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Dynamic Threat Defence Status

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Is there a way to easily see or sort computers based on their DTD Activation status. 

I can tell by our licence count that not all the computers with EES installed have got DTD activated, but its not very easy to see which is which, without going into each machine one by one

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This was a HUGE problem for me. Here's how I solved for it:


I created a Dynamic Group Template - see the pic for hints on how to set it up. 


I then created a Dynamic Group inside my Static Group of clients with the EDTD license. I set that Dynamic Group to notify me if the Dynamic Group changed. 

Reply if you need more details!

Screenshot 2022-03-29 121304.png

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BTW, I may need to change this up with the EDTD name change:


On March 23, 2022, ESET Dynamic Threat Defense was re-branded to ESET LiveGuard Advanced. In ESET business products, you can find it also as ESET LiveGuard. Both names refer to the same service.

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Yeah, I have the same dynamic group created, and suddenly noticed it's not working correctly and when I tried to activate EDTD they all became LiveGuard Advanced. I see why now.

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@BrianMorris This is perfect thank you. Ive noticed some machines still have the licences as EDTD and some with the new name, so I might hang on for a week or so to let the name change filter through. 

I can t understand why they cant add a little symbol next to the machine name like they do with Full Disk Encryption. 

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