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Nod32 antivirus verses On-line scanner

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I run Nod32 antivirus on Win7 x64 pro,  I thought I'd do a scan for keyloggers not knowing if Nod32 detected these so. I thought I'd give the On-line scanner a try, this scan 'seemed'  to me to take longer. The end result came out clean after scanning the main drive and a storage drive.... am I wasting my time running both??

While here, does NOD32 detect keyloggers, not that any strange 'goings on' was happening just that I thought I'd do a scan for any?

Thanks, Dave

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Unlike the ESET Online Scanner, ESET security products that are installed on a disk may detect more during an on-demand scan due to LiveGrid and pico updates that they support.

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Posted (edited)

Sorry Marcos I'm still no wiser-:

Does  NOD32 antivirus detect keyloggers? Is what I wanted to know.

I take it from your comment that NOD32 antivirus once updated is just the same as this on-line scanner, 'if' this is the case then it is pointless having two on and will remove it.

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Yes, both would detect keyloggers on a disk. Here are just a few keyloggers I've scanned:

09A32511EE17ADC0A5904CBC800C3F81951BBDC8.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROG trojan
0x2-r-xxxxxxxx (2).exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROF trojan
0x2-r-xxxxxxxx.exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROF trojan
0x5-r-patch.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNN trojan
1151ec64de44f5bc9fa5c9af415d1fa2aebf92aa.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNP trojan
65d8710ee859b71b7f633414cf23d73d12c6d6ff.exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNX trojan
Compatibility mode.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNT trojan
ConsoleApplication1.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNU trojan
EXE_logger__skype_.exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROH trojan
FlashPlayer.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROC trojan
Hellfire-ftp.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNY trojan
Hellfire.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNW trojan
KeyLogger (2).exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNR trojan
Keylogger.exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROB trojan
Project1.exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNV trojan
RosaFelina.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNS trojan
Server.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNQ trojan
file (2).exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROE trojan
file (3).exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROD trojan
file (4).exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNO trojan
file.exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROF trojan
file_000.exe - Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROF trojan
moltenteleporter.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.RNU trojan
svchost.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROA trojan
svchosting.exe - a variant of Win32/Spy.KeyLogger.ROA trojan


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Ah, thats good to know..... many thanks for that, I've removed the on-line scanner, I'll stick to my Nod32.

Matter now closed, all the best Marco.  Dave

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The next version up also protects against network exploits

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