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  1. Upgrade to v12.2.30.0 today and it seems that the issue has been fixed.
  2. Yes. The notification show up after each restart.
  3. Hello, Windows (v1809 build: 17763.737) reports that Windows Defender and ESET Security are both turned off every time since I upgraded to v12.2.29 Is this known issue?
  4. 1. ESET shows very low false-positive ratio however Real-time file system protection 'default setting' should not quarantine detected items automatically. 2. Maybe non-advanced user hard to find real-time file system protection detected item cleaning option. (It's under the ThreatSense engine parameter setup) I hope that detected items cleaning option is moved to real-time file system protection setting menu.
  5. Enhanced Running processes tool User could check only reputation and file info. I hope that user can stop every untrusted process running with a single click in Running processes tool and also add Autorun Analyzer.
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