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[US/Canada] EMS Feedback Competition - Win tix to Black Hat 2014!

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  • Former ESET Employees


ESET Mobile Security Feedback Competition – The Competition is now closed. Thank you to all participants!*

Never satisfied with all the “must have” and “Best of Breed” reviews, we’re always looking for ways we can improve ESET Mobile Security for the future. To do this, we need your help.
Your Assignment (should you choose to accept it):
We’re looking for your feedback on ESET Mobile Security. Specifically, we’re looking for feedback on the new Anti-Theft feature, online management at my.eset.com, and your overall experience using the app. Be creative! You can use screenshots, video, technical details, etc. Obviously, the more useful your feedback is, the better your chance to win tickets to Black Hat USA 2014.

How to Enter:

1. Download and install ESET Mobile Security

2. Reply to this thread with your feedback





No Purchase Necessary to Enter (the contest page provides a full version 30-day trial for the purpose of this contest)
Please read and agree to the Official Contest Rules and Terms & Conditions

Only residents of United States and Canada are eligible to win
Prizes (See the Official Rules and Terms of Participation for additional details):

  • First 20 Participants: The first 20 quality feedback posts* will receive a one-year license for ESET Mobile Security
  • Grand Prize: The feedback selected as the Grand Prize winner will receive:
    1. A pair (2) of tickets to this year’s Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, Nevada
    2. A pair (2) of roundtrip coach airfare tickets to Las Vegas
    3. Hotel accommodations in Las Vegas

Contest Period: July 1-21, 2014
The Contest begins at 12:00:01 a.m. PT on Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Submissions for the contest will end Monday, July 21, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT.
ESET will announce the Grand Prize Winner on this thread as well as across all ESET social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen at the discretion of ESET based on content, contest eligibility and overall quality.
Grand prize winner will be announced on or before Friday, July 25, 2014.

Are you ready? Good luck!

*Entries are currently being judged and pre-notifications being sent. Winners will be announced soon. 

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Not to go off-topic, but I would like to wish everyone Good Luck. And have fun  B)  :wub:

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Hello everyone,


I am stunned no one has posted their thoughts yet, but it is only day 2.

Call me passionate , I'm ready to post mine right away due to excitement.

As the returning winner, i hope i can lead by example and prompt some members to get their thoughts in as well.

This is a life changing experience. The opportunity to meet the great people at ESET.

Everyone i met last year was extremely professional. The knowledge i was able to take in from Blackhat was overwhelming.

I am now able to share ESET with everyone as a partner.

I can't stress enough how everyone that can, should definitely jump on this opportunity to assist in improving the quality of one of the greatest mobile security products of our time.


Let's get the ball rolling people and see who will be the winner this year !!! Don't forget the first 20 will receive a 1 year license.

All future guests should consider downloading the trial and giving us your thoughts, you never know. . . you may just like the program at the same time. :)


Attached file is my feedback in pdf format for all to read.

A link for a docx version is here.


Enjoy and good luck to everyone !!!!


Edit: I seem to have forgotten when an incorrect password is entered a snapshot is taken from the front facing camera if exists. This could be what is causing my lock-ups or slowness that i talked about in my report regarding authentication.

Thanks everyone. :)

ESET Mobile Security Feedback.pdf

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  • Former ESET Employees

That's a great way to start the competition! Last year's winner showing how it's done. WTG, Arakasi


Now for the rest of you...


Let's see what you can do!

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Even thought I am from Denmark, and not eligible to win the grand price, I would like to contribute my feedback to.


I wrote the reviews some time back, but it is for the newest ESET mobile security and the Anti-theft website and application.


Follow my links:


For my review on the overall experience of the Mobile Security:



For my review on my experience with the ESET Anti-theft:



Hope you enjoy reading.

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  • 2 weeks later...

With as vulnerable as the Android platform is, you'd be out of your mind to run with less protection.  Exploits run wild and are frequently caught on my android tablet because of ESET.  There's no replacement.


Best of breed doesn't even begin to describe it.


Experience - Malware Analyst

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ESET is the best product on the market! All of ESET's products from PC, Mac and Android will work with anyone's skill type. ESET Mobile Security is very easy to use and it is reliable. Since installing ESET Mobile Security on my Android Phone, it will scan my applications and files as I download them, automatically! It also features an Application Tracker so you can turn off certain application permissions. It also has Anti-Theft, Anti-Phishing, Antivirus, and also it features its own SMS and Call filter so you can permanently block those pesky telemarketers that never seem to get the hint to stop calling. I recommend anyone and everyone to get ESET Mobile Security for their Android devices and also get ESET for PC or Mac. Trust me, if you buy ESET, you wont regret it.


Thank you ESET for the #1 computer security product out there!

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  • Former ESET Employees

Thanks for the great compliments!


Is there anything you've noticed about ESET Mobile Security that can be improved? We're always looking to improve upon where we are now. Your thoughts could help push us to even better heights!

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Hello, I have some improvements and suggestions for future Eset Mobile Security for Android.


I like Eset Mobile Security 3, it is a very good antivirus.


In Anti-Theft section for full optimization (5 stars) it is necessary to be on always GPS and Mobile Data, this is not good. If GPS and Mobile data are always on battery of smartphone will drain more quickly and  privacy of user decrease because some applications may use GPS for localise mobile device, and last but not least invoice for Mobile Data will increase.  This thing must be changed. I propose to add a SMS command that will enable GPS and Mobile Data. User can send a SMS command to enable GPS and Mobile Data if smartphone was lost or stolen and automatic enable GPS and Mobile Data when SIM was changed.


   Database from Eset Mobile Security 3 indicates after last update version 4805, on hxxp://www.virus-radar.com indicated version is 1809. This thing make confusion, database from Eset Mobile Security 3 should coincide with version displayed on virus-radar.com.


New versions of Eset Mobile Security first are launched on google play and then on official site. In future it is necessary that first new versions and beta versions appear on official site than on google play.


Eset Mobile Security 3 should improve send SMS when SIM was changed and indicate the phone number (in international format for example).


My.eset.com should have possibility to run more tasks for example: run a security scan, check license status of mobile devices, etc.

In next version of Eset Mobile Security for Android will be necessary to add a feature that scan and decrypt files encrypted by ransomware. 

Eset Mobile Security need to ad option to delete antivirus logs or to add a configuration for delete logs at number of 10, 20, 40, and 60. 


In section Audi Security Eset need to develop something own for privacy advice not to use android displayed information from applications.

For be more interesting Icons from main window (Antivirus, Anti-Theft, SMS and Call Filtre, Anti-Phising, Security Audi, Settings) need to indicate status by color, icons not remain grey but indicates green, yellow, red security status.

Eset Mobile Security for android need to take actions more automatic (automatic put in quarantine or uninstall infected application, files etc.)


Eset Mobile Security should have different modes (Standard, Advanced, Automatic), Standard Mode for classic use and for the most users, Advanced Mode for advanced users with detailed features, extra settings, extra protection; Automatic Mode for best automatic use with recommended settings and take decisions without any actions from user.


On Eset Mobile Security the notification from bar would be interesting as on computer (with active elements). Icon from notification bar to indicate directly the level of security, through the colours.

On computer Eset has the option (In tools) to send a file to analyse. This option would be useful on Android, to send a suspect or possible false positive to analyse.

Eset Mobile Security is necessary to have the following interesting features:


1.Network Control (Measuring input and output data traffic, impose a monthly limit (user-defined) for 3 g data.)

2.Blocking Applications (with a pin code or a gesture)

3.Determination of Advertisements (detects ads and provides complete data tracking)

4. Recovering data from your phone remotely (files, notes, applications, video)

5. The Geographic Perimeter ( The phone performs certain actions (lock, siren, transmitting location) when phone is outside from perimeter. For example: go to a coffee shop and activate the option with a perimeter of 500 meters, so that if someone steals your phone and takes it beyond this perimeter feature activates the specified action.)

6. Web Storage (would be useful for data security and backup)

7. Web Console (Instant overview of security status and all functions performed on your device(s) )

8. Check devices battery life remotely, update remotely from my.eset.com

9. Parental Control (With the help of Cloud) to be blocked sites by category (drugs, weapons, known viruses, etc.).


In Audi-security would be useful a feature that detect if there are programs (applications) that can interfere with Eset Mobile Security. Also would be useful an option to detect vulnerabilities for example: protection against vulnerability type "Master Key", exploit, and unsafe settings from browsers and from applications.


Eset Mobile Security would be interesting to have the possibility to activate functions, when you shake the phone such as: Update, Task Killer, clean cookies or browser remains, etc.


An important component for Eset Mobile Security would be Anti Format protection. The mobile device may be vulnerable in front of formatting if it's plugged into a computer. An attacker specialize in computer programs can connect your phone to computer and can format the whole device, this thing should be combated.

At Eset Mobile Security Data encryption should be added and feature to create VPN (Virtual Private Network).


 Scanning options (fast, smart, Deep) should have detailed customization options for greater customization.

 Heuristic-based scan need to be added to detect threats not only on the basis of signatures but also be basis of behaviour.

 Section Settings has few functions, should be added for example control of graphical interface, control dynamic icons.

 Option to scan a file or directory is not present, this is not very good.

 Protection option against potential applications that containing spyware and infringe user privacy should be added.

Anti-Theft should have a feature to phone back, It mean if phone is stolen then can be sent a command that would allow the phone to call you back to listen what happens around.


Eset Mobile Security does not scan SMS from spam, virus, etc. Eset Mobile Security is necessary to scan your SMS (sent and received.)

Updates should have a profile (more profiles) special for roaming, for a successful update in roaming.

Eset Mobile Security would be good to have Network Protection (protection of networks, especially public networks, from attacks). Remote updates are important be made from my.eset.com;

When the SIM card is changed, Eset Mobile Security not always reported the device's location and phone number that belongs to an unauthorized SIM card.

  Eset would be good to have option that enable offline license activation.

  Eset Mobile Security today is protected (the settings) of a password. In the future if it is possible, it would be better to be added the option to scan your finger footprint (finger scan) to have aces faster to settings   and to enhance security.

 Eset Mobile Security would be good to have a night mode (this way to be able to optimize processes and settings at night for minimum battery consumption.)

The version of Eset Mobile Security for Windows Phone (Now is new version of windows phone 8.1 and this version need to be secured) has not been upgraded for a long time. For a protective efficiency upgrade to new version supposed to be done every year at all versions from Eset. Eset does not have version for IOS, IOS also need to be secured, in future can be added a version for IOS.


Thank You!

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Nice feedback of you, @Octavian. Indeed there are some points I can't agree (e.g. "Web Storage" - ESET is a security company and not a cloud storage provider), but you made also some very good points.

You also improved the style of your feedback. :)


By the way: There are also many features that can be added to EMS and that are already implemented in other security apps from some business rivals. What this features are you can read in this topic.

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ESET is a formidable product, I knew of this product because my school's computers use it. The security features were so flawless on the school computers that I had no problem recommending it to my family and friends. I didn't know there was a mobile version for ESET until I was on Twitter and I saw your promoted tweet. I downloaded it and so far, its amazing. Not many people think about viruses when they're on their phone because they assume viruses are only on laptops and desktops. I'll have no problem telling all my friends at school about this extraordinary product.

I'm also a computer enthusiast and I'm going to go to University for a degree in Computer Science in Fall 2014. My goal is to work as a Software Engineer when I get my degree in 4 years.

Keep up the good work ESET engineers and everyone who has contributed into making this speechless product!


It would be smart to move the "uninstall" button into a category such as "help" as a sub category. Seeing the "Uninstall" button so often might push some end users to delete the app prematurely.

Notifications: I found myself restricting the app from giving me notifications because I'm one of those people that likes a clean status bar. A consumer should be able to 'swipe' to remove any notifications this app delivers such as the "ESET- Security Risk!" If you want, you can make the notifications come periodically, every 5-6 hours the user should be notified. But its important that when they're notified, it doesn't interfere with their current task. There's a saying "the nail that sticks out, is the one that gets hammered down". In this context, if there is a permanent notification, some users might get fed up with it being there and it might push them to uninstall the application. There should be an option to "slide to dismiss" the notification.

Also, there should be a functionality where the app automatically checks for other anti viruses that might be installed. This is only because we need to make the consumer do the least amount of work. Most users aren't THAT tech savy, they just want it to work.

I have only used to the app for a couple of days now, but in a couple of weeks I'll write a detailed review on this forum. I don't want to write things that should be implemented when they already are. I'm noting down glitches that occur multiple times. Quality is better than quantity so I want to ensure my suggestions are well done and not stating the obvious.

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Hello Techsage,


If possible, we would love to get your feedback on the product if you can think of improvements suggestions, post back here in a nice format for us. :)

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I've tested ESET Mobile Security and overall I'm very impressed with the features offered. It includes a good mix of antivirus, anti-theft, and other security features that are important in protecting today's users from the growing threat posed by Android malware and other mobile threats.


I've attached my feedback on ESET Mobile Security and I hope ESET finds it useful in considering changes to future versions. Thanks!

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  • Former ESET Employees

I'm seeing some strong candidates coming through on the last day. Great work guys! We have until 11:59:59 PT to get more submissions in. Can you top the entries so far?


And the competition is now closed! The judges are going over our submissions and we will announce a winner by the end of the week. Thank you to all for participating!

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  • Former ESET Employees

So the judges have convened and this year's Grand Prize winner for a trip to Black Hat goes to ... 



... [drum roll] ...









We deeply appreciate all of the feedback we received from all of you. We have some very helpful suggestions on how to improve the product and of course, the compliments also made our day! 


In the end, there were some very high-quality entries and as cliche as this sounds, because everyone says it for these things, the decision truly was extremely difficult in the end. 


For those in North America that submitted feedback, we're working on getting your Mobile Security licenses extended by a year or getting you a new license altogether. For Caldera, we're working to get you and your guest registered for Black Hat and we are very excited about meeting you both in Las Vegas just two weeks from now!


Again, congrats Caldera and well done everyone!


I'll be closing the thread shortly but want to keep it open for any congratulatory comments anyone wants to leave to Caldera. 

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