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  1. I tested on VM with Outlook 2016 and module 1334, looks like issue fixed. Requested to check users on their computers, who had issue with previous module.
  2. Hi @Marcos We are on pre-release channel and still 1334 everywhere
  3. I made tests: 1. Windows 11 23h2 eng + all updates (build 22631.2715) + Office 2016 x64 RTM (no updates) + ESET ES 11.0.2032.0 - No issues with web add-ins. 2. The same as #1 + installed all updates to Office 2016, build 16.0.5422.1000 64-bit, add-ins started to crashing in Outlook. 3. The same as #2, but in ESET policy disabled option "Enable advanced scanning of browser scripts" - no more crashes. Users confirmed, that issue gone for them too.
  4. No, we don't use IE combability mode. According to this document: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dev/add-ins/concepts/browsers-used-by-office-web-add-ins volume-licensed Office 2016\2019 can use only Trident (IE) engine for all add-ins. Office 2021\365 use modern Edge Webview2 engine. I have Office365 with modern engine in Outlook, so no issues with Exchange web add-ins. Users with Outlook 2016\2019 has broken add-ins, because they are using IE engine.
  5. Hello. We have enabled "Pre-release" updates option, so received updates to ESET Endpoint Security 11.0.2032.0. After update, users with Outlook 2016\2019 started to complain on broken Exchange web add-ins, like Zoom meetings add-in, Proofpoint Phishing etc. They have spinning wheel in Outlook several times, then error. I found in Windows logs, that ESET crashing Internet Explorer engine in this time: Faulting application name: IEXPLORE.EXE, version: 11.0.19041.3636, time stamp: 0x30ba2aea Faulting module name: eOppBrowser.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x65553a90 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00019535 Faulting process id: 0x3740 Faulting application start time: 0x01da212174ba851d Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\x86\eOppBrowser.dll Report Id: df70b315-966c-44fc-9ebe-6509032f04fd Question is: what module is "eOppBrowser.dll" ? How I can disable it in policy until it will be fixed? Issue disappears if ESET is removed or downgraded to 10.1
  6. Hello. We are using latest version of ESET Protect 10.1. Recently I noticed that old data (detection logs, audit logs) not cleaning since year 2020. In server settings was set 1 year of storage, For test I set all parameters to 15 days, waited for several days, still old data exists. I opened case #00662811, after that it was 1 answer from support to set server settings and wait (I already wrote that I did it without success). 10 days later - no any answers in ticket. How can we resolve this?
  7. Yes, and how to do it on hundreds of computers if 7.4 removed from ESET repository and only 7.3 left? Create custom packages in Jamf? Or install manually?
  8. Any answers from ESET Staff?? Support of macOS looks like total joke. Our security and IT departments now looking for another vendors to migrate 900+ computers from ESET. Constant issues with all 6-7 versions for macOS during last 2-3 years and now complete silence
  9. Hi. We had no issues with updating from 7.3.3600.0 to 7.4.1100.0 (about 300 computers updated). But we have issues with 7.3.3600.0 on macOS 13.6 and 14.0 (broken network). Now ESET revoked 7.4 from repository and we are not able to update computers to 7.4. And also update macOS to 13.6 or 14.0. @Marcos Any information, when 7.4 will be re-released and added to repository back?
  10. Since 10.1 all uninstall tasks are failing (macOS and Windows) several seconds after start. In 10.0 and older versions of ESET Protect they worked in ~70% runs. Didn't open ticket, had no time, thought it is known issue...
  11. Hi. We have also problems with 10.1.2046 version, which blocks everything randomly. Our issues: 1. WSL2 on Windows 11: blocked DNS requests from WSL. In Network access troubleshooting - blocked local application svchost.exe, Internet connection sharing. 2. Applications for security cameras on custom ports 10xxx, blocked on computer even with allow rules in Windows Firewall and "Also evaluate rules from Windows firewall" enabled. 3. Push installation of Veeam backup agents failed because of blocked ports 135, 137 (smb). etc., etc... It is possible to fix only by unblocking in "Network access troubleshooting". But it is not possible without admins, because we have password-protected user's interface of ESET. "Used rule" is always empty. It started since update from 10.0.2045 to 10.1.2046 on many computers. We tried to enable pre-release updates for newer firewall module - doesn't help. @Marcos How we can stop this nightmare without rollback to 10.0?
  12. Users not installing ESET. Users can install any MSI-based software (for example QA users can install new releases of our software several times during day). And if this time will be tried to install\upgrade ESET, installation will fail, because MSI doesn't support 2 installations at the same time. uPCU installing with big delay as I remember. Usually we installing last version in several days after release.
  13. Hello. I have several issues\suggestions\questions about client tasks in ESET Protect (we are using latest version of it and latest agents ang EES). 1. Question: is it possible to start tasks in ESET in chain, or with delay? Problem: some computers (VMs, laptops) can absent in network for long time (months, sometimes year). When computer appears, it has outdated agent and security product. It appears in custom dynamic groups "Old agent" and "Old antivirus", which are triggering install of latest agent\antivirus. And one of them failing with error "Another installation running". Is it possible to create task "On dynamic group join" with delay for 5 minutes (for example) or start next task in chain? I didn't found it. 2. Suggestion about install tasks. Sometimes installation failed when something installed by user in same time. Sometimes (not very often) msiexec.exe hanging and not installing anything till reboot. I created cmd task with command " taskkill /im msi* /f" and starting it if installation failed for 2-3 times, usually it helps. Is it possible to add some "Force install" flag to do it automatically? It is not very good, but it is needed when there are a lot computers with failed installation and users restarts rarely. 3. Another suggestion about install\update tasks. I found that often (really, not kidding) update to new version of security product is failing because of service "ekrn" are in "Removal pending" status. It is happened if user has started Task Manager or Sysinternal Process Explorer, they are blocking removal of services. I had this issue more than 100 times and almost always helps cmd task: taskkill /im ekrn* /f taskkill /im procexp* /f taskkill /im taskmgr* /f sc delete ekrn Very tired of this. Can it be added to installer of agent and security product too? It is not so brutal as #2 and should have any negative side-effects. Thank you
  14. I see same issue on many computers after upgrade. For example I want to reboot ~100-200 computers updated to latest ES and in status "Reboot required", but with optional delay up to 7 days (sometimes users has long tasks like program compilation or some QA testing and force reboot is unacceptable). All agents are updated. I creating reboot task with 7 days delay. 7 days later I see that ~30% of computers were rebooted (by users manually or by task, don't know) and 70% computers still not rebooted and task just failed on them. @Rico: please publish answer from support here if it will be. I don't want to create one more request...
  15. @Marcos: We deployed 7.2-test version on computers with issues (7.0, 7.1 installed), on 22 computers. All users for ~1 week testing are saying that CPU\RAM\Disk overload gone and this version is fine for them. One user complained that after this version install, macOS failed to install system updates (download fine, applying update failed several times). After uninstall of ESET, macOS updated without issues. Other users has no issues with macOS updates. Will wait for release of 7.2
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