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  1. Just want everyone to know that my intermittent issues are back after installing 6.7.876 and macOS version 10.14.5.
  2. Hi! I made the exclusions the wrong way the first time (forgot the *.*) and now it has been working without issues for several weeks.
  3. Hi! Do you use Palo Alto GlobalProtect? Support has suggested it might be a compatibility issue between the two.
  4. Hi Marcos! Thanks for the advice. I made the exclusions yesterday and just now got the stalling issue. (Collecting logs and sending to support now) The stalling was "better" this time. It stalled 3 times for a shorter time instead of once for a longer time. This is just one data point so we don't know if it is relevant information or not.
  5. I have a suppor ticket for a similar issue. What I found so far (and other on the MacAdmins slack) is that it locks up while ESET is updating definitions/modules/something. The computer becomes unresponsive for 10-20 seconds. I have not been able to reproduce but it does happen once a week or so. Generally when my laptop has been in sleep mode for a few days and then I open it up with only wireless connection available.
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