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    FRiC gave kudos to Marcos in Secure Browser Warning   
    It doesn't affect any functionality, it's just a minor bug in internal reporting. However, you can suppress the notification by disabling it in the application statuses setup:

    The first check will suppress it on the client while the other (Send) will suppress it in the ESET PROTECT console.
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    FRiC gave kudos to Posolsvetla in ESMC blocked by ESET Endpoint   
    This issue is fixed in the Internet protection module version 1382, which is currently in testing.
    You will be able to remove https://esmc from the whitelist when it's released for your product version(s).
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    FRiC gave kudos to MartinK in ESMC blocked by ESET Endpoint   
    I think this behavior has been already reported and probably fixed in the meantime. Maybe @Marcos will know more details of whether module responsible for scanning network has been updated in the meantime. It is also possible that update was canceled which might explain why only specific devices were affected.
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