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  1. Hello. well as you can see i want to know which Adblocker or PopUP Blocker ( like uBlock extension ) is trusted by ESET in Privacy terms and ... Regards,Parham
  2. Eset did a great job but still is not the best and i'm sure they are working on it
  3. well my answer was it: hxxp://support.eset.com/zap/kb141/ thanks anyway !
  4. Hi . i'm Parham from Iran hope some friends here and learn something together Regards, Parham
  5. Hello Eset Community i'm parham from Iran . hope find some friends here and learn something usefull together
  6. Hi ESET i fount out there is two way to send our samples for Analys to ESET Vir Lab , one by email ( samples[at]eset.com i guess ) and another one is from own ESET Products ( tools > submit sample for analys... ) which one of these ways are better ( * for someone who like send more than normal number of samples daily for ESET * ) ? Regards,Parham
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