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  1. I have the same problem with survey but on my device Advanced Setup and others working good.
  2. Good idea, this is some kind of Live Grid world statistics. These statistics can be displayed in other secton not really on Home Screen.
  3. Actual GUI also looks well. The robot logo can be little small in the main window.
  4. After upgrade Eset Smart Security to version 8.0.312 windows defender was activated. Can be some problems if Eset Smart Security and Windows Defender both work? (OS is windows 8.1)
  5. I think that "Training" should be available in all countries not only in USA , if there are issues with translation keep training program in English language.
  6. Then why change a long term winning concept for something else that is not to be associated with the simplicity of ESET, how they run things, and what they stand for. If they would consider your product idea then ESET would enter the "all in one" product territory, and steer away from the simple consumer products that they have developed till this day and what made the ESET brand back in the day, and what it still is today. Depends, I apreciate Eset for it's advanced techniques. I do not see any problems if Eset will steps on "all in one " territory
  7. I use Eset for many years and I like it. Hard to say what to chose if would not be Eset. Maybe Avira.
  8. I use Eset for many years, I like and appreciate all versions of Eset (Eset Smart Security, Eset NOD32 Antivirus, Eset Cybersecurity, Eset mobile Security). From past to present Eset developed strong architecture and revolutionize the security in cyber world. Security has a lot of sectors and the base was placed, now it is time to be sundry and extend the aims. Someone said that it would be crowded features if will be added but if all are well organized it is not a problem. Now it is time to develop a version from all angles, security than never before, new powerful and advanced features, ma
  9. Eset can not copy Avast features like Teamviewer, they try to develop something own.
  10. Sandbox is a good idea and can be developed by Eset in own way not like other vendors.
  11. Many products has sandbox integrated and we can not say that there is a secret.
  12. On this site malware links appear daily and Eset can analyze it. hxxp://malc0de.com/database/
  13. I am happy to know that Eset has almost no false positive. Congratulations Eset! Good Job
  14. I tested Eset Smart Security on Windows 10 and works good. Far as I know Eset is compatible with windows 10
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