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  1. That's great! I shall forward that info to my friend. Thank you very much
  2. I have always renewed my ESET but a friend asked me what would happen if his license was expired several months and he decided to renew again. I don't know so I ask here. Is there a time limit on renewing ESET before you have to pay the full price like a new customer? I know you have 13 days of grace that ESET will continue but not 3-6 months. greatly appreciate a reply
  3. Sorry I confused you there. I was very stressed at that time and reading so much about the antivirus could be the problem and to try disabling it. But all I done at that time was basically turn off the protection. and then I tried to create a rule but gave up on that idea because I wasn't sure about the correct way to do that. I had to give up because other things got in the way and then I finally started the next morning. I have worked on it again for a short time today but I have to head to work so will try again tomorrow. I would like to hold off on reinstalling ESET software until I can ge
  4. Thanks for your reply. I first tried to disable ESET but that didn't make any difference. I tried disabling it after many of the error 0x80070035 fixes I tried and I still could not see the computers in Network or Homegroup. So after a full day of that I decided yesterday morning to completely uninstall ESET and after a reboot both showed on the two computers. I could see the shared folders but could not access them. I though I was getting somewhere but they still can't communicate. There is something in ESET that blocks them from showing up but I don't think ESET is responsible for the error
  5. Thank you very much for the reply. I have not tried to contact ESET yet because now that I have uninstalled ESET software from my computer I am still getting the 0x80070035 error. So I must first try to fix this error before reinstalling ESET..I have tried countless fixes for this error and none worked. I am almost to the point that I may reinstall Windows 10 because of the many changes I done. At least now I know that ESET was blocking the computers from seeing each other and now I just have to find a fix for the error so I can access both computers and print from my laptop like always. This
  6. Today I have removed Eset Security software and I am now able to see both computers under Network and under Home Group but still can't access either computer So it seems Eset is part of the culprit. I will not reinstall it until I have this network issue resolved. I may not even install Eset at all. Seems nobody here on this forum is experiencing this issue or it is a known issue and no solution yet cheers
  7. Hi All, I have Windows 10 Anniversary update installed on my system and all is well, I also have ESET Smart Security 9 (latest update) installed. I went to print from my laptop (Windows 10 Home Anniversary update) and I get the error code: 0x80070035 when trying to connect to the main computer which has the printer installed. I have tried many of the options available in the Google search and been at this for 4 hrs now. I have tried setting a rule in the ESET Firewall but that don't seem to work. This worked fine for me before I installed version 9. to the best of my knowledge.
  8. Well I decided to go against my better judgement and disable ESET and install the software. All went well and a full scan of WonderFox DVD Video Converter folder was clean and program works fine. I always like to be sure and trust ESET to protect my system. Greatly appreciate all your replies and will mark as solved cheers
  9. I have downloaded the file again and I still get the same error. I will attempt to attach a screenshot to this post. I have restored it from quarantine but still no go.
  10. Thank you very much for the replies. I will try that.
  11. Hi All, I check the 'giveaway' site every day and install free programs from reputable vendors. Today I tried to install WonderFox DVD Video Converter 8.6 and ESET Smart security picks up a variant of Generik.CDIJVJO Trojan. I have installed this software a while back before I upgraded to Windows 10. I had to reformat and install Windows 10 fresh because of a few bugs and of course I lost my registered copy of this program. Others are reporting they installed this software without an issue. So was wondering if ESET is being picky Any suggestions to help me ins
  12. Hi All, Just wanted to say "Thank you" to ESET for making the Smart Security software compatible with Windows 10 upgrade. I used the Media creation tool to upgrade my Windows 8.1 to 10 and everything went smooth including leaving ESET Smart Security running as usual before I started the upgrade. Been running for hours now and Eset is up-to-date in signature. cheers
  13. Was wondering if we should disable ESET Smart Security when we are in the process of upgrading to Windows 10? Reason asking is that I have not been able to install ESET Smart security on any build since 10162. I do not want any trouble that I can avoid when I make the plunge to upgrade from Windows 8.1 cheers
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