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  1. Why is that? Previously you just had to confirm your mail. Or is the mail verification still broken?
  2. BTW I have to praise you for reconfiguring HTTPS at forum.eset.com. Now it got scored much better than the last time: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=forum.eset.com You finally get A-. (Previously it was C if I remember correctly and this was a really out-of-date config) But you can still improve your config... As far as I see the cipher suite (especially the order) might be optimized and if you also apply the HSTS header you can also get an A+ from SSLLabs.
  3. Actually you can access it through a desktop shortcut created when installing v9 or - in case you deleted it or it was no0t created - you can add it back by adding this shortcut: "%programfiles%\ESET\ESET Smart Security\ecmd.exe" /startprotectedbrowser Depending on your installation path you may have to adjust this value.
  4. Personally I don't really like the P2P updates... However in your situation you could use the business products from ESET where you can make an update mirror on one PC in your network. However the PCs with ESET Endpoint Protection have to belong to you of course. The only thing you can currently do for other computers is using the latest version of the installer, which also has all VSD updates included (at the time where it was released). (And also use the offline installer so it doesn't have to download the installer file every time)
  5. Just FYI: As for svchost.exe you can choose the service which a rule should cover in v9 of ESS and NOD32.
  6. Yes they monitor the forum. You can see all ESET moderators listed here. Their posts are marked with a green background.
  7. BTW another note about your HTTPS connection: Besides disabling the weak Diffi-Hellmann cipher suites you may also want to activate ECDHE cipher suites, because they are much faster and more secure than RSA cipher, use less processing speed and are supported by all recent versions of major browsers.
  8. @TomFace Don't forget to include your time zone... No, I think it would be indeed quite useful to make this feature available for regular users. But i can also live without it.
  9. Yes, it is. Here is a direct link: https://forum.eset.com/topic/51-future-changes-to-eset-smart-security/page-8#entry15062
  10. @itman Nice idea. But if I'm remembering correctly in v8 you can include and exclude applications for SSL scanning, so this may solve your problem.
  11. No it won't be better if you use a wrong-written version of enhanced instead of AI. And no, you don't need to try it with advanced next time... But if it amuses you...
  12. Thanks @SweX and @kakashi no I'm not hating you. I'm just showing that most of your ideas are not "simple ideas in order to make a better product" in an ironical way. So if I'm suggestion something I would at first try to write at least in decent English. I'm not an native English speaker too and my English is not nearly perfect, but anyway you can at least try to put the spaces, commas and other things at the correct position. Additionally you can even just use an online translator tool like Google Translator or - if you want to write it yourself - an (Online) dictionary for English to look up words (especially the spelling) and installing an English spell checker in your browser should also not be that difficult. Secondly I'd like to remember you about my "suggestions" for you I posted some time ago: Also you can't just add some nice sounding words to a feature to improve the feature. Even if ESET adds a "super-intelligent smart enhanced advanced ultra-power-heuristics-engine AI with super turbo fast implementation protection" this doesn't change anything. Calling things like this may be impressive in pokémon games, but in reality that's just gibberish. And these are the obvious things which make your post (to say it polite) not that useful, so it also won't help you if add things like "don't ignore this this is important for all the security users" like you did in your last post. And I don't want to get into detail now, but in my first reply to your post you can already get some ideas of how useful or reasonable some of your ideas are - and most of the post just consists of quotes from you. Anyway just keep in mind that I'm not saying you shouldn't express your suggestions here and of course I'm not hating you. You just have to suggest features which are not taken from a pokémon game and most importantly they have to make sense! And you have to explain your features, just throwing words around doesn't help anybody and as I "explained" your ideas in my first reply you can see what they look like. Or tell it as Arey wrote, because I doubt you read the first post (although I've linked several times to it now):
  13. @kakashi Just shut off your computer then you have the protection you are suggesting. And your computer will be "turbo speed blocking" any "anti stealth protection" and "criptolokers" (yeah crispy lockers, bad things) and "dont slow down the pc performance" while blocking "any malware can bypass this". Don't forget you will have a "dns encryption" ("nothing" is quite undistinguishable I think, so that's encrypted), a "new secure" "ssl" "protocol" "that cant be intercepted"¹ and of course a very "low hardware and harddrive impact". The "Ai header engine" can take a header if water is in your computer so everything spouts out. The "Ai smart anti exploit mitigation" will protect you from software which tries to mitigate exploits, which is the only useful thing to do because it would be bad if you miss heroic deeds. And all "software holes ,like bios,cpu,hardware" will be blocked too of course. So all this software holes are not needed anymore. Just uninstall your BIOS, CPU or hardware. No problem! Additionally "bugs" will be smashed as these crawling critters don't have a warm and comfortable environment in your computer. And the "keyboard" blocking is by default of course - no one needs a keyboard. "4 firewall" will protect you from "artificial intelligence technology" - just image all these AIs which try to kill people. All of them will be barbecued! (There's only one problem: What will happen to the other AIs like the "Ai forensics engine"?) The "smart engine anti publishing" is not really new but very effective - usually it's called "control my brain". But of course it's improved as it's smart now. Now it will not only control the brain of one user it will also try to control other users brains with whom the user spoke. "Add a new fast intelligence run package" - Yes of course the next NSA marathon will come soon! "Fix eset driver crash" - No the ESET drivers are reliable, there driver's license was never revoked at all and all "Add low impact starting up" - Until you are not hitting your shutdowned computer you already have a low impact. ¹ (quite difficult to bring the words into the right order while still quoting correctly...)
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