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  1. ESET what about add EAV and ESS same functionality with programs you Unchecky? When you install the free bp automatically removing ticks in it for the installation of additional bp All sorts of toolbars, managers, browsers, and other Yandex browser.
  2. Welcome whether to run on the tablet EAV CHUWI Hi8 to PC version of Windows 8.1 / 10?
  3. Norton protects against phishing on Firefox. Why ESET is still not added support for Firefox?
  4. Dr Web provides a lifetime license for protection on Android. Because for Android there is a very complex threats. Development costs are minimal protection for Android. And Avast will soon offer premium features of his defense on Android for free. This is just talk, that the license is not profitable.
  5. Development of Protection on Android does not require large financial costs. As development for Windows. Price $ 40 for a lifetime license for Android is an adequate solution. Are you afraid of losing profits when you start a lifetime license?
  6. Hello, I propose to introduce the possibility to buy on Google Play. Lifetime license Android. With the ability to use all tied to the account GOOGLE Play devices. Lifetime free upgrade. Lifetime FREE Technical Support. DrWeb your competitor offers a lifetime license Android for $ 40
  7. Hello. Why ESET marks cracks programs potentially harmful content? It marks even those cracks that are not actually threats, and are clean. An example of such a threat to Virustotal. ESET refuses to remove a false alarm. Why ESET instead of defending against the threats involved in the fight against piracy?
  8. Such big companies like ESET still can not make a plug-in for Phishing Filter in firefox (((Even Sticky could do autocomplete plugin for Firefox. My opinion about ESET spoiled.
  9. Hello. After I updated version of virus signature antivirus and Virusradar do not match? In the version of the antivirus signatures is higher than indicated on the date on Virusradar.
  10. Hello. ESET is still not working on a plug-in anti-phishing to Firefox? This is a complex process of development? Will this plug-in in the future?
  11. Sandbox is a good idea and can be developed by Eset in own way not like other vendors. I very much hope. What ESET develop a sandbox mode in their new products.
  12. Hello, please add protection against phishing. For a better browser Firefox. Now ESET does not protect against phishing Firefox.
  13. how to prevent secrets, implement sandbox mode?
  14. Hello. Will there be in the near future, such a regime in EAV? It would be very convenient. And now we have to use free Sandboxie. Such as Avast antivirus pro has a sandbox mode. Please add your product in this function.
  15. Hello, I found a trojan in the standard Android firmware. He sends a hidden SMS to: +10657525749421 Votpravlennyh SMS can not see them. Suspicious files I sent to samples@eset.com but no reply received. I also send files to the Russian representative. One file as malicious and promised on April 14 that will contribute to the database. At the base of it all yet.
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