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  1. For an advanced hacker yeah. But not for the average user. To intercept it they would need your cell #. The code is sent directly to your cell via a text. Anyone advanced enough to bypass that sure as hell would not be snooping around my email. They would be going after the government.
  2. Been using it for years. Same with Facebooks code generator. No one can get into my Gmail unless they have the code texted to my phone.
  3. So basically what you are saying is Eset is not open to new ideas and suggestions. Then the purpose of this thread is?
  4. Thank you Arakasi for a respectable reply. I do not need a list of excuses rugk. If you look back I have already mentioned that 10 other top av companies have this feature. I have certain customers who would like this also. I do not like telling people to use WOT. Please members. Please stop arguing my request until you look into these other programs. Try them out and you will see what I mean. I repair computers. I make house calls for malware removal. When you do something like this then you need to familiarize yourself with every product out there. So you know what to recommend to y
  5. I love that everyone thinks that adding in a simple browser feature is rocket science. EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE. Obviously it's not that complicated. This has nothing to do with adding bloat to either one of Eset's products. It is a simple browser add on. Avast has been using it for years. Norton also. As I have previously said before any of you reply I suggest you try out these other products. I have. I actually have installed and ran just about everything out there. I am talking about a site advisor. That is it. Not a virtual keyboard. Not a banking mode. Not a password program. I am talking ab
  6. You Eset mods remind of Comodo mods. Brain washed into think Eset is the best thing since Mom's apple pie. And closed minded to new ideas. Again I will stress that if 10 other antivirus companies can make a browser add on successfully so can Eset. @ Hamer. Tracking cookies are harmless. Use CCleaner.
  7. Again you are incorrect. Avira Free, Avast Free, 360 Total Security Free, Bitdefender Free all have these browser add ons. It is NOT a premium feature nor is it something added to the product. The browser add on is common to all the product lines. None of you are understanding this. So let's try this from the top. I AM TALKING ABOUT A BROWSER ADD ON SIMILAR TO WOT. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT A PROGRAM WHICH MUST BE INCORPORATED INTO ESET. It is a separate add on. Something ONLY available via the Chrome store or Firefox add ons. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ADDING BLOAT TO ESET. Gezzzz, Don't any of
  8. So many are steering away from browser plugins? Lol. The 8 that I listed still use them. As well as F-Secure and 360 Security. These are all the new versions to. I highly suggest you try these products and see for yourself. A browser plugin is not bloat cause it is not a direct feature of the product. Adding a start up manager, disk cleaner, defragger, backerupper, banking mode, sandbox, virtual browser. Those are all examples of unnecessary bloat. Take CIS for example. It contains everything but the kitchen sink. A browser plugin in does not add any more resources to the product. It is a simp
  9. Lol. So only Eset is getting right. All of these other companies are wrong? If they are wrong then why does Bitdefender and Kaspersky have a higher detection rating then Eset? Stop shooting down the idea of a simple browser plugin. Remove parental controls from smart security since most are built into Windows. Along with K-9 web patrol or Open DNS. Parental controls are no longer needed in a security suite. Suites are actually a thing of the past. All you need is a good av now a days. Norton is actually streamlining all their products into one. A site advisor is still very much a security feat
  10. Oh God not other anti Google thing. Whatever. FYI..................These addons are also available in Firefox. Most addons that are in Firefox and available in Chrome and visa verso. I use everything Google.
  11. In my post I clearly listed all 8 companies. I copied and pasted them from my post #267 1. Avast 2. Norton 3. Avira 4. Bitdefender 5. Kaspersky 6. McAfee 7. Webroot 8. AVG Here is Avast's. It also has a DNT feature. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/avast-online-security/gomekmidlodglbbmalcneegieacbdmki?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon Here is Avira's https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/avira-browser-safety/flliilndjeohchalpbbcdekjklbdgfkk?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon
  12. Read my post please. And I have used all of them including others. https://forum.eset.com/topic/51-future-changes-to-eset-smart-security/?p=17762
  13. Chrome no longer allows 3rd party addons installed remotely. Everything needs to go through the Chrome app store. So again this is NOT something incorporated into Eset. It is an addon in the app store. If users want to use it they can simple visit the app store and download it. WOT is user based opinions. Most from uneducated users. Just read the replies. "I don't like this website. After submitting my email the spammed me.". Well that's why you do not user your real email address for stuff like that.
  14. False alarms on web sites are no big deal. If you know the site is safe you can just click the continue button. Not the end of the world. Again if 8 antivirus companies that I listed then Eset can also do it. It is a simple browser add on you guys can make available in the Chrome App store. IT IS NOT DIRECTLY part of Eset. Gezzz. I give up.
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