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  1. I'm looking at the app on my phone, and I don't see how to switch the license. Also, where do I find my license for this app? Is it possible to completely remove the app and reinstall from the $14.99/year subscription?
  2. I subscribed to the ESET Mobile for $14.99/year. I just recently updated the app, and it appears that it changed my license to a free pubic license. How do I change my license back to the paid license?
  3. Hello Forum, I had to reinstall Win 10, and ESET Smart Security Premium. I can't find my license key. What's the solution? Regards
  4. Thanks for that link. I just checked my Firefox browser and I'm on version 72.0.1 (64-bit). It says "Firefox is up to date." It must have updated automatically, because I posted earlier in this thread that my Firefox browser was version 72.0. It appears a minor update was installed. My system has been relatively stable the past few days. I'll update if it starts acting up again. Regards
  5. Three HP driver updates installed today; Synaptics Mouse, Synaptics HID Class, and HP software component. These new driver updates could very likely resolve any mouse related bugs.
  6. I attempted a clean install of Win 10, but I couldn't find compatible Intel drivers for all the motherboard features. I'm using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology for a RAID configuration. The system was less than stable and a lot of the features were degraded in Win 10. The upgrade wasn't worth the trouble. Although some old hardware will run under Win 10, it doesn't run as well as it does when it's running the supported OS. Intel didn't support Win 10 for my Intel motherboard.
  7. That sounds like an old hardware issue. I haven't upgraded to Win 10 on my desktop yet for several reasons. Mostly, I dislike Win 10, but it's become more tolerable since it was first introduced. The other issue is that my 2009 vintage Intel hardware isn't supported in Win 10. I'm going to have to get all new desktop hardware to upgrade to Win 10 which I will likely do in the next few months since Win 7 is at its end of life.
  8. A new, minor update, Geforce driver was just installed. The old driver could have been the culprit.
  9. This is all new hardware. I know that that doesn't positively rule out a hardware issue, but, in my opinion, it makes it less likely than a software issue. I've experienced hardware issues before, and this appears to be a software issue, because I've observed the erratic behavior without touching the hardware. I think that observation indicates a software issue has a higher probability of being the culprit. The system was working flawlessly for six weeks. At the moment, I suspect the Firefox browser software, but I have some reservations, because the erratic behavior wasn't limited to the open browser or even just the Firefox browser. I haven't experienced any issue today yet. If it starts acting up again, I'll post my observations.
  10. This is just an update. I haven't removed and reinstalled the Firefox browser yet, because it hasn't been acting up yet today. If this was a hardware issue, I would expect it to be more consistent. Therefore, I think this is a malware, defective update, or corrupted application.
  11. I just ran Malwarebytes. No detection of malware with Malwarebytes.
  12. I haven't run Malwarebytes yet. I did run Hitman Pro and nothing was detected. As I indicated above, ESET USA Support remoted my desktop and ran some tests that didn't indicate any malware. From my internet searches, I'm suspecting the Firefox browser install. I had a momentary episode today were something was opening tabs, minimizing the browser, etc... Whatever it is, I don't think it's hardware, because of they types of actions and random frequency of the episodes. I'll run Malwarebytes just to eliminate the possibility. I think I'll also uninstall and reinstall Firefox. Thanks for the tip.
  13. I'm using a new Bluetooth rechargeable mouse and I'm not using the Synaptics touch-pad. Yes, this machine is a notebook pc. I don't have another mouse at the moment to use for troubleshooting. My system is perfectly stable at the moment. I'll report if it starts trouble today. I'm not using the HP pen driver. I don't use this notebook in tablet mode. But, these other options could be causing problems. If my system starts acting up today, I'll disable the pen driver. I've had this notebook for about six weeks. It's otherwise been flawless. One think I dislike about Win 10 is updates. You don't have the control over updates as you did in Win 7. It's very possible to get a bad update, not know when it was installed, and start noticing system problems. That's one of the reasons why I've avoided Win 10 until now.
  14. Firefox Browser 71.0 (64-bit). I'm not ruling out a bad program or browser. Although, when the virus was active, I switched to the Microsoft Edge browser, and still had the virus activity.
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