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  1. Hi guys I have a Slackware 64 14.2 version to test on. I'm hoping this version is pure 64 bit now since the old version required loading of the 32 bit glibc? I can make a multilib environment if needed. But since I'm familiar with the Nod32 for Linux v4.09 I'm more than happy to test this version on Slackware. My environment is mixed Linux and Windows10. Thanks
  2. So I'm a long time user of ESET NOD32 for Linux. I renewed my 2 year license effective in March. I appreciated the 10 day warning that the license was about to expire. After renewal date my NOD32 Panel changed back to green with the new end date. However, today I notice a new message is appearing on the UPDATE tab which tells me Current installed Version : 4.0.85, New available version:, Release date: 05/24/2017, Package size: 73.2 MB, and then lists the changes and download link as Download link:https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/eav/linux/v4/4.0.85/eset_nod32av_64bit_en.linux. Now I have already applied this update in May 2017 after it was released, as evidence by the Current installed version number. I always download the file before installation and the only difference is the file md5sum is different for he two files. The md5sum for last years file is 92561032c944a7061bfcf7fe48bbab0a while the downloaded file today is 033a76e87a7dc1f7728b389ca9af54f0. I know that the actual download can cause a bad md5sum. Can a ESET Linux support person confirm the MD5SUM that is correct? So is this a bug, is something wrong with my installation that needs repair, or is there infact a newer release and the version number is wrong? Thanks
  3. I did an installation on Slackware64 and the /etc/ld.so.preload is populate with the same default preloading. However, you can NOT simply comment out the information, but must remove it from the file, otherwise you'll get warnings. If running Samba for file sharing, especially in a home LAN environment, the link about ESET's own advice posted in the above comment helped me place a scan on all files that were being "shared" from Samba users. Read Section 5 for instructions and tips.
  4. No problem with hardware acceleration on my Slackware64. Maybe you could describe why you think it is broken.
  5. While I see that the 4.0.82 release is the one available from the download link.... My 4.0.81 installed release has not yet attempted to update. The ChangeLog indicates this release fixes some bugs and crashes with systemd distributions and Chromium, while also hardening the system against attacks. Was you installation an auto processed update, or did you download and install over the previous version?
  6. I too have been attempting to post questions in Antivirus for Linux forum and nothing is posting or being answered. Is there a problem?
  7. Yesterday I ran a scan on my computer and there were many instances for both the Linux partition and the Windows partition of ""error opening [4}" and "error- password protected file" The user that ran the smart scan is a priveledged user and was identified as such during installation and confirmed in the /etc/opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg file today. What other permission or reason might cause this error?
  8. Which email file formats does ESET NOD32 for Linux support? It seems to refer more to mbox forms than others. Specifically does it support scanning of MailDir or MH forms of mail storage. I use ClawsMail which is default to MH local format storage and IMAP folders for synchronizing with my web based account. Do they get scanned only in on-demand or also on-access?
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