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  1. I run a laptop on Windows 10 Pro 1809, and run ESET Internet Security latest version on it. My primary browser is Firefox and I use MS Edge browser only as a PDF/ebook reader. So I wanted to block internet access to it. I created a couple of firewall rules in ESET IS to Deny access to Edge across all protocols, in and out. But for some reason, Edge is still able to connect to the internet. I am blocking two applications related to Edge as per attached image. Please help me understand why Edge is still able to access the internet despite this. Is there something else I need to do to achieve this? Thanks and Regards, RK
  2. I've installed the latest ESet on my laptop 10 last week and 11 today. Both cause the machine to bugcheck regularly. The machine is rock stable after uninstalling and switching back to Windows Defender. I can share a dump file. Dump File Crash Time Bug Check String Bug Check Code Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Parameter 4 Caused By Driver Caused By Address File Description Product Name Company File Version Processor Crash Address Stack Address 1 Stack Address 2 Stack Address 3 Computer Name Full Path Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File Size Dump File Time MEMORY.DMP 30/10/2017 21:47:39 BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 00000000`00000004 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 ffffc787`c176cdb8 x64 C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP 8 15 16299 2.698.196.132 30/10/2017 21:49:16
  3. I'm really desperate now! My folder view settings are not being saved (change folder preference to thumbnail view -> close window -> reopen same folder but always displays in details mode). This happens on a Windows 10 newly installed, perfectly working till I install Eset Smart Security (version 8.0.319.0). Along with many other people we have noticed that the problem occurs only after installing Eset and we are discussing on this issue in different Windows forums since 3 weeks. We have already tried Windows reset, Windows restore, format and new install: every time the problem reappears when we install Eset Smart Security. For someone after a virus alert, for me no virus alert: everything is working fine and suddenly no way to have my folder setting working. I've searched a lot over internet and found related things like "Apply to folders" in folders options, Bags reset, scancfg, Zeroaccess rootkit and etc but nothing helped. And after days of searching really a lot of people have noticed that the problem is created after installed Eset and after the program warns to have blocked a potential risk (in my case it was just a webpage). Anyone here with the same problem? Thanks to everyone for any help. PS I'm trying to post this problem in the "Contact support" but no way to have it sent: when I click "Send email to Eset support" a wheel start running and after minutes is still there but the request is not sent!!!
  4. I updated Eset Smart Security to 8.0.319 in Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) and rebooted. Everything was working well. I performed an in place upgrade of Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Pro (x64). After the upgrade had completed successfully ESS seemed to be working OK. I rebooted and every time that Windows 10 started it crashed due to a "DRIVER: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" error in epfwwfp.sys, the Eset Personal Firewall driver. I eventually fixed the problem by booting into safe mode and deleting epfwwfp.sys from C:\Windows\System32\drivers. Windows 10 then booted successfully. I uninstalled ESS and rebooted. I then reinstalled ESS 8.0.319 from the offline installer and rebooted. Windows 10 booted successfully and ESS seems to be working fine. I have seen a few other reports of this on the Internet, therefore I suggest people remove ESS before upgrading to Windows 10 and then reinstall it afterwards.
  5. Hello, I'm seeking advice please on using the Mail app in Windows 10. Currently ESET Smart Security is protecting my incoming emails arriving in Outlook. However, if I were to ditch Outlook and instead use the Windows 10 Mail app (which I understand ESET does not support), would anything be scanning my emails arriving in Mail? Would I have any email protection, as it appears that ESET switches off Windows Defender? To put it another way, does ESET prevent me from safely using the Windows 10 Mail app. I'd be grateful for any insight or advice. Tony
  6. I just wanted to try the anti-theft feature.It rebooted and came with all accounts disabled. I can only see my account but cannot login,i cannot even see the phantom account. Please help urgently i have really wasted alot of time with this,i regret!
  7. I've had eset smart security enabled on my Windows 10 laptop for some time but only tonight activated the anti-theft option. Eset now gives me an Anti-theft Optimization Warning. When I click on the link to see the optimization report I'm directed to the anti-theft.eset.com website. I'm prompted to sign in to my account and then see my laptop listed with four stars out of five, and a message that the device is not fully optimized. When I click on the "optimize this device" link I get a page that shows my machine, then a horizontal separator line, but no other information or links below the line. (Picture inserted below with computer name obscured.) When I see similar screens on the website there are options for "status" "activity" "optimization" etc. below the separator line, but I see nothing at all and so I can't identify or fix the optimization problem. I can't figure out what is my next stop to resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. I'm having an issue with ESS v9 (great release by the way, congrats) and Windows 10 where banking protection is automatically detecting a banking website in Google Chrome, and I can successfully launch the special window... but after closing that first window I'm never able to make the automatic detection work again in Chrome as the browser just loads the website normally. Checked settings and that banking website was set to automatically launch banking protection, but even after removing the rule and turning the protection off and on, restarting the computer, etc. automatic detection for any banking/payment website is no longer working for me in Chrome. It also doesn't work if I manually enter a website for ESS and set it to ask me or automatically launch, Chrome just loads the website normally. I am able to manually launch banking protection at any time which opens an IE window, but I was hoping to be able to use the automatic detection in Chrome and am not sure why it no longer works. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I received a message "virus a variant of JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment Trojan) 611704722.tiff Eset recognized and it's in my inbox. What should I do? Is it safe to just delete the message?
  10. I have set up anti-theft yesterday on a surface pro (windows 10). Today my daughter clicked on the phantom account, and suspicious activity was reported to me. I logged in on-line, and marked the device as not missing. I then rebooted the device, as I could only access the phamtom account. I still cannot access any other account, (only the phantom account), as the Surface pro log into it at reboot time. The account does not allow me to log off, only shutdown, sleep and restart. Can anyone let me know how to proceed to recover functionality for my device? Thank you Herve
  11. Hi, on Windows 10, NOD32 informs me of available Windows updates - however, when I start Windows Update, I get informed that all updates are already installed. I restarted the PC several times, yet NOD32 still insists those updates are available...
  12. I have been experiencing image/audio and downloaded file corruptions in recent Windows 10 Slow Ring insider builds. Other people in the Windows 10 Feedback tool mentioned they also had Eset Nod32 or Internet Security installed. Disabling realtime, web and network security didn't help, but after deinstallation I can again download without files becoming corrupt. I saw similar issues with a hotfix back in the Windows 7 timeframe, but that hotfix doesn't apply to Windows 10.
  13. When using Firefox ver 42.0 (32 bit) on Windows 10 Pro (32 bit), I get the following error when trying to access banking sites with ESS9 Banking & Payment protection could not be redirected to the requested web page Banking & Payment protection could not be redirected to the requested web page due to an incompatible extension in your browser. Please start the ESET Banking & Payment protection secured browser from ESET Smart Security Home or Tools screen > Banking & Payment protection or by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. How do I determine which extension is 'incompatible' ? I've updated to the latest version of Flash and Java, have whitelisted all ESET and banking websites in AdBlock, AdBlock and Firefox popup stoppers, NoScript and Ghostery. Security-risk add-on Java Development Toolkit has been removed from Firefox. Other add-ons being run in Firefox are Colorful Tabs, HttpsEverywhere, DownThemAll, VLC web plugin, NVIDIA 3D Vision, Open H264 Video Codec, Google Earth Plugin and iTunes Application Detector. I'm running Firefox as administrator.
  14. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone here has been having issues with protocol filtering interfering with browsing, specifically corrupting images and causing page rendering issues? (source text, blank pages, multiple refreshes to correctly render). I have raised the issues to ESET and currently they have me ignoring my browser (chrome) in the list of SSL filtered application. This seems to solve this issues with SSL based pages, but does nothing for non- SSL pages. Originally they had me disable protocol filtering all together but I did not like having a gap in my protection (temporarily was ok) so I re-enabled it. This issue does not generate any events in the logs. I never had these issues until recently (probably the last 2 weeks or so). Regards, Matt
  15. Hello ESET team and users, I've just gotten a new rig and I wanted to install ESET Smart Security on it. I've used Windows extensively over the years but switched over to macOS for the past couple years. Since I'm switching back to Windows (Windows 10 to be exact), I wanted to make sure it was safe to install your product. I'm no stranger to ESET, I've used your product over the years and it has served me well. I haven't used it for long periods of time however, usually switching between multiple security products. This time is different, I want to stick with one vendor and keep one security product. I have a couple questions I was hoping you all could answer for me. I'd appreciate it if guesses, rumors, etc are not posted. I'd like solid factual answers to my questions because I'm seriously considering ESET along with a couple other AV vendors. Whoever I choose, I'm going to stick with for a very long time so I'd like to choose wisely. 1. Is it safe to use ESET Smart Security 10 at this point in time? It's been at least a month since release and I've seen many users reporting different bugs and issues on multiple security forums. Common issues I've seen people have include firewall, HIPS, stealth mode, etc. not working as they should. 2. Has ESET started to install any browser addons? I highly dislike these addons because they are known to cause problems and further vulnerabilities. They often also contribute to "spying" on the user, as avast!, Avira, and AVG (among other AVs) toolbars and addons have done in the past (and still continue to in some cases)? Also, addons seem to indicate that without a browser supported by that addon, a user isn't safe to browse the internet. One of the endearing qualities of ESET used to be that it required no addons. Any and every browser was supported and nothing malicious was installed on the host computer via browser extensions/addons. 3. Why does ESET Smart Security 10 say "Not secured" when first installed correctly. I've seen this issue in many installation videos. When a trial license is activated or even a full license, the product continues to say "not secured" and displays a red warning for at least a couple minutes before switching to green and updating to the latest definitions. Is this a bug? Will this be fixed? It leaves users like me worried if the product really is securing the PC or not.. 4. Are all components of ESET working as well as they did before? Are there still issues with the firewall, HIPS, etc? 5. Why doesn't ESET turn off Windows Firewall automatically after successful installation? I've seen people report (and tested it out on a test computer) that ESET turns off Windows Defender but leaves Windows own firewall active. Does ESET need Windows firewall to compliment its own like avast! does? Is it safe to manually turn off the Windows firewall? Will this issue be fixed? Thank you all for your time and consideration. I really love the stream-lined polished look of the product, your reputation in the industry, and transparency. I remember the breach that occurred on these forums a couple years ago and the ESET team was very considerate when dealing with it. I appreciate all you do and I look forward to your answers. -A (prospective) ESET user
  16. Hello, I currently have Eset Smart Security v9 running on my laptop. [Win 10/ 64-bit]. I need to upgrade to Eset v10 released recently. I need to download which version : Smart Security Premium or Internet Security for continuation of my license. Thanks for the help!
  17. I need to use White Smoke for school -- it edits my papers, and Eset won't allow it. It's been tested time and time again not to have viruses -- does anyone know what I can do?
  18. I have Win10 and installed ESET NOD32 and it does NOT start automatically after a reboot. I checked the services and saw that the Eset Service is set to Automatic but is not running. When I click start, to start the service manually, the service starts and the ESET splash screen appears and everything is fine. It's just that the service won't start automatically after a reboot. What can i do to get it fixed?
  19. Hi, so I've been having this problem for a week or so and I can't find a way to fix it. My ESET Personal Firewall + Windows Firewall are turned off for some random reason. It says that I should immediately restart my PC. I restarted it and I got the same message again. I tried re-installing it and nothing happened. When I tried to turn on Windows Firewall it didn't let me because of ESET. I'm using ESET Internet Security 10.0.369.0. Here are some screen shots: I'm usingg Windows 10 Pro. If anyone could help me please reply to this post.
  20. So after I upgraded my ESET to 6.0 my internet started crashing when I search for online servers and community servers in for example games like Counter-Strike, I've allowed these programs in ESET under network settings (in this case its steamwebhelper.exe, steam.exe and csgo.exe). I sent a support request and he told me to upgrade to 6.4 so I started windows in safe mode and uninstalled 6.0 and installed new 6.4 but still thing still happends. My internet just stops for a few minutes (3-5 minutes) until it gets back up. This does not happend when I have ESET disabled so I think this is a new bug that comes with the new release. The problem I think happends is that the network protocol gets too many requests which crashes ESET's web access protection. Thanks for any help.
  21. Maybe someone better than me can explain this but I had to uninstall eset to get the Microsoft Anniversary update to work on my surface pro 4. I tried to disable protection but that didn't do the trick. I just wanted to post this here because I spent hours on this trying to get the update to work. In the uninstalling and updating then reinstalling was the only solution that I found.
  22. I’m using a Windows 10 Insider build, which has been updated to 14965 last week. Since then, when browsing the web in Chrome, some HTTP requests fail with the ERR_INVALID_CHUNKED_ENCODING error (see attached screenshot). This makes web browsing unusable, because style sheets, scripts and images fail to load. When this issue first appeared last week, I reverted to an earlier Windows 10 build (Microsoft lets Insiders do that, but only for a week), and now I’m again on the latest build and the issue has re-appeared. I have tried re-installing ESET Smart Security, but that did not resolve the issue. Note that ESET attempted to insert a root certificate into my root store, but I refused to allow that and turned off SSL protection (“Enable HTTP checking” control). Right now, my options are to either revert to a previous build again (for another week) or stop using ESET and switch to a different AV software. Please help!
  23. Hi how are you please i need your help i made formatting to my laptop and re-installed ESET-smart security ,but it is not accept my activation key,what can i do thanx Hadeel
  24. I installed ESET NOD32 10 trial today and I made a SysInspector snapshot. To my surprise, it showed a ESET module and Windows Memory Compression process as "5:unknown". It also shows clrcompression.dll in the Windows Store apps as "9:risky". Flagged ESET module "em042_64.dll" is related to Network Protection. clrcompression.dll were from Solitaire and Photos app. It's a newly installed Windows system setup on 19th. I was running Windows Defender on it earlier.
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