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  1. I have a client that uses the Secure Browser to access her online banking, however she needs to download a copy of her statement to send off for funding. However it doesn't seem like the secure browser likes to do that, the download always fails. I've also tried Print to PDF, or just simply printing to a printer, neither of which works. Can anyone offer any guidance? Seems a bit daft to have to log into the non-secure browser to download or print a statement.
  2. Im getting this same issue with a couple of clients. Seems something has changed recently.
  3. It would be great if we could use this for our MSP clients. We currently have an onsite ESMC, but our internet speeds are not great, so its very slow and cumbersome.
  4. Hi I've been using the ESMC version for a few months now, but I always run into the same issue. I was hoping the recent 1.1 would fix it but it hasn't. Without fail, every time I power on my machine, the first password attempt is marked as incorrect. Even though it isn't. Second attempt works every time. I've never yet been able to successfully log in on the first attempt. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
  5. Fingers crossed. Seems to be a new version every few weeks at the moment, which is great, but a nightmare to keep up with!
  6. Im still not seeing clients auto update themselves. Having to currently update 500 clients manually (withing ESMC)
  7. I've adapted that policy but I'm still not seeing clients auto-upgrading to the latest version
  8. I seem to recollect that ESET v7 should auto update itself, without the need for manual upgrade to newer versions? Is this still the case?
  9. I understand what you mean. We have quite a few computers that are only used in temporary instances. Perhaps a few times a month. The rests of the time they are switched off, and so they're flagged as out of date in ESMC. It's quite annoying. I'm tempted to leave them on all the time so that it stays green
  10. Hi I would be interested in accessing ESMC please I am currently testing EEA7 and EES7 Thanks
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