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  1. When registering an Android device in Device Owner mode all preinstalled system apps like the camera app is disabled. How can I prevent this from happening or enable the apps afterwards?
  2. Hello guys, We've a customer where we installed the MDM with public IP address. The device is enrolled correctly and reporting to console however some hours later the Android device stops reporting back to console. If we open ESET for Android in the mobile then immediately it report back again but some hours later the same problem occurs again. It's like something in Android is restricting the connection to console when ESET is idle in the background. Re enrolling the device doesn't work because it said it's already connected. How can we avoid this behavior? Thank you.
  3. I have purchased license version for 1 year for my android mobile handset but after 1 month my mobile is damaged and technicians also unable to open, hence I purchased new one and installed ESET again. Can you please help me urgently how can I recover license version
  4. Hi, My daughter managed to add a user on her tablet protected with parental control. The new user can't add apps but doesn't have any time restrictions on existing apps. How can I control all users? How can I disable the function with several users on Android? Niklas
  5. For the third time in a month, I have received a notification from the "App Permissions Monitor" on my Samsung Note 8 Android phone with ESET Mobile Security Installed that ESET Mobile Security has used the phone's camera. I was not doing anything "active" with Mobile Security at those times nor was I using the ESET theft-prevention page to test or activate tracking. Any ideas?
  6. Hi there, ​ I have noticed on the latest version of Android Mobile Security 3.3.17 0-0, that Remote SMS command feature has changed. When sending a remote command such as: eset find password , the SMS and response now appear in the target device SMS inbox as well as sending the same response to the interrogating device - before they were intercepted on the target device i.e. did not appear in the target device inbox. To the best of my knowledge this did not happen in previous versions, and the old behaviour made sense i.e. you want to locate your phone first without any potential thief k
  7. Hello, I have a problem , my nexus 5 locked and ia doesnt remember the password to unlock him . I tread to send a link for my email , but its not worked ESET just dont send it . I tread to contact ESET Customer Care , but they ignore me . In short , I want to know, how to reset the password with friend's phone ?
  8. This question is directed to both forum posters and moderators: I own a licensed version of ESET Multi-Device Internet Security which covers my MacBook Air, Windows HP Pavilion laptop, and any Android device I may add. This suite covers most of my devices (except my iPad and iPhone), now, I am wondering if this will also cover my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8. I recently installed the Android portion from Amazon's App Store onto my Kindle Fire HD 8 and the installation was error free, However, when I check and manage my devices online, I see that although my Kindle is visible, it states that m
  9. Why isn't the Phising Protection for Firefox supported? Firefox is an open-source browser and it has many mobile add-ons. I can't imagine that Firefox has no API that ESET could use to integrate Phising Protection. I used: ESET Mobile Security for Android 3.0964.0 Firefox 31 Also see this: MDN : Extensions for Firefox for Android
  10. I spoke with one of your tech supports who has also seen this on the device and he has said he will be alerting your senior developers, but I thought I should make others aware, I have just purchased a Motorola Moto E for my sister, and it runs Android 6.0, it didn't come with the "Browser" application installed as previous OS' did, it came with Chrome, Now when I was setting the phone up, in Chrome I enabled Data Saver, which sends all traffic through Google's servers and the Parental Control App, does not detect the websites being visited, thus allowing access to blocked content. Tur
  11. Hello, i have some problems with my account. In my account shown Anti-Theft is disabled, but in my device is enabled! I send an attachment. I appreciate any help Thanks
  12. Hi, I can't delete a threat. It shows me a error. The error is: Can not Remove [filename]. No access external archiving. Groped to use the default file management tool. Why? I have Android 5.0 Lollipop on Galaxy S5. Thanks
  13. Dear all, We are facing problem with ESET Endpoint Security for Android communication with Remote Administrator(ERA) using mobile device connector. We have installed and configured ERA and MDC, then we have installed ESET Endpoint Security for Android using enrollment process. We are trying this in the same network where ERA Server is running. For more information please find attached screen shots. Please suggest further. EESA Error.rar
  14. Parental Control not monitors the web activity. And when it was free 30 days, and after a purchase does not show on which sites are visited the child. Please help! Blocking application is working properly. Web sites are blocked normally, but does not show any site to which the child has gone. P.S. Sorry for my English.
  15. My new Nexus phone uses the Google Project Fi wireless service. It uses a custom company-provided SIM card to allow call switching between two different US wireless carriers, T-Mobile US and Sprint, and also Wifi, and the device will switch between these three options for calls even as they are in progress. The goal is to provide the best coverage and when possible route calls over wifi to keep costs low. When the phone changes between these options while on a call or idle and searching for the best signal, this is being detected as a changed SiM condition and tripping the ESET anti-
  16. Hello, I am a member of Crunch Fitness Gym. I just tried their WiFi for members and it uses their app to log you in. ESET mobile security says it is an unsecure connection. I think it just doesn't recognize the app signing me in as security and expects a WiFi password. I think I may have to take my ESET password to the gym to override it or allow the network. I have emailed them to ask more about their WiFi security, but I want to know I am secure at the gym because the apps I will be using require my passwords to things like email and eBay. If they have an app that requires your gym user
  17. Dear Forum, I installed the free version of Panda Mobile Security 3 months ago and activated the anti-theft function. I replaced my regular SIM with a local SIM at my travel destination and my phone has locked it self out for 8 days now. I am able to log in with my encrypted password at the initial password prompt, but after this l get a privacy pin code request, which l cant remember??? Another phone at another location is configured as backup for recovery purpose. Please help, what is required or what do l need to do???? Thank you Infinix
  18. Today EMS detected Duet as Android/Locker.EJ during an on-charger-scan. It's the official app from Google Play and hasn't received an update in the last days, so it's very strange that it's now detected. From a description of the same thread (group) I've read the malware should block access to the device. However nothing like this occurred. So is this a false-positive? Edit: Link to this thread sent to ESET labs.
  19. Please bookmark or RSS the following ESET Knowledgebase article for the latest updates we make regarding this vulnerability: How can I protect my Android device from Stagefright vulnerability?
  20. I'm thinking of investing in Eset Mobile Security for Android. I've noticed the recent thread on this board about EMS Anti-Phising not working for the Firefox browser. So, does Anti-Phising work for the Google Chrome browser in Android? And does EMS other functions such as real time protection also work for Chrome? I never use the default Internet browser for Android, only Chrome. I just need to know if EMS will keep me safe as I surf with my preferred mobile browser. Basically, what works and what does not work. According to the product information on Eset's website it seems that the
  21. I currently use finger print scanner on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I was surprised to see that ESET Mobile Security doesn't see that as a secure option for lock screen in your anti-theft module. Would it be possible to add finger print scanning as a secure option for the lock screen in your anti-theft module? Regards John
  22. Has anyone had the following occur to them at all? Both of my Nexus devices,a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, protected by EMS had licence verification issues. The licence information was either lost/corrupt/deleted and EMS stated the licence period had expired. The licence verification check would loop for a minute, abruptly stop, declare there was an error with the server or my internet connection and restart the entire licence verification process. Approximately an hour later both devices ended up having 'trial' versions activiated instead of their full licences. One licence I bought directly
  23. Sorry for this really useless post, but I found the last changelog of the latest vupdate of ESET Mobile Seurity so funny that I had to post it. This was it: I mean the last thing: So, ESET, you made/added "small bugs and small bug fixes and optimisations"? The last things (the bug fixes) are nice, but the first thing... So this is either programmer humor or it's just a mistake. Anyway, it was funny to read this. And BTW all other things of the update worked nicely.
  24. Source: hxxp://www.antivirusworks.com/ESET-Mobile-Security-Home.asp Hello, I tested EMS since a quite long time now and here is my feedback. I hope it will be useful. And yeah, I know there was recently an EMS Feedback Competition, but I didn't joined it, because I wasn't able to win, because I'm not North-American. But for me that's no reason to don't give feedback, so I gave me a little more time and here is my feedback. What you should know about the device on which I tested EMS... The device #Technically Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 OS: Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) Rooted: No ESET M
  25. I just want to ask why the ESET Augmented Reality app needs the permissions it's actually requiring. Why does it need access to the location (even the exact location with GPS)? And why does it need access to the devices and app history? This are two permissions I really can't understand, so I'd like to know for which ESET AR needs them. Related: More about app permissions And BTW: Who created it?
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