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  1. Hi i'm an old eset user , my favorite version was 2.7 , really love it and I keept to use eset on all my computers well ,may I ask if eset will consider to release a free version with limited feature i'm asking because all my friends are reluctant to install an eset product , and prefer other antivirus like kaspersky , avast , avira and so on after many of them ,upgrade to a full version I know Eset let test it for many days but for many company release a free av was a big deal thanks
  2. hi there are many applications that use http , not only browsers! there are many applications free and paid that use dns cache to send data to China or other nations
  3. the point is push every application to use https and block some unknow malware apllication that can use windows dns service might you please upload a screenthot how create a global rule to block tpc 80 and dns service? thanks
  4. hi could be create a global rule to block tcp 80 (http ) and pust to use htttps for every programs? i would like to create 1 rule for every applications and is eset firewall powerfull enough to block DNS cache server ? thanks
  5. 1) about eset log collector how should I use ? (keeping logging until an application update)?
  6. hi can i ask you 2 questions? 1) about the log , should i wait that an application do change to save the log? 2) why do some programs freeware bypass the firewall and could be blocked only via the host file ? is the dns service ? Is enough to stop and disable the dns cache service thanks
  7. hi why do you mean for black? the rules works , i mean if i block firefox ,eset firewall block it some programs (freeware too) can comunicate using windows service , and to block the host file must edited it's irrating that eset firewall can not detect them , the program that use windows service to comunicate , i'm not sure which service do they use , but i guess the dns service , i should do a test , disabling the dns service and see if some program (frewware too) can bypass the firewall but not the host file
  8. Hi Itman but in the past , i remember eset smart security did warn me everytime with the firewall set to automatic mode i guess with internet security or/and an update of components , they changed the behavior could be windows defender firewall or windows firewall ? Itman have you noticed this behavior on w7 too ? thanks
  9. hi I will download and i will keep running at every boot but should I wait for a program update to save the log? thanks
  10. hi yes i have the lastest version but i have searched around the forum , i have found other users with the same issue i thouhgt it was w10 , but it does happen in w764bit too thanks
  11. ops can't edit my topic anymore Allow modification of signed (trusted) applications -> is OFF
  12. Hi running some tests on windows 7 and windows 10 i have installed several version of eset internet security and last smart security , i have downloaded old version of firefox and chrome , updated and eset doesn't allert me even firefox.exe and chrome changed i have read several topics , sadly locked i'm using automatic filtering and i create rules for firefox and chrome to allow but i can't get any warning when i updated them ,even the hash and the code of firefox is changed in the past it works great i have created some rules for example allow firefox block chorme just to make a test how can i understand why it does not work ? thanks
  13. hi v13.1.21 gives me bsod on both comptuers , i prefer stick with v12 is very stable thanks
  14. hi can i know if the update server are working without issues because i can't update eset smart security ? on my desktop i run w10 eset v12 last version , under my laptop w7 with v9 (i know it's old but it works great with my laptop) i have setup to update every week , it's stuck at 21092 thanks
  15. hi i own an almost 3 or 4 tablet running windows 10 is there a way to download eset smart security 7 or 8 ? just because there is really not lot of freespace on the tablet , on internet i have found several sites but they contains malware thanks
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