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  1. This would be for each client local? Could it also be scripted within the ESET PROTECT Server console?
  2. Hi, I'd like to dynamically import abuse.ch Feodo Tracker IP Blocklist and use it in a Firewall Policy for all my Clients to block access to these IPs. Is this somehow possible? Thanks!
  3. Support still working on this and digging into my Server and Client Logs. ATM I have the feeling they think I am the only one with this problem, so maybe it could help /speed things up if you open a ticket @mrac 😉
  4. Yeah but I mainly need to get the DNS Server configuration in this report.
  5. So no one is experiencing this, it is special to my installation? Or you guys are not using this feature?
  6. Hi, is there any way to get a Client NIC DNS Config and put it into a report? There is already some NIC information available... Thanks!
  7. Hi, today I upgraded my ESET Appliance to the latest version and rolled out the latest Client Agent. Since the update I have a strange behaviour with scheduled Client Reboot Tasks: I create the task as I always did 100 times before, the PC physically restarts at the scheduled time, but the task in ESET PROTECT WebGUI shows failed. Is this any known bug? Thanks!
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