rosetta 2 emulation just fine.

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2 hours ago, DrDirtyDevil said:

I would like to participate in the early access program please 

sure, I sent you details privately.


1 hour ago, Robc said:

Will EDTD also be added with this version?

Yes EDTD support is on the list of the features to be implemented.


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