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  1. No offence for comparaison to condoms. Thanks to your many replys. I mostly agrea with all of you and think we don't control user's behavior, despite any education we can give and even if they try. At risk or not, users are victims of viruses and making them fell guilty doesn't help. In the case of my customer, she receives a lots of emails daily and says she is never opening one she was not expecting. I however beleive she opened one from DHL (which I already identifyed long time ago as a vehicule for virus) or from someone else, as she was expecting some data from th
  2. Hi to all, I use Eset smart security for years, and got several individual licences for my customers.. I was quit proud of it until last week when a customer got infected by a ransom named LUKITUS. All files she had access to have been compromised. I have checked if versions of software and virus list was uptodate, and it was, and run an analyse and nothing was discovered. I then installed Malwarebytes which imediately discored LUKITUS and put it into quarantine. But to late Now, as ransom viruses are comming out more and more, the real question is Does ESET is no
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