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  1. Event ID 5038 Security-Auditing I upgraded to latest version and i get Event ID 5038 Security-Auditing in Event log. I uninstalled first the old version of ESET internet security and installed this latest version. There are no problems with my disks. I have tested them thoroughly. Everything seems to work just fine. I get this everytime i start my computer now after the upgrade. How do i fix this error and what is it about? Windows 10 Pro x64 18363. 752 version 1909 ESET Internet Security Event ID 5038 Security-Auditing Code
  2. I installed latest version today and i have received HIPS module 1317 on pre-release server and seems to be working fine, and the error in eventlog is gone.
  3. Same problem here. I can't activate my Eset Internet Security either.
  4. Have just installed it and no, it's not fixed with module 1317 installed with pre-release v 11.154.0. Same error in event log. After a couple of reboots the error have changed to another error instead: The application-specific permission settings do not provide Local permission Launch for the COM server application with the CLSID {7022A3B3-D004-4F52-AF11-E9E987FEE25F} and APPID {ADA41B3C-C6FD-4A08-8CC1-D6EFDE67BE7D} to the user C \ A SID (S-1-5-21-3952601726-1600335574-1119794870-1001) from the LocalHost (with LRPC) address running in the program container Not Available SID
  5. As i said, I didn't get that HIPS update 1317 with pre-release on, with 11.1.54 earlier today. Maybe it does right now but it doesn't matter anymore I'll stick with 11.0.159 for now.
  6. There's so many threads people link to here. It gets confusing. Mine about this issue were closed. I'm back at, but i did try pre-release too in latest v11.1.54, and the latest HIPS i got downloaded available were 1315 and not 1317.
  7. Just clean installed the latest 11.1.54 and the same problem still exists in the log: ScRegSetValueExW call failed for FailureActions with the following error: Access is denied. Why do you release this new version with the same bug? Not acceptable. Going to install back to v11.0.159.9.
  8. Thank you very much! In mine it looks a bit different, but same thing i guess:
  9. How do i stop the new PCU update to the new version, when you do resume the PCU update? Can't find any settings for that in advanced settings in EIS. I don't wanna be forced to update when that version had problems, and my current version is working great now (
  10. This version feels a bit sluggish compared to earlier versions, but seems to work as aspected. How do i temporarily disabling Self-defense? In advanced settings? Or just disable in the GUI? When EIS is uninstalled, there's no error. Is there a way to make the error go away in the eventlog then?
  11. Latest version of EIS shows error in eventlog with: ScRegSetValueExW call failed for FailureActions with the following error: Access is denied. on every boot. No former versions have ever done that. I have clean installed v from scratch and used uninstall tool in safe mode several times. How to fix? Windows 10 Pro x64 1709 16299.309 (all up to date) EIS v11.1.42.0 Detection Engine: 17084 (20180319) Rapid Response module: 11793 (20180319) Update module: 1014 (20180123) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1535 (20180202) Advanced
  12. Found "Cloud-based protection" in advanced settings. Guess that's new. There it can be disabled, but then GUI complains it's disabled.
  13. Was same problem for me. So I installed latest version from scratch, clean install and now i get "event id 7006 ScRegSetValueExW access denied" in the event log. Anyone know how to fix this?
  14. I've thought about that too. If there are some kind of glitch in the Connection and it's sensitive and put out that notification. i'm using Cable Ethernet directly, and no wifi/router.
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