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  1. Hello... I have a serious problem, compounded by a serious other problem... 1 Week ago, I was prompted by ESET for an update to the application... I obliged, clicking through the normal prompts to the point it required a restart to finish... it restarted in safe mode for an unknown reason... I checked a few things out, the app appeared to be uninstalled, rebooted 'properly' into full Windows 10... except now I have no TCP functionality... ipconfig gives me c:\users\mike> ipconfig Windows IP Configuration c:\users\mike> And I have no AV other than Windows Defender... m
  2. With as vulnerable as the Android platform is, you'd be out of your mind to run with less protection. Exploits run wild and are frequently caught on my android tablet because of ESET. There's no replacement. Best of breed doesn't even begin to describe it. Experience - Malware Analyst
  3. I ended up buying Mobile Security as it was only ~$8.00.. but I'm still wanting something for the wife's iPAD... my distributor is ESET directly... I don't know if any stores in town actually carry ESET, but I know I don't have a business relationship with any of them.
  4. Hello I currently have an ESET Smart Security license for my PC and received a tablet for Christmas running Android OS. I'd like to know if it is possible to 'upgrade' my license model to a family package from my current single license and pay the difference. I'm licensed until 3/3/2015 for my PC. I couldn't find anything on your site that suggests that I can so I'm not particularly hopeful. Thanks! Cthulhu
  5. Hello I figured I may as well introduce myself here... How did you find the ESET Security Forum? I think it was via wildersecurity but many Google searches for information have led me here What OS are you running? Windows 7 What AV are you running? ESET Smart Security 6 @ home, NOD32 6 and M$ Forefront at work What’s an interesting fact about you? I'm a security (malware) analyst with a large oil company that uses NOD32 daily to deal with threats. I've found ESET to perform extremely well in my comparison testing, has a responsive signature update and to be the most likely to
  6. I have a series of folders that I want to run the ECLS on periodically but am having issues in setting up the command... For the path part of the command I want it to scan only some of the folders using a wildcard match.. So, for example, a* Is there any way to set that up so we don't need to parse the whole folder structure? Thanks
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