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  1. It installed from you not unchecking "install McAfree Security Scan". https://forums.adobe.com/thread/722513 https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1045453
  2. Notice no Qihoo................I wonder why. Lol. Panda Free doing awesome later. Eset right up there and with 0 false positives.
  3. I love Qihoo's cloud explanation. Obliviously AV-C tests cloud products cause Panda Free scored #1 several times and other times it was in the top 5. And that is a FULL cloud av. Lol
  4. Funny thing is I warned people especially at Neowin about Qihoo. They have been taken to court about 10x now throughout these past years. But everyone just see's charts and graphs and goes "Oh yeah I so gotta use that. And its FREE". Lol. I tried 360 Internet Security when it came out. I had about 10 false positives and it did not work in a standard account. They do not have a support forum so I emailed them. A week later I got a reply saying "We are working on it". With every new release I once again tried it. Same results and many others with the same problem. Mainly the standard account issue. What kind of security product does not work for all amounts? Lol. So a year later they finally fixed it but still had false positives. Then if you actually took the time to read the AV Compairives PDF and not look at the pretty graphs you would see that the link for Qihoo was to their Chinese version and not 360 Internet/Total Security which you see on Neowin, Majorgeeks and Softpedia. Heck even PCMag highly rated it. Now look at all these fools. Ha. I hope Eset always remains true.
  5. True dat rugk! The only way Easeus Todo Backup could cause an issue with Eset is if you were currently running a backup and then trying to run a full scan with Eset. Again Easeus Todo Backup does not run in real time. Therefore it cannot cause an issue and make the GUI hang in Eset. On top of it any backup program when it runs uses a lot of resources. So any program will hang. If I am doing a backup with either Easeus or Aoemi and I try to open a browser it tales 15-20 seconds for that browser to open. I would be interested in knowing why he need to re-install his OS when Windows 8 gives you the option to restore the computer without messing with the OS. Isn't that why we image our pc's in the first place. So we don't have to re install your OS? I image my pc at least 2x week. That way any issues occur I can mount the stored image and be backup and running like nothing ever happened.
  6. There is always an opt-out. But most people are click happy and just click next, next and next. Either way this is NOT his isssue.
  7. Eye candy refers to something looking spectacular. Something with Bling. If you mean "Open Candy" I have never seen Easeus Partition manager packed with it. Then again we are not talking about Partition manager. Open Candy is detected upon downloading or installing. It produces an alert from Eset. There is NO alert therefore no problem. Open Candy is NOT malware. It's a PUP. If you watched the videos you would see the problem. He tries to open up the main GUI to Eset and it hangs. Therefore he is blaming Easeus Todo on this behavior. He did not get a pop up alert saying malware detected.
  8. Since nobody from Eset has replied I will help others.
  9. There is NO malware contained in Easeus Todo Backup. If there is please show us. There is no incompatibility either. I backup weekly using Easeus and Aoemi. I am also on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Where you running a backup when this happened? Did you try excluding Easeus's folder from Eset? How do you know there is an incompatibility when you were not running a backup? So basically you think that Easeus is malicious. Lol If there was or is in fact malware contained inside the Easeus folder don't you think there would be other posts? When any av detects malware it gives off an alert. Where is that alert? Where is the log files? Just because Eset GUI became unresponsive does not mean that Easeus is to blame. Especially since it does not run in real time.
  10. There's nothing even listed in the forum announcements.
  11. Lol..........Majorgeeks posted an update. The download links directly to Eset's site. Proving that Majorgeeks posted an update but Eset did not yet change the update sever downloads. I made this thread for a reason. Not to argue with you. I knew about this before anyone else. Hence my post. I want a change log. Not an argument. Thanks.
  12. @ rugk................You don't know everything. I listed 3 different software update websites. Obviously 3 sites cannot be wrong. I made this thread for a reason. I want to know the change log.
  13. Incorrect...............Obviously Eset isn't telling us anything yet. Majorgeeks is a very reputable website. A new version can also be found at other sites. Any pc guru should know that most companies release new versions but still have yet to update their website. Hence my post. hxxp://www.neowin.net/news/eset-nod32-antivirus-and-eset-smart-security-803120 hxxp://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/NOD.shtml hxxp://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/Eset-Smart-Security.shtml
  14. Any change log on this? hxxp://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/nod32_antivirus.html
  15. A driver is just there. It does not run in real time. A drive for Easeus Todo Backup will only be needed when running a backup. Easeus DOES NOT run in real time. When you install it you will get a tray icon and a service. That's it. Both can be disabled. Now what he can do is re-insta;; Easeus and terminate both those processes and see what happens. So far we have absolutely no evidence ?that Easues is the culprit. Also why is a home user using Windows 8.1 Enterprise and is ESS compatible with an enterprise version of Windows?
  16. A VM is NOT real. Why don't you do us all a favor and re install Easeus. Show us the warning from Eset that says there is malware inside Easeus. Please explain how a program that is not running can hang Eset GUI? Why would I use Windows 8.1 Enterprise? That is for businesses. You posted that Eaesus was causing the issue and that there is malware contained with Easeus. Well where is the proof of that? All your video shows its that Eset GUI is hanging. How does that relate to Easeus Todo Backup when Easeus Todo was not currently running. When Eset detects malware it produces a popup in the lower right hand corner and creates a log file. Where is that proof?
  17. Lol................I have been using Easeus for year. I have never seen any malware packed with it. It is one of the best FREE imaging programs put there. All I see in your videos is a gray wallpaper and the Eset GUI not showing properly. Do you know that Easeus does not run in real time? Therefore it will not interfere with anything uless you are currently using it. The current version is 8.2. Any proof of Easeus Todo being malicious? Also if you believe Easeus put malware on your pc where is the logs and detection from Eset? All your first video shows is an unresponsive Eset GUI. That's it. I do not see Easeus Todo running or any other programs. Sure you show the system tray but where's the taskbar? Where is task manager showing Easeus Todo using 100% processor power? Where is the alert from Eset showing that there is a malware infection inside the Easeus folder? hxxp://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm
  18. I have used both ESS and the stand alone av. I do not need all the extra's of ESS so I use the Eset Nods32 Antivirus. BOTH have anti phishing protection. Both are the same antivirus engine.
  19. So your pc became unresponsive and your blaming Easeus? Interesting. Again Easeus does not run in real time.
  20. I am not arguing with you but I find it hard to believe that Easeus Todo Backup Free is the issue. You can easily verify it by re installing it and getting the problem to come back. Then if it does try excluding the Easeus folder. When you install Easeus Todo Backup it installs a tray icon and a service. Both can be disabled. But the program itself does not run in real time. Therefore i find it hard to believe that its your issue. Now if you were running a backup and this happened I could understand that. But I use both Easues and Aoemi and never once have I had an issue. When you are backing up it takes a lot of resources. So even opening up something like the control panel takes awhile. There is NO malware related issues with Easeus. If there was then you would have seen an alert from Eset. Did you? Do you have logs?
  21. You do know that Easeus does not run in real time by default. Unless you were running a backup at that time. Also is that in a VM? There is no wallpaper or icons or anything. Like your entire pc screen is blank. VM's are not real VM's can cause lot's of issues.
  22. Just download it yourself. hxxp://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm
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