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  1. Description: ESS remember that I've entered my setting protection password for 'x' amount of time. Detail:I'd like future versions of ESS to remember that I've entered the password used to access password protected settings etc for a designated lenth of time rather than having the user constantly enter their password every time they wish to access a setting, delete a report etc.
  2. Thanks for the welcome messages B)
  3. Hi all, I've returned to Eset after first buying Nod32 back in the version 2.7 days. I changed to a well known Russian solution for a few years whilst dabbling with Eset products from time to time. The Russian product caused me serious grief twice this year so I'm back to the old favourite but in the form of ESS which I just bought a 3 year licence for. Loving the lightness and speed of ESS. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? - From Wilders Security Forum What OS are you running? - Windows 7 (I have a licence for Windows 8 Pro, waiting for the .1 update) What AV are you running?
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