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  1. Hi Marco. Thanks for replying. I was under the impression that we'd bought everything. Here's what the order receipt says I bought. Does this mean I still need to buy something else? When I open Eset on my computer, the Nod32 comes up. Have I installed it wrong? ESET Multi Device Security - Comprehensive Internet Security for PCs, Macs and Android devices, New, 1 year, 5 computers + 5 devices, Download Version - No Box Shipment.
  2. Hi. I'm a new user. I've just noticed that my windows firewall is turned on. With my previous antivirus, it was always off and the other antivirus was doing the job. Is this the same with Eset? Also, Is there a way to talk to an Eset technical person??? I've spent hours trying to sort this. Would love to speak to a human lol.
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