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  1. Adguard is extremely buggy software on Windows. I had many BSOD on few configurations, and yes - it was Adguard. Adguard Android version is high quality software, but Windows it is different story.
  2. After latest hotfix I lost all my settings. I mean all - license key too. Thx for nothing ESET and f...! I am going into Kaspersky: my 5 personal licenses + 40 licenses at office.
  3. I DO NOT use ESET Live Grid. After update to latest version I have this window permanently. Accept/decline "buttons" not working. It is again when I thinking about change this software into Kaspersy or Norton. You simply do not control own code, ESET.
  4. I install v10 and cannot enable internet connection. That is why I dont wont 10. Sorry, but IMO everything above 8 is crapware, and yes, it is my opinion.
  5. Hi, How to connect ESET 8 and new license format? I want stay on v8 and extend license.
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