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  1. I raised a support request yesterday, and also linked to this thread. I've had a response this morning asking for my logs.
  2. No VPN here either. No issues after running v16 for 20 hours, and as soon as I update to v17, the connection issue pop-ups start appearing immediately!
  3. Hello. Long time user of Smart Security. I upgraded to 17.0.15 yesterday from 16.2.15, and ever since I've been getting regular notifications 'The ESET LiveGrid servers cannot be reached' and 'limited Direct Cloud'. After Eset updated automatically and I first got these errors, I uninstalled and clean installed using the Eset uninstaller. This made no difference. The computer, Windows 11 23H2, has no other firewall installed. The only other firewall that Eset is behind, is the one built-in to my Vodafone router. I disabled this, and this also made no difference. What has solved the issue is rolling Eset back to 16.2.15. Before I did, I created a log using the log collector. In effect, v17 has connection issues on a computer that v16 doesn't using the same hardware and identical configuration. essp_logs.zip
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