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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone here has been having issues with protocol filtering interfering with browsing, specifically corrupting images and causing page rendering issues? (source text, blank pages, multiple refreshes to correctly render). I have raised the issues to ESET and currently they have me ignoring my browser (chrome) in the list of SSL filtered application. This seems to solve this issues with SSL based pages, but does nothing for non- SSL pages. Originally they had me disable protocol filtering all together but I did not like having a gap in my protection (temporarily was ok) so I re-enabled it. This issue does not generate any events in the logs. I never had these issues until recently (probably the last 2 weeks or so). Regards, Matt
  2. So after I upgraded my ESET to 6.0 my internet started crashing when I search for online servers and community servers in for example games like Counter-Strike, I've allowed these programs in ESET under network settings (in this case its steamwebhelper.exe, steam.exe and csgo.exe). I sent a support request and he told me to upgrade to 6.4 so I started windows in safe mode and uninstalled 6.0 and installed new 6.4 but still thing still happends. My internet just stops for a few minutes (3-5 minutes) until it gets back up. This does not happend when I have ESET disabled so I think this is a new bug that comes with the new release. The problem I think happends is that the network protocol gets too many requests which crashes ESET's web access protection. Thanks for any help.
  3. When trying to understand why Chrome developer tools was showing that content was not "gzip"-ed for my website, I realized that the behaviour was dependent on what the User-Agent string was. If I changed it to a "bogus" user agent, Chrome would show that the content was gziped, if however I used the normal User Agent, the content would be unzipped and shown as transfer-encoding: chunked. Firstly, is Eset doing decompression of web-pages on the fly and not returning the content to it's original gziped form? And secondly, I'm presuming that the content is unzipped so that Eset can examine the contents for viruses, malware, etc. - does this mean that if I change my User-Agent to something not recognized by the Eset that I won't be protected?
  4. What is Virtual private Network(VPN) ? My operating system is windows7 . Can i use this for my system? I am writing a thesis at essay writing service reviews on the topic various types of computer networks. How can i install this for my system. How the virus protection is done with virtual private networks.
  5. Hi Guys, Hope you can help out - I'm having an issue with unblocking a specific couple of websites that are part of existing categories in the eset web control system. One website in question is categorised as a parked site and one a gaming site - I've tried adding these as a separate allow rule but this doesn't seem to override the categorised entry for the site - they still show as blocked as part of the category groups and I'm not prepared to open up an entire category for a couple of sites. Is there something I'm doing wrong by simply adding the sites as separate allow rules?
  6. After the installation of EIS a most of pictures in the browser have some artifacts. After refresh (Ctrl+F5) artifacts still here but on the other place. If I disable EIS everything is ok.
  7. Hello. Why ESET products version 10 are trying to connect to the same site where I go to the browser? In previous versions, it was nothing like this. I have long noticed that with each new version, you are more and more violating the user's privacy.
  8. In outlook 2010, I get a popup from the Anti-phishing module about a website blocked when switching through emails, but it's not with every email. I have run a virus scan and found nothing. I haven't clicked on anything in the body of any emails and there is nothing trying to send in the outbox. I can't seem to narrow down what is causing this. Any suggestions about this behavior?
  9. hi i have installed on chrome with this extension HTTPS Everywhere , and eset smart security doesn't scan the webpages is it normal ? screenshot hxxp://i.imgur.com/Ojbzq9I.png
  10. Hello. I read topic about StartCom and Wo-Sign Root CA https://www.scribd.com/document/325417135/Wo-Sign-and-Start-Com After this i checked site with startcom certificate. Eset SSL inspection rewrite original certificate. After disabling inspection on target url eset sill rewriting original certificate. A there any ways to block root CA in Eset Smart security? How to exclude some host from ssl inspection and certificate rewriting
  11. I pushed WPS button on modem not knowing what it was so I did research (which I probably should have done first) and discovered that I may have made myself vulnerable to a "brute force attack". Well anyway I don't know if it is coincidence but now my firefox browser wont let me access certain websites like my email or play utube videos and I am getting "You are not secured". My other browser "edge" will let me. Further research while trying to find a solution to FF browser says certificates might have been changed by a third party and just waiting for me to allow them to be recognized thus letting them into my computer/network. How close would a device have to be to what I am assuming is being recognized by my modem/Wi-Fi. and what I am also assuming access to the info on my laptop. So now I do not dare to try and get to my financial institution website on either browser. How can I tell if I have been compromised? If I take my rented modem/Wi-Fi and trade it in for a new one with a new network name and password will I be secure again? Does that make sense? Like my name says I am not computer tech savvy. Would greatly appreciate and thankful for any help.
  12. Hello, This issue is not related to the newest release of ESET Cyber Security Pro, but a general issue that I am facing. I have the latest ESET CSP installed on MacOS Sierra, and Webshots does not work anymore. The moment I uninstall ESET CSP, it works again. I have tried to add this app to the firewall, but still fails to function. Is there anyone using or willing to try Webshots and ESET CSP and help me out with it? Many thanks!
  13. When I open a document on lucidchart the page doesn't load half of the time :/ The error: GET https://www.lucidchart.com/documents/edit/*snip* net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING The issue is mentioned here too in the past: hxxp://stackoverflow.com/questions/29894154/chrome-neterr-incomplete-chunked-encoding-error Simply said the page loading is stopped before it finished loading, after disabling eset the problem goes away. (I'm using latest x64 Google Chrome stable build) Is this an issue with eset or with lucidchart?
  14. Hello, Installed Smart Security recently, and I'm not being prompted to redirect or open the protected window in Chrome and the websites are just loading normally without any indication from ESET. I can open Banking & Payment Protection manually fine using Chrome with no issue. I have also manually entered websites and it still does not want to do anything. Using: Smart Security 9.0.386.0 [up to date] Chrome 52.0.2743.82 m (64-bit) [Most recent stable] Banking & payment protection module: 1073 (20160624), websites [Most recent stable]
  15. Hi, I've installed ESET Endpoint AntiVirus to Mac Server that runs "Server" application's Cache service. Cache services caches AppStore contents. However, today ESET web protection corrupts cache file (macOS Sierra beta5 updater). I want to know how to avoid web protection service works for AppStore's content from Apple CDN. (or just exclude Cache server address?)
  16. I need to find a way to get Eset to allow me to go directly to my Capital One bank. It says Capital One has a suspicious extension. I need to find a way to get Estet to accept Capital One's address and let me go directly there without having to battle it every time.
  17. We are developers of internet radio website putinradio.com. We faced a problem with Eset Security. We have HTML5 webpage with <audio> tag on it. Audio source stream points to stream.putinradio.com:8000/mystream We have Icecast server 2.4.1 running on stream.putinradio.com:8000 When user opens the page on putinradio.com and clicks play button, ESET warning window popups with message "Address has been blocked" It blocks audio stream as well as JSONP callback to hxxp://stream.putinradio.com/sse?callback=radio_get_np_callback We would like to know if we can prevent this window popup on default user settings Maybe we need to recofigure our servers somehow? Browsers tested: Firefox/Crome/IE ESET version: ESET Smart Security 7 (v. 7.0.325.1)
  18. Banking and Payment stops me from going to my bank account in Capital One. How do I bypass this and get Eset to approve this exception? Very frustrating!!
  19. I recently updated to Antivirus 9 - on one of my computers (with a Windows 7 platform) I am getting the following error message: Antivirus protection is non-functional. virus scanner initialization failed. Most of the ESET NOD32 modules will not work I cannot find any recent help on this. I am not very techie so I need some simple language to fix this. Thank you.
  20. customer is having issues with banking protection no longer working error popping up chrome.exe application unable to start 0xc0000022 click ok to close application image attached chrome is working fine, did an update, can browse the web, chrome is clearly not the issue installed firefox, banking protection would not work properly either with firefox did a repair on eset installation, still not fixed uninstalled eset, reinstalled, still not fixed so where do we go from here? the client wants this feature working for their own piece of mind even though the rest of the system is still protected by all the other components this is still not satisfactory suggestions???
  21. Hi.​ ​ ​The firewall logs, I noticed that the ESS tried 100 times to connect to the server within four hours. This does not update server. So what is it and what he wants to connect to it? The second issue of concern to me. How big is the difference in the level of protection between the EES 6.4.2014 and ESS 9.0.381? I just did not like that the EES has Eset Service x86, and ESS x64. Although from a financial point of view to move to EES it was more profitable, but now I'm not so sure.
  22. Today, through the firewall logs I saw that the ESS is connected to an unknown server that is not used by your company. What is the ip address and why it is connected to the ekrn.exe?
  23. Hi 3 Days ago I've been getting these warnings about a poisoning attack and I'm really scared It doesn't always show up It shows up at a certain times and It keeps showing for like 15 minutes I don't mind eset blocking it but It disconnect me from connecting the internet and I wanna know If It's dangerous or not so I can unblock it Can someone help me with this situation Thanks!
  24. Hi I have Eset Smart Security 9 and Windows7 operating system . In Eset SetUp/ Internet Protection/Web access protection/URL address management, I have made a "list of blocked addresses" which blocks some URL addresses according to some key words which I have put in the list.This was working properly and blocking the corresponding URLs. Recently, when I restart the system, the corresponding URLs don't get blocked, although the "list active" tickmark exists and is selected. At this time, when I edit the list (for example add or delete a key- word) and click OK to the message from Windows7: "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?", the corresponding URLs get blocked until the system is restarted again and the above problem is repeated. But when the system gets logged off first and then shutdown, this problem doesn't happen and the URLs are blocked normally. Once, I reinstalled Eset smart security9 and the problem was solved for 2 days and then the problem appeared again and didn't get solved by reinstalling the Eset smart security 9. I would be happy if you help me please. Thanks
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