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  1. MichalJ - Thank you for the info. I was able to find it in the reports as you suggested.
  2. I found that if I trigger a Scan from the ESMC console and then dig into the task, I can see the Execution Details from the Scan which is basically what I was looking for. I don't really need the full log, just the high level metadata, Just so I can see the scan actually ran, how many files were scanned and everything was clean. However, what triggered the question in the first place is the fact that we have a scheduled weekly scan that runs at the same time every week on all computers. Those scans seem to be invisible to ESMC. I can login to a client, check the "Computer Scan" logs
  3. Where do I view computer scan logs in ESMC 7? In ERA 5 it was pretty simple, but I am unable to locate it in ESMC 7. Thanks
  4. Ah ok. Well I'm running a Windows server with standalone install of ESMC so slightly different, but I'm sure the same issue. I believe the Virtual Appliance is running CentOS, so it would require modifying the correct config file and increasing the TimeOut value, but since it's the Virtual Appliance I can't direct you to exactly where that would be. Maybe someone else can chime in here that knows where the config file is for the Apache HTTP Proxy on the virtual appliance.
  5. Are you running the virtual appliance or standalone Windows/Linux server?
  6. FYI - Confirmed the TimeOut value is being used. I pushed the Endpoint client to a very slow T1 link, the task failed with the same error. Checking the debug log showed the timeout occurred after exactly 2 minutes. I changed the TimeOut value to a much larger number and was able to successfully deploy the Endpoint client to the remote location with the slow link.
  7. I checked the httpd.conf for the Apache HTTP Proxy service and found that they already had the ProxyTimeout set to 900 seconds, but that clearly didn't seem to be working. After looking around on Google, I modified httpd.conf and added "TimeOut 120". My thought was to see if the timeout now happened after 2 minutes so that I could confirm which timeout value was being used. Surprisingly after adding "TimeOut 120", I've been able to successfully push the installer multiple times to one remote location. I'm not sure if this is coincidence, or if that was enough time to solve the timeout issue.
  8. Apache HTTP Proxy debug logs show that the proxy times out after exactly 60 seconds. See attached logs. Hopefully that will help with determining the problem. Apache_HTTP_Proxy_debug.txt
  9. So, just to test. I stopped the HTTP Apache Proxy service, deleted the cache and started the service. I then successfully pushed the ESET Endpoint Antivirus client to the workstation. I then turned right around and tried pushing the client to another computer in the exact same remote location, and once again received the "GetFile: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e33)". Clearly something wrong with the Apache HTTP Proxy service on slower links.
  10. I reviewed the Trace logs on the client workstation along with the Apache HTTP Proxy logs, all of which didn't really show any reason for the problem, other than it doesn't work. The trace logs do show the error. I also noticed the error happens within seconds of the task starting the deployment. It's an almost immediate failure before it would even have a chance to really start downloading the installation package. 2018-12-14 21:42:22 Error: CSystemConnectorModule [Thread 6ac]: Software installation failed: GetFile: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e33) 2018-12-14 21:44:22 Error: C
  11. Continuing to have a lot of issues with this whole Apache HTTP Proxy cache. After trying to push the ESET Endpoint Antivirus to a location with a 20m connection the other day a dozen times I gave up. I tried again today, and on the first attempt it succeeded and the software is installed. I went ahead and tried another computer at another location with the same 20m connection, and now it's failing over and over again. 6 times in a row with the same error "GetFile: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e33)". Is there a way to force ESMC 7 to push installation tasks the same way ERA 5 did?
  12. Marcos - I sent you a PM. I also changed the repository per the KB to use the USA repository. I push the Endpoint client to a client on a slow 3mb connection and it succeeded on the first attempt this time. However I then tried to push the Endpoint client to a workstation on a 20mb connection and it's failed multiple times in a row.
  13. Hello - We are trying to push out Endpoint clients to our workstations that are on slower links. We have several sites that have 20mb (Fiber) and 3mb (Bonded T1) connections. We constantly get "Failed to synchronize package repository. See trace message for more details.". Looking at the trace log we see "GetFile: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e33)". There is nothing wrong with these connections, they are just slower. We have pushed out ESET Endpoint 5 for years to these locations and also push WSUS and other updates routinely. We can push the ESET Agent with no problem, but the moment
  14. Marcos and MichalJ - Thank you very much for the responses. Your explanations answered the question and I was able to figure out how it all works and have it deployed to a group of test computers.
  15. Ok, that seemed to be what I was reading in the documentation and much different than what I am used to in ERA 5. As for the Proxy Server, I can see that the default configuration set it up at the Global level. I assume that only traffic between ESET Endpoint AV and the Agent is run in this proxy and none of the other computer network traffic?
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