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  1. Thanks Marcos. It was long after you removed the old license 3AF-VE6-XDA that this happened. Well after that weird mishap last night with the samsung tablet which i use only for reading ebooks, all is working with the 3AJ-BE7-ES3 on the S10e. So I am not touching anything on my end lol. I plan to test for a while and see how the mobility app works on the S10e. Woke up this morning and MyESET never tried to install anything on my old tablet again so I am good to go. 15 hours ago is when that happened. Not sure if you deactivated the license at that time. If so then that's when I got the alert. Greatly appreciate all your help cheers
  2. Thank you for the reply itman. The help here is great! Just an update. I was just watching a show on tv and the SamsungS10e promoted an alert. I looked at the phone and it said my license was deactivated. I went into the settings of MyESET and for some weird reason MyESET detected my old samsung tablet reader (which I have no antivirus protection on) was added to the MyESET Mobile license. I did nothing to enable that. I then had to remove that device and then remove the SamsungS10e and add it it again to remove the error on my phone. This MyESET which is fairly new to me is causing more problems that I really want lol. This is driving me crazy. I selected "solved" on this post earlier because I wanted to be finished with it. If this bug continues to irritate me I will remove all traces of ESET. Thank you and Marcos for all your valuable help. cheers
  3. Oh my I just got another reply from tech support with the following statement: Your license has been deactivated which seems to be causing the issue. We will submit a ticket with our developers to reactivate the license. If tech support don't get on track with this issue I fear they will delete my Eset license on my desktop computer which is critical to me . Looking into MyESET account both licenses are active and no problems. Now I am stressing more after that reply. Geez I can't wait for this to be over.
  4. I hear you. The last 2 replies from the support tech by email was totally useless to my issue. They must be replying to another ticket and not mine. I just don't understand it. I am getting more help from this forum than the actual tech support.
  5. I have a gmail account but it is not associated with MyESET account which has both my desktop license and mobile free license on it and finally after several days is displayed properly, so it will not work. I can't change the lic key if i set it up with a gmail account. Are you suggesting I set up and new MyESET account with my gmail account? Thanks for the reply
  6. @itman thanks for the reply. Yes I was doing that several days ago and today when I attempted to reinstall ESET Mobility again and my only option was to use the google play download. So I went to the ESET main web site to try and find a version that was not connected to Google. That didn't go as planned. finally I found APKPure and installed it and then from there I downloaded ESET Mobile Security apk 26.94MB. When I clicked on install from APKPure it brought me to the "Welcome to ESET Mobile Security" screen with country and language. When I got to the page to enter email to use with this install once again I am getting the default gmail account. or choose another. I proceed to enter my hotmail account and and all goes well and finishes. when I open ESET Mobile app it gives me the same screen "welcome to ESET Mobile Security" It will not just open ESET app. I don't know what else to do. I am sick and tired of this continuous loop the installation is giving me. Why would the gmail email option be in the apk file i downloaded from APKPure application? If you can go back and read all I have posted here and the many attempts to get this right, you will understand how frustrating this is at this point. I am very close to just dropping ESET and moving on. The physical effort is not worth the mental stress this has caused me for something as simple as installing a app. I have never had this problem before when installing ESET mobile app on other phones I have over the past years. I am no further ahead than when I first started this issue. Now I have the SamsungS10e attached to my MyESET account but can't install it on my phone with my hotmail account. This is so sad Greatly appreciate all the help and suggestions I am getting from this forum. No cheers today only tears
  7. Thank you very much Marcos for all your work you have done for me. I can see the SamsungS10e in the MyESET account and in use on the Mobility free display. I opened my ESET app on the Samsung and the old 3AJ-BE7-ES3 was still showing there and an alert saying that was not valid. So I went in to the 'license' tab and entered the registered key. It failed to change to the registered key so I uninstalled ESET mobility. I downloaded again from the google store and proceeded to install again. The very same thing is happening again. I select install and I get the "welcome to ESET Mobile security' screen. Select country and language. When I get to 'select your email address' i choose 'add account and go through the process of setting up the hotmail account. all goes well and the app closes. then I click on the app icon and it opens to "welcome to ESET Mobile security screen and i have to do all over again. I refuse to select gmail again because it will generate a new key (public ID) and I will have to uninstall all over again with tech help. I went to download from ESET site on my computer and a help chat popped up. I asked if they could give me a link to download eset mobility app besides using google store. What did that rep do? Only send in a ticket for tech support to assist me again. Just lovely. I have been beating this issue all week. I am tired and stressed out with this and going to take a break from this. thanks again
  8. Thank you for the reply. Greatly appreciate your work on my issue with the MyESET account and my SamsungS10e. I have no control over the MyESET app as to which devices are added. I actually had to add the paid license for my desktop computer. The only entry in MyESET account when I first logged in was the Mobility Internet Security For Free. I added the desktop license after posting here in this forum. Now when I log in and open licenses I get both displayed. I have paid for ESET way back since NOD32. But i am assuming because the Mobility license was classified as a 'Paid' version then it got added. The fact that the license 3AF-VE6-XDA license was offered as freeware at that time does not mean that it is not a valid license. I download applications that are offered from many software developers for free and get a license key for them. ESET being one of them. Considering it showed as a Paid version of Mobility Free in MyESET then I feel I should have the right to transfer the license to another device because the option is there to disconnect a device and add another. In the MyESET Mobility License 3AF-VE6-XDA is shows 1 available but I cannot see it or add one. Why have the option there to add a device if a account owner cannot add one. In previous posts I made in this thread I have posted the Public ID on the SamsungS10e is 3AJ-BE7-ES3. That is the one generated when I installed the mobility app on the SamsungS10e. cheers
  9. Well I got a reply from tech support on the ticket I sent in. Here is the reply: Thank you for contacting ESET North American Customer Support, You can manage your license through your MyESET account on my.eset.com. Thank you for using ESET security products, ESET Technical Support North America Geez that was so helpful. Why would tech support reply with a answer like that? So I sent back a full detailed reply about the issue. Lets see what will come from that
  10. The one on the SamsungS10e is 3AJ-BE7-ES3. That is my problem it seems. If I delete the app and reinstall it through myESET account it will not accept the hotmail account, only the gmail account. I go through the motions to setup the hotmail account and it says done. then I click on open and it starts the email setup all over again. Select gmail which is the first option and I can open the mobile app. The 3AJ-BE7-ES3 was created when I followed itman's instructions to add the SamsungS10e to the existing mobile license 3AF-VE6-XDA.. And I could not use my hotmail account to open ESET mobile app, but would only accept the gmail account. The 3AF-VE6-XDA is the free license I wanted to add my SamsungS10e to considering I reset my old Samsung phone and sold it. That free license is good until 2039. I do not want to lose that license. I just wanted to transfer that license to the new SamsungS10e. Why is it I can't add a device to the 3AF-VE6-XDA which has 0 devices in use? If you want I can send you a message with a pic attached i took before I disconnected the old Samsung phone to show which one was in use originally. I took the screen shot just in case something like this would happen and could show what was there first. The big question is: how do I remove the 3AJ-BE7-ES3 and replace it with 3AF-VE6-XDA?
  11. @Marcos Also at 11:40pm last night I got an email saying I didn't finish my content. So I just opened it and followed the link and had to create another account. I assumed I done something wrong when filling out the tech report on the SamsungS10e a few days ago, but was this forum sending me a email and not tech support that replied. So now I have 2 accounts here. Please delete the one I just created. I created it with username " EdSpurrell ". Please do not delete the " Ed Spurrell " account. For the new one I just removed the 'space' between the Ed Spurrell ok It is possible the Mobile license you are seeing which is showing under the list of devices (6) is the one that got generated when I installed the mobility app on the SamsungS10e when I attempted to add it to the myESET account. I didn't want it to create a new license. I wanted it to add the SamsungS10e to the existing Moble Internet Security For Free license. itman suggested for me to disconnect(delete) the old Samsung phone and add the new one. Should have worked but that's when I started to have this issue. Now I am assuming only tech support can remove the free license assigned to the SamsungS10e and add it to the existing license that is still active. Hoping so anyways. Greatly appreciate your help here.
  12. @Marcos I don't understand how the SamsungS10e is linked to the ESET Mobile Internet security For Free account because if you click on the "License" you will get a display of 2 licenses but the Mobility shows the Mobility license is available but 0 in use. So how can the SamsungS10e be linked to the mobility license if there are no devices listed in the Mobility license? When I click on "add device" I cannot add the SamsungS10e. That is my issue. Before there was one device listed and it was the old Samsung phone.
  13. @Marcos can you actually see what is inside my myESET account?
  14. @Marcos When I open myESET account I see under 'License' I see 2 and under 'Devices' I see 6. Regards to the email ed........co that is the email ESET sends me my renewal notifications. That was the first email I set up with ESET years ago. I will send you my email I have setup for the myESET account.
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