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  1. Description: Make the email tag message shorter and editable. Details: Have it so email tag messages are shorter with less cryptic database and virus definition info and just have a short message (with the link to ESET) with something like "scanned with ESET Smart Security, a better way to fight malware" or something similar. Possibly make the tag message editable for a custom message with the link to ESET. Veteran ESET power users might chortle and guffaw at this simple request but in my wife's business she talks with and emails many people who don't know anything about computers and malware, it's all mysterious to them. Many of them have "computer problems" stemming from getting malware installed on their systems. They run Norton or McAfee (or other inferior AV's) simply because it was pre-installed on their computer/device and just keep using it, not knowing any better. At times, in the course of conversation, chit-chat, some of my wife's clients complain of "yet another virus" and ask my wife what she uses and she tells them ESS (and recommends Malwarebytes Pro along with ESS for an unbeatable combination). Of course, they've never heard of ESET and their computer "fixers" never recommend ESET either. They just keep bringing their infected computers back to the shop, or have the shop log in and remove the malware, not getting advice to try a better malware solution. This suggestion is presented as just a simple way to "grass roots, word-of-mouth" advertise ESET. In my opinion, people who don't know anything about computers or just don't want to fuss with their malware solution should only be running ESET anyway. ESET is simple to install and works perfectly at all default settings with no tweaking required, perfect for a novice. Everyone emails and having the simple ESET tagline link might make people who don't pay attention to computer security aware of ESET and hopefully try out ESET.
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