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Server Security v9

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Is Server Security v9 for Windows due out soon?

I'm interested in using the Burte Force Attack protection for RDP.

Alternatively, is there any reason for not using Eset Endpoint v9 on Windows Server 2016 / 2019.  They are used primarily for RDP, no AD, filesharing etc.


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The version 9 is offered for us in ESMC, as an update.



Version 9.0.12012.0

  • New: Auto-update - opt-out automatic updates of product to the latest version
  • New: Future End User License Agreement amendments and terms variation by notification
  • New: Brute-force attack protection against password guessing for RDP and SMB services
  • Improved: Auto-exclusion of MSSQL temporary database files in non-default location
  • Improved: ESET OneDrive scanner deleted when permissions are not accepted
  • Improved: Improved activation and interactive statuses of ESET Live Guard (EDTD)
  • Fixed: Archived files restored after launching on-demand scan
  • Fixed: Automatic exclusion of files when using a DC role with automatic exclusions enabled
  • Fixed: Issues with reporting protection status to ESET Protect
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies when using the GUI with high resolution screens
  • Fixed: GUI does not start when using Terminal mode
  • Fixed: Email notifications missing in ESHELL
  • Fixed: Vulnerability CVE-2022-27167

Is there any reason for this is not advertised here in the forum, or here? https://help.eset.com/latestVersions/?lang=en

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The forum update notice and download links always appear slower than ESMC.

I tried installing on a secondary DC and the DC can't boot after installing. 🤪

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48 minutes ago, FRiC said:

I tried installing on a secondary DC and the DC can't boot after installing.

If the system crashes, we'll need a kernel or complete memory dump from the crash. If you are able to start Windows in safe mode, you can use the ESET Uninstall tool to remove ESET Server Security while the issue is investigated and the memory dump analyzed.

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Thanks, I managed to get the DC to boot in safe mode, removed ESET with the uninstall tool, then it could successfully finish booting. Event logs didn't seem reveal anything since it appeared to get stuck at a different place every time. Tried installing again with an installer instead of an install task and it worked fine.

After that, I tried installing V9 to another virtual server (not DC) and it got stuck at Applying computer settings after the reboot. Rolled back to the snapshot but strangely enough after booting up again V9 is installed. Probably used checkpoint wrong somehow.

Three others I updated (mixed physical and virtual) went just fine. This is Windows Server 2019 on Hyper-V. Never had this much trouble with updates before.

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