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  1. Can't wait to read how the users respond in Wilders.
  2. I would suggest perform a clean install by uninstalling it with ESET uninstaller tool and installing it with the offline installer.
  3. IMHO, if you want to know if there is any preset rule from ESET firewall, I would suggest you to refer to the Zone and Rules editor and check on which services or connections are allowed from the preset rules. Note that the preset rules are grayed out and user-defined rules are bold, if I am not mistaken. You can check whether there is any preset rule for the SMB communication. However, I cannot give more details here as I have not used ESS for at least a month. Of course, there are definitely some preset rules that allow some inbound connections for core networking purpose and the ESET firewall with automatic mode most probably just works like the Windows Firewall. It blocks all non-initiated incoming communication as Marcos mentioned but I think there are definitely some core inbound connections are allowed from the preset rules.
  4. But pls don't add it in ESET product as I don't want any add-on feature, an independent one is okay.
  5. It really depends on the user's system specs. I have an old specs PC with Windows Vista installed in it and it only has 2GB ram. Imagine if ESET utilizes 300 MB of my memory, it can be somehow quite intensive to my ram. However, ESET of course won't bloat my system, no slow down and low impact.
  6. Can I just update through the "Program Update"? Has anyone succeeded to update? How is it going so far?
  7. It is not unwanted content, it is potentially unwanted content. Why? Because nowadays most of the users don't really read the installation agreement carefully, they just blindly click Next, Next, Next.... But lately they will then only realize that they have installed some bundled applications which they never really intended to install but carelessly provided the full consent to the installation process. This is why we need PUP detection and this is the main purpose of PUP detection.
  8. As I said, there are differences between Potentially UNWANTED Application & Potentially UNSAFE Application. The picture which you have uploaded depicts clearly that ESET detected a Potentially UNSAFE Application in CCleaner . Most AVs have only implemented so-called Potentially UNWANTED Application detection but ESET has a unique detection namely Potentially UNSAFE Application detection. That's why you won't see any other AVs detect such Potentially UNSAFE Application and ESET's detection is not necessarily a false positive.
  9. Please read all the replies in this post. Especially the link I provided to Virustotal. Eset is the ONLY antivirus telling people that Google Chrome and or Google Toolbar is malicious. Which clearly it is not. Hence the false positive detection. Here is the Virustotal link again.https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6a87e940dc0380a1f5fef889643d77d49835a922d4e0e791bd35e7b738eb8709/analysis/1427950206/ I don't wanna have conformism for this. The virus total is just for simple and plain reference. In other words, it could also mean that ESET detects such unsafe toolbar that other AVs fail to detect. Therefore, I would rather send the sample to ESET and determine whether the app is safe or unsafe. IMHO, ESET is the only AV that I have known that provides Potentially Unsafe Application detection. It is something different from Potentially Unwanted Application detection that is widely and generally implemented by most of the AVs.
  10. The website address that was blocked by ESET looks dummy to me. A legitimate website would rarely have this type of website address. You should check on the IP and search for its geolocation and host. Moreover, it also has .cn on its website address, it is suspicious for me
  11. Just go for Slim version and you won't get any PUA or PUP warning, problem solved. ESET detects it and does its job as it should, the toolbar is detected as unsafe might be because there are some vulnerabilities which could be led to exploit attack in the toolbar itself.
  12. I would also suggest you to perform a clean install because ESET self-defense module might prevent itself from rolling back properly.
  13. Yes it does. I think I'll just leave the start up scan disabled. Thanks! But I would recommend you to enable start up scan after each successful update to ensure and maintain maximum protection.
  14. I do also have hang problem but the hang problem has already occurred before I installed ESET, so definitely not ESET problem. Are you sure it is related to ESET? My system will only hang when everytime I surf FB and few other websites.
  15. It is indeed lightweight to my system although it has quite a high ram usage like 100+ MB. However, it is not lightweight to my Internet. I don't want to post any off topic here, but just to hope that ESET will come out with a better product and bring back all its lightweightness.
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