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  1. No I uninstalled the beta version first. However I was able to solve this problem myself, since I have a Personal account on my computer and a Admin account. So I change to the latter one and was able to disable Anti-Theft with a ghost account through that account.
  2. Hi Gonzalo, Thanks for your reply, and the advice given in the web site. This worked temporarily, but a few minutes later the warning message appeared again. So I'm still not very successful in removing it permanently. So what do I do now? As far as I know I don't have a ghost account.
  3. Since I upgrade to ESS9 I began getting a Ant-Theft optimization warning on my home screen while I am using the program on my desktop so this feature is not necessary, but for some reason I am unable to stop this alert, which is a nuisance. So how do I go about removing it? By the way, I was a beta tester before the final release and this alert never appeared on that one.
  4. Fortunately My IT Administrator was able to do the uninstall for me, and I was able to install the new full version 9 without further problems. Problem solved:).
  5. Since I am a beta tester I received a message that now I can install the full version of this program. However when I ran the installer I was informed that an incompatible product is installed and has to be uninstalled manually. Is there an easier way for me to do that, since I'm not that computer savvy to be able to perform the suggested way that Eset suggested.
  6. For many years now CCleaner has been my favourite tool for cleaning unwanted items from my computer, but since I switch to Eset Internet Security new updates from Piriform for CCleaner have been blocked from installation by the firewall, which I can't understand since it is a safe program and used by many users worldwide. So what can I do to correct this and get the latest updates again. Thanks.
  7. Since I have been downloaded and installed applications such as CCleaner for years, I have found this to be a safe site. So why is Eset Smart Security deems this unsafe and I continually get warning pop-up messages as being usafe. hxxp://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/tech/
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