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Anti-Theft Optimization Warning

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So yesterday I logged in to one of our customers laptop to tweak it for him but he has had already installed ESET Internet Security before I logged in to his laptop. Anyway, there is this warning that won't go away. If I hit Check Again, it goes away immediately then comes back after a few seconds.


I also tried creating an account for him on My ESET and ensured to click on the online checks and whatnot where it said it will be done in a few minutes and he got a prompt on his laptop for webcam access so everything is working fine but this warning won't go away. Any ideas?



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4 hours ago, Marcos said:

Please drop me a private message with user's my.eset.com email as well as the name of device on which the warning is reported.

I contacted the customer to get those details for you but he said he solved the issue. He said he had to setup some dummy account for the Anti-Theft and now that warning is gone! Thanks a lot

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