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  1. Hi! How can I tell what components are installed? I'm not having 100% success with this method and need a quick way to tell if I need to try again.
  2. @Marcos OK, I've tried creating a pkg without the web and email components but it still alerts me "Web and email protection is non-functional" even though the alert is disabled from our ESET Protect server and the components are not installed. How do we get rid of the alert?
  3. Thank you @Marcos! I've tried creating a profile for the "Web access protection" and it does add the network interface without prompt. If I change "Enable VPN on demand" to false (Uncheck the box in JAMF) it does not try to connect (so far) I've haven't tested so much. So far so good! I'll check if I can create a pkg without the web component next so I don't have to see the "Web and email protection is non-functional"-alert in the menu bar.
  4. Hi! We use JAMF. Followed the guide you posted. I already have a case open and sent logs. I don’t understand why as this is very easy to reproduce.
  5. Well thank you, please elaborate! If I could create a pkg file that would allow for me to install the software without the web and email protection and then activating our serial that would be great! Would it still prompt me for the network proxy?
  6. Please just try for a second and understand the problem we are having with Eset on Big Sur since November 2020. When installing it prompts the user to approve a network proxy. If they approve, and web and email protection is turned off: We loose network connectivity. If they approve and web and email is on: Our VPN etc breaks. If they don't approve they get a warning that their machine is not protected. But at least things keep working. There is a button to enable or disable web and email protection and it doesn't work. Wether that is a risk to take or not is not the point. Your answer is not very helpful when you are arguing against what your customer wants to do. Also, keep in mind that this is on a platform where most people do not run an antivirus at all. We are looking at this from completely different sides. And a lot of my peers are looking for other AV products.
  7. Wow, technically not a m1 or rosetta issue but but rather a Big Sur issue. Since M1 one Macs only run Big Sur it becomes a m1 issue. I have an ongoing support case regarding the "Users may receive the following notification: '"ESET Endpoint Security" or "ESET Endpoint Antivirus" Would Like to Add Proxy Configurations'. If you receive this notification, click Allow. " I get this every time I install and when one clicks "allow" it stops all network traffic until you disable the network interface. This is a blocker when trying to deploy to hundreds of machines. Second issue is that it alerts web and email protection is not working when we are disabling it through a ESET protect policy. Please join the MacAdmins slack channel (MacAdmins.org) and get some feedback on how well your product is working on the Mac platform.
  8. Just want everyone to know that my intermittent issues are back after installing 6.7.876 and macOS version 10.14.5.
  9. Hi! I made the exclusions the wrong way the first time (forgot the *.*) and now it has been working without issues for several weeks.
  10. Hi! Do you use Palo Alto GlobalProtect? Support has suggested it might be a compatibility issue between the two.
  11. Hi Marcos! Thanks for the advice. I made the exclusions yesterday and just now got the stalling issue. (Collecting logs and sending to support now) The stalling was "better" this time. It stalled 3 times for a shorter time instead of once for a longer time. This is just one data point so we don't know if it is relevant information or not.
  12. ESET: Please make sure you notorize https://developer.apple.com/documentation/security/notarizing_your_app_before_distribution?changes=latest_minor&language=objc
  13. I have a suppor ticket for a similar issue. What I found so far (and other on the MacAdmins slack) is that it locks up while ESET is updating definitions/modules/something. The computer becomes unresponsive for 10-20 seconds. I have not been able to reproduce but it does happen once a week or so. Generally when my laptop has been in sleep mode for a few days and then I open it up with only wireless connection available.
  14. Hi! Please make the eset menu bar item monochrome and please support dark mode. It really hurts my eyes to have one icon with colour! Thanks
  15. that seems to have done the trick... but why do I need to enable web protection to disable anti-phishing?
  16. Hi! I'm running ESET Security Management Center Server 7.0.471.0 and I cannot disable "Enable anti phishing protection" in a custom ESET Endpoint for macOS (OS X) and Linux -> policy. It is greyed out! Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?
  17. I had to revert to an older version because ESET Management Agent 7.0.432.0 and ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.7.500.0 gave my High Sierra machines frequent kernel panics.
  18. Hi! Seems like if I deploy profiles whitelisting Eset Agent, EEA and the kext install EEA using the agent wait for the "Your computer is not fully protected" alert just click the red x to close the alert window instead of choosing restart or "Open system Preferences" the applications works as intended. I just tested once but this is what I found.
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