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  1. Hi Marcos , i have informed eset for several days can i know what kind of malware activity does this rogue perform? thank you
  2. hi is an eset extesion for chrome or android? i don't think thanks
  3. Hi Marcos it's the hips , as soon i disable it , no more high consume of cpu ,no more crash and bsod do eset updagrade the hips module recently ? last few days? thanks
  4. hi i have setup to pre-release updates , but i don't like crashes ,last time i lost all my work , i was working with word i can't wait another crash could you investigate? ssd samsung are the most sold and samsung magician 4.9.5 and up are easy to download thanks
  5. hi with the lastest updates (i'm at 16388 right now) , (but i guess it 's related to prev update ,2 or 3 days ago) and samsung magician 4.9.5 and up there is an issue that generate BSOD i got 3 BSOD ,under w10 and w7 ,with eset smart secuity 8 ,9 and 11 i guess it's not related to the version of eset but to the lastest update when i run samsung magician the cpu jump @ 100€ and my comptures start to freeze & i had 3 BSOD on w7 and 2 on w10 i have restored an image ,created 1 month ago and samsumg magician work perfectly , i pushed the update on eset , reboot and samsumg magician start to load @ 100€ , freeze and bsod samsung magician 4.9.5 an up use rapid share (a sort of ram cache) and they are used to updade the firmware could you fixed? i have the bsod but they are 3.4GB ,hard to upload this did happen on 4 computer , 3 desktop and 1 laptop , all of them have samsung ssd and eset thanks
  6. hi have you restored an old version (i mean an image) ? thanks
  7. Hi but Eset could release an deep analysis about 64bit and 32 bit operation system is so hard for them?
  8. hi i have read it but i would like to know what Eset knows about it , at least some advises ,or confirm that only 32bit os system affected i trust about eset , i will never take in consideration to buy avast or use ccleaner or other products like recuva can we have a confirmation from Eset ? thanks
  9. Marcos can i ask a question ? is true that this malware infected only the 32bit version of ccleaner and not the 64bit or both? thanks
  10. hi in short only from today ? but can detect the malware installed by ccleaner downloading from internet? thanks virus total -> virus total dection , there is no eset 16099 Sep-18-2017, 13:00 CEST (UTC/GMT +02:00)
  11. hi i have 1114 , have i run a system scan after the new component update? thanks
  12. Cleaner module 1113 should have solved the issue if you had a Windows 10-compatible version of the ESET product installed. Please post a screen shot of the About window. hi should i enable pre-release update in my eset smart security ? i have the last eset version and built 8.0.319.0
  13. hi will consider eset to add an ads block ? i mean not only for the browser but for the operation system thanks
  14. hi i think the update servers are very busy , because i tried to click the update button , but it doesn't update