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  1. Upgrade to v12.2.30.0 today and it seems that the issue has been fixed.
  2. Yes. The notification show up after each restart.
  3. Hello, Windows (v1809 build: 17763.737) reports that Windows Defender and ESET Security are both turned off every time since I upgraded to v12.2.29 Is this known issue?
  4. I understand what you are talking about. Of course, most antivirus products are now based on cloud with new technologies but also virus signature database (Detection Engine) are still updated 4~6 times every single day for ESET product. Old version of ESET product I just need one step (move mouse point to ESET system tray icon) to check info and now I need 3 steps to check this info and 2 steps to close I'm talking about UX Desgin for user convenience.
  5. I couldn't find a Virus signature database information(now Detection Engine) at ESET v11 system tray icon tooltip There is only installed Eset product name and version number info. I hope that it will be brought back again for user convenience.
  6. Default setting is "All samples except documents" There is no mention about txt file. Does it include text file format? or you can collect text file?
  7. I disagree VSD info is not that important because ESET products still detect threats based on VSD Removing info about Virus signature database in the taskbar will cause more time consuming to check info It's not simplification. It just blocking quick way to check info and bad user experience design.
  8. Without consent. Coin miner is malware. I hope that security software must detect such adware and Javascript more aggressive way.
  9. You have a ESET Multi Device Security license so you don't need to buy something else for firewall. If you want ESET Antivirus + ESET Firewall, Just download ESET Internet Security from https://www.eset.com/ uninstall ESET NOD32 Antivirus, install ESET Internet Security Use your ESET Multi Device Security license to activate the software.
  10. Try ShadowExplorer ( hxxp://www.shadowexplorer.com/ )
  11. CCleaner Malware second payload discovered https://www.ghacks.net/2017/09/21/ccleaner-malware-second-payload-discovered/ This is not good. It is more sophisticated we think.
  12. CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk https://blogs.cisco.com/security/talos/ccleanup-a-vast-number-of-machines-at-risk File: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6f7840c77f99049d788155c1351e1560b62b8ad18ad0e9adda8218b9f432f0a9/analysis/ Malwarebytes, ClamAV and Kaspersky(cloud detection) could detect a malware. CCleaner v5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191 had been compromised. If you use CCleaner v5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191 you must update a program and scan the system with Malwarebytes (free).
  13. I think that MBAM is still effective second opinion tool. If you really throw away lifetime license. I'm willing to take it. * I know you are kidding
  14. Each to his own. Of course, You don't have to and also why not? CheckMAL AppCheck Anti-Ransomware free edition shows strong automatic behavior detection and provides automatic real-time backup of original files to recover files. You can add a extra layer which ESET does not provide. it's free and there are many quality free products. Do not think paid product is always better than free product? most case but not always.
  15. I agree with you and Ransomware Phishing (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Résumé, Friends or co-worker email) has become much more sophisticated especially after Yahoo service massive data breaches(1 billion Yahoo account has been hacked). I also received some Phishing email from full name of business partners, co-works and friends. Cyber criminals use vulnerability of PDF and MS Word document. For example if you open the résumé file (pdf or ms word) your system can be infected without any knowledge. Employee who receives tons of emails daily they can make a mistake and click or open file accidentally anytime even though he or she got cybersecurity education. But it's pointless Malwarebytes can detect that or ESET can detect this...etc at this point. If you send ELC logs to ESET staff then people who use ESET product will get benefit. I usually reported financial malware and adware which ESET missed. ESET product shows decent detection rate result all the time about Ransomware but it does not have a strong behavior-based detection system like Symantec SONAR or Kaspersky System Watcher for unknown malware(ex: new ransomware variants) and most non-technical people make difficult and use ESET's HIPS(Host intrusion prevention system) rules. You have to pay to use Malwarebytes Real time scan components. You can try CheckMAL AppCheck Anti-Ransomware free edition (it is free for personal use) It works with ESET product. Just my 2 cents
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