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  1. Hi there is nothing about of blocked devices about could be the pubblic network ? it is the default and thanks
  2. hi i use eset smart 10 last version of my w10 pro 64bit and eset smart 8 on my w7 laptop 64bit i have a problem with eset firewall i created a sync folder and i have used this app syncme wireless my windows is set correctly ,i tried to eset firewall automatic mode ,interactive mode and so on to sync i had to disable completly the firewall ,on my w7 system integration -> firewall disable to be able to sync what's wrong thanks i even watched the tutorial on youtube ->
  3. hi but did the attacts come from emails? because the newspaper haven't writen about it thanks
  4. Hi Marcos i run eset smart security under w10 and w7 , my operation system are not update my question is enough to keep my home desktop or laptop online to be infected ? thanks
  5. HI good point may i ask you a question? have you tried thunderbird portable? does it work to you? and in the eset preference which port have added or listed? thanks
  6. hi i have tried but eset insert certificate in firefox and chrome but not in thunderbird i have setup eset email to scan these ports after i have exported it in thunderbird here i have tried to import it and this is email scanned why? i tried to send emails with zipped files nothing ,i'm using thundird 45.7 thanks
  7. hi i have on my desktop eset smart security 10 and on my laptop v8 i use the last version of thunderbird , i know it's incompatible but is there a way to export a certificate from eset and import to thunderbird or vice versa? in short is there a way to let eset v8 scan my incoming emails? i use imap and SSL/TLS google account and outlook(hotmail account) i was able to use with w10 and eset 10 ,but not with eset v8 there is a link hxxp:// thanks
  8. Hi Marcos but let's tell you that eset could do better , because about Ransomware protection , eset is the worst in several tests the the hips should be different ,should include a white list ,because in interactive mode is not usable thanks
  9. hi thanks for the answer ESET Internet Security does miss only anti theft feature hi thanks the premium version includes ESET Password Manager & ESET Secure Data i will try it , but i use keepass and veracrypt thanks
  10. i'm using eset smart security v10 "eset internet security"?? it's a new product? thanks
  11. hi does somebody get this message ? running w10 and eset v10 or 8 ? i know v8 it's pretty old " windows firewall and eset personal firewall are disabled..." but eset personal firewall is running and working maybe it's a windows 10 bug thanks
  12. hi does somebody know? it does happen only to me? thanks
  13. hi i have the last version of eset smart security 10 and windows 10 with the last updates sometime , and again sometime i got this message at the boot "translate" windows firewall and eset personal firewall are disabled" look the screenshot but windows tells it's activated here thanks
  14. hi what editor can i use? thanks Marcos