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    Ultra Male gave kudos to itman in Windows 1903 Windows Antimalware executable   
    That is not correct. See the below screen shot for Win 10 x(64) 1809.
    There are only three cases when these services would be running:
    1. Windows Defender is the default realtime scanner.
    2. Windows Defender periodic scanning option has been manually enabled.
    3. Effective with Win 10 1809 if the third party AV solution installed does not use the Windows Early Launch Anti-malware driver, Windows will additionally activate WD's realtime protection. It will run concurrent with the third party AV realtime solution.
    In any other instance when WD's realtime protection is running concurrent third party AV realtime protection, it would be indicative of either a malfunction within Windows itself or the third party AV solution installation processing malfunctioned.

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    Ultra Male received kudos from Azure Phoenix in Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus   
    Hi Marcos,
    I suggested to ESET in the past to give us an easier way of whitelisting by allowing us to multi select folders/apps in one shot rather than having to do it one at a time but they never replied to me or implemented it in the latest NOD32.
    See how easy it is to add items to the exclusion with checkbox multi selection method. this is just on example of many AVs out there which allow that

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