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  1. I advice to be included in section ''Tools'' options connected with feedback. Users of Eset Smart Security to have possibility to express opinion and to make suggestions for future versions. User opinion is important and the easiest way to share it is directly through the program.
  2. False Positive are very important to be low. Eset work smart and almost has no false positive. Congratulations! Good Work!
  3. Other companies has 3 versions (Antivirus security solution, Internet Security solution, Premium/Total security solution). Eset has 2 versions (Antivirus (Nod32) and Internet Security (Smart Security)). If Eset will add some additional features like Safe Search and others, Eset Smart Security will be crowded. New features like toolbar, password manager, start-up manager, etc. would be suitable for a version called ''Titan'' or ''Gold'', hope that Eset will create such version. Eset Smart Security can have little more new features but features that does not complicate program.
  4. Eset decide about new version. I support idea of an aditional version "Titan" or "Gold" with some premium features(ex: Password Manager) but not a lot that can create confusion or make program hard to use.
  5. I'm not sure but that name rang me a bell and there's a good chance we detect it as PUA Iobit should not be detected as PUA, they have in some installation packs toolbars, toolbars are user dependent, and user usually do not install them on computer.
  6. No, please no Nor**n 360° (or even ESET 360°)! Please! I would organize a shitstorm! Eset has 2 versions (Smart Security and NOD32), it is not good to make Eset Smart Security an all in one security solution (360) but Eset can launch 3rd version that represent Premium Security.
  7. Also if we had ESS and ESET 360°, this would be like Nor**n Internet Security and Nor**n 360°. - No! No! No! Never! This cra p can stay away! This would require staff and this staff can make better things at ESET! I think that Eset need to have a ''Titan'' version that include some premium features. Eset Smart Security will not be Security 360 degrees but may be ''Titan'' version can be with more features. Features that have been presented above are good but can be little more for Eset Smart Security. I can not say that most of features are redundant or unneeded and it
  8. @Arakasi, Iobit does not steal signatures from other vendors, they have a partnership with Bitdefender. Iobit installation packs sometimes contain toolbars, etc. but does not mean that Iobit is PUA, they working at this and in future will remove additional content from installation pack.
  9. I think that at Eset Smart Security 8 notification icon from status bar can indicate directly security status. At Eset Smart Security 7 if all working good notification is a Green Circle and if is security problem notification is a yellow or red triangle. I recommend at Eset Smart Security 8 notification icon be Green Circle if security working good and change color of circle to yellow or red if maximum protection is not ensured.(without triangles)
  10. What is your opinion about adding On-Demand-Scan by Priority (Low- slower scan and little system resources, Medium- little fast scan and more system resources, High- fast scan and a lot of resources)?
  11. Safe Pay (safe banking) can make online transactions from a unique, dedicated browser, that secured your accounts from fraud. Safe pay can now also automatically fill credit card details in billing fields. Wallet feature is a secure tool that speeds up online shopping by autocompleting credit card details within payment fields. Apart from purchase details, Wallet can also safely organize credentials for favorite websites, messaging applications, or frequently-used WI-FI networks.
  12. And Yes the very first scan usually takes longer to finish but the following scans will be quicker. "camfeting" well malware is malware so whether the aim is to watch you through the webcam, or steal money from you it doesn't really matter. And people can easily take care of their webcams on their own. I like Mikkos way of doing it... If your computer is clean from keyloggers, (and any other type of malware) and your browser is not hi-jacked in some way, and you connect to the bank via HTTPs the so called "banking mode" "secure wallet" "shopping protection" and what else they are ca
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