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  1. I advice to be included in section ''Tools'' options connected with feedback. Users of Eset Smart Security to have possibility to express opinion and to make suggestions for future versions. User opinion is important and the easiest way to share it is directly through the program.
  2. False Positive are very important to be low. Eset work smart and almost has no false positive. Congratulations! Good Work!
  3. Other companies has 3 versions (Antivirus security solution, Internet Security solution, Premium/Total security solution). Eset has 2 versions (Antivirus (Nod32) and Internet Security (Smart Security)). If Eset will add some additional features like Safe Search and others, Eset Smart Security will be crowded. New features like toolbar, password manager, start-up manager, etc. would be suitable for a version called ''Titan'' or ''Gold'', hope that Eset will create such version. Eset Smart Security can have little more new features but features that does not complicate program.
  4. Eset decide about new version. I support idea of an aditional version "Titan" or "Gold" with some premium features(ex: Password Manager) but not a lot that can create confusion or make program hard to use.
  5. I'm not sure but that name rang me a bell and there's a good chance we detect it as PUA Iobit should not be detected as PUA, they have in some installation packs toolbars, toolbars are user dependent, and user usually do not install them on computer.
  6. No, please no Nor**n 360° (or even ESET 360°)! Please! I would organize a shitstorm! Eset has 2 versions (Smart Security and NOD32), it is not good to make Eset Smart Security an all in one security solution (360) but Eset can launch 3rd version that represent Premium Security.
  7. Also if we had ESS and ESET 360°, this would be like Nor**n Internet Security and Nor**n 360°. - No! No! No! Never! This cra p can stay away! This would require staff and this staff can make better things at ESET! I think that Eset need to have a ''Titan'' version that include some premium features. Eset Smart Security will not be Security 360 degrees but may be ''Titan'' version can be with more features. Features that have been presented above are good but can be little more for Eset Smart Security. I can not say that most of features are redundant or unneeded and it is not correct to say this. Eset Smart Security is like Internet Security solution, ''Titan'' version can be like Premium Security solution or Total Security solution.
  8. @Arakasi, Iobit does not steal signatures from other vendors, they have a partnership with Bitdefender. Iobit installation packs sometimes contain toolbars, etc. but does not mean that Iobit is PUA, they working at this and in future will remove additional content from installation pack.
  9. I think that at Eset Smart Security 8 notification icon from status bar can indicate directly security status. At Eset Smart Security 7 if all working good notification is a Green Circle and if is security problem notification is a yellow or red triangle. I recommend at Eset Smart Security 8 notification icon be Green Circle if security working good and change color of circle to yellow or red if maximum protection is not ensured.(without triangles)
  10. What is your opinion about adding On-Demand-Scan by Priority (Low- slower scan and little system resources, Medium- little fast scan and more system resources, High- fast scan and a lot of resources)?
  11. Safe Pay (safe banking) can make online transactions from a unique, dedicated browser, that secured your accounts from fraud. Safe pay can now also automatically fill credit card details in billing fields. Wallet feature is a secure tool that speeds up online shopping by autocompleting credit card details within payment fields. Apart from purchase details, Wallet can also safely organize credentials for favorite websites, messaging applications, or frequently-used WI-FI networks.
  12. And Yes the very first scan usually takes longer to finish but the following scans will be quicker. "camfeting" well malware is malware so whether the aim is to watch you through the webcam, or steal money from you it doesn't really matter. And people can easily take care of their webcams on their own. I like Mikkos way of doing it... If your computer is clean from keyloggers, (and any other type of malware) and your browser is not hi-jacked in some way, and you connect to the bank via HTTPs the so called "banking mode" "secure wallet" "shopping protection" and what else they are called is redundant. Banking Mode or Secure Wallet is necessary for making payments more quickly and secure. It is not correct to say that Payments Security is redundant..
  13. Yes, there are good suggestions. Also Eset Firewall does not fully protect protocol IPv 6. Network Monitor can also detect if there are connected devices on home network, to prevent unauthorized connection to the home network. VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be added for secure network connection.
  14. Hello, It is nice type of notification present in attached image. At next version of Eset Smart Security in Advanced Settings can be added such type of buttons for configuration of protection modules.
  15. Eset Online Scanner was not upgraded from a long time, it is necessary to upgrade more often, to introduce new malware detection technologies and for be more powerful at threat detection.
  16. I have notice that when a PUA is detected by Eset and a warning window is displayed, if I press ‘’No Action’’ button, file cannot be run, this should be revise. I propose to be added in Advanced Settings a setting that block PUA to download (this setting can be optional, user can decide to activate it or not.) Also when Internet Explorer is open in Metro Mode, Eset display notification, when a PUA was detected, on desktop, in future Eset should display a notification in Metro Mode of Internet Explorer. Have a question: I run Windows 8.1 update, I have installed Eset Smart Security 7, when I log in to computer Eset Logo do not appear immediately but with a delay, it is normal that, or Eset Smart Security does not work good?
  17. To name the recently introduced technologies: Advanced memory scanner, Exploit blocker, Vulnerability shield, LiveGrid (instant cloud blocking), continually improved advanced heuristics in terms of detection and performance. As you can see, ESET puts a lot of effort into technologies that bring actual benefits to users. Developing each technology takes a lot of resources and time. The number of features doesn't matter; what matters is how good protection, safety (false positives) and footprint a security product can offer. Introducing 20-30 or more new features not bringing any actual benefits for users would be wasting of time and resources. If you think that ESET lacks protection against some kind of malware or other threats, please let us know and we'll look into it. Yes it is true, it is not important quantity but quality. Eset strengthened actual components. Thank You! For advice.
  18. Yes, it is important that Eset concentrated to some points but if will spin in circles, progress will be not so good. It is good to work for improve actual technologies but it is necessary to launch may be few new technologies. I really like that Eset work good at false positive chapter and in latest tests Eset have almost no false positive detected. Sorry for my mode of writing, I accustomed to write and read in this mode. To be honest I like Eset as it is and I will continue to use many years before.
  19. and most of the rest are ideas that would make the products unnecessarily bloated or they are not good or safe ideas (e.g. ESET cannot remove PUAs automatically by default for legal and safety reasons) and ESET won't include them in future versions of the products. Thanks, now I don't need to mention this myself. As for many of the suggestions, have all of them in ONE product is not my cup of tea. And there is already several good online services (cloud backup etc..), and/or stand-alone applications that you can download and use for one or several of the suggestions. Some of this features can be added in a separate version of Eset for home, a version with premium features but this depends from manufacturer if want or not to launch so version.
  20. There are too many points to answer separately. As you wrote, some things are already in the product (e.g. drivers and ekrn.exe starts as soon as possible, Linux-based LiveRescue not requiring AIK, etc.) and most of the rest are ideas that would make the products unnecessarily bloated or they are not good or safe ideas (e.g. ESET cannot remove PUAs automatically by default for legal and safety reasons) and ESET won't include them in future versions of the products. There are too many points to answer separately. As you wrote, some things are already in the product (e.g. drivers and ekrn.exe starts as soon as possible, Linux-based LiveRescue not requiring AIK, etc.) and most of the rest are ideas that would make the products unnecessarily bloated or they are not good or safe ideas (e.g. ESET cannot remove PUAs automatically by default for legal and safety reasons) and ESET won't include them in future versions of the products. This is true, the user is seeing the gui open, not services start. There is a strict cleaning option. ESET isnt a datacenter or hosting company. There is already graphics adjustments. It already looks for conflicting drivers and warns during installation. Many of these are already available, the user just doesn't have the product knowledge. A nicer, more organized, and utilization of forum tools would also help us read those, its discombobulated . Yes, I know that some features already are in Eset Smart Security but I focused on features that are not, I know Eset Smart Security well and use it over 4 years, I rephrased some existing features. To create a sysrescue disk from Eset Smart Security it is necessary to have Windows AIK installed on computer, I referred to Eset Sysrescue from Eset Smart Security not Sysrescue linux based. About graphic, Eset GUI at version 7 looks like version 6 GUI and at Advanced Settings graphical interface it is not optimized for windows 8 touchscreen devices, it is necessary to change mode of display Advanced Settings.
  21. Hello, I have some interesting features and suggestions for Next Eset Smart Security I observe that Eset Smart Security is not executed immediately or before run operating system, in present is a little delay at run of Eset Smart Security , in future would be good that Eset Smart Security to start as soon as possible even in boot sector. Eset Smart Security display every time pop-up windows at detection of adware or potential unwanted (unsafe) applications, Eset Smart Security should try to clean adware or take automatic optimum decision, also if it is find a program that contain adware Eset Smart Security should clean only adware (if it is possible) not to uninstall whole application. Eset would be good that make available to change graphical interface from advanced settings or to change automatic graphic after new version. Eset should create a cloud system storage with virtual space (in cloud) for files, photos, documents, backup. This cloud system storage would be very useful and safe for users which want to have access at all files, photos, etc. from many devices that have installed Eset Security Solutions. This cloud services should be included in Eset Smart Security 8. Eset Smart Security should have possibility to set scan priority (low, normal, high) for short time scan (reduce time for whole system scan) and for customised system resources consumption. Eset Smart Security is necessary to have Auto Mode, when activate, Eset take optimum decisions without requiring user intervention and without requiring any action from the user. Eset Smart Security should have a feature that check and advice user if in computer are installed programs (applications) that can interfere with Eset Smart Security. For speed up scan, when PC is connected to the internet Eset would be good to use cloud database and behavioural analysis of malware. For stronger malware removal should strengthened repair and delete capacity with File Shredder or method Gutmann. Eset Smart Security should have in Tools a tool that scan Windows, registry, files, applications, etc. if were not damaged or modified of malware, also check if not has been deleted a file or registry key that would cause errors or impairs the functioning of the system. In section Schedule should be added possibility to schedule scan at each 10, 15, 30 start of computer or define a scan data and execute scan with first start of computer (ex: 05.04.14 full system scan at first computer start). Would be good if Eset make available license packs with unlimited number of devices. Eset would be interesting if have a world interactive map (cyber map) where to be represent in real time, based on Eset Live-Grid, attacks by type (Intrusion, Spam, Vulnerability, On-Demand, etc.). Eset Smart Security should have Sandbox (for browser) for run suspected or sensible sites, also Safe Pay (Keeps hackers at bay by automatically opening all online banking pages in a separate, secure browser, and keeps all necessary credentials safe and within your reach.). Eset Smart Security would be good to have Safe Search to check display results (safe or unsafe) of search in Google and Bing. Eset Sysrescue should be simplified, in present must be installed Windows AIK for create a rescue disk, in future would be good to can run Sysrescue without need to install Windows AIK. In a computer with big files a whole system scan lasts about 4 hours, scan speed should be improved. In version 7 of Eset Smart Security capacity of response is low, program freeze when a full system scan with log runs, capacity of response should be improved for run without slow down even the computer is old. Eset Smart Security in Tools would be good to add a tool that check potentially vulnerabilities from sites (When user want to view if site that often access is or not vulnerable at attacks). Eset should have a premium feature, Password Manager (stores, password management) this feature would have function of generate and stores user’s passwords. Eset Smart Security should have Security Vault for encrypt with password the most valuable or personal data. Network Threat Protection would be good to be in Eset Smart Security. For considerable energy savings or battery savings Eset should add Power Saving Mode. One of interesting feature that should be ad is Wallet (Stores your sensitive credentials and automatically logs you in to all your favourite websites emails and apps.) Eset should have Anti-Piracy (Check license if is genuine or pirated). Eset warns if operating system is not up-to-date, would be good as Eset warns if programs installed on computer are not up-to-date. Eset would be good to have a Gold Version to provide ultimate protection with premium services and extra features. Eset Smart Security should add in Tools a tool named Deep Rootkit Scanner, this tool would be useful to detect sophisticated and well hide rootkits. Eset should add Network Mapping Monitor (Display and monitor devices that are connected in home network besides base PC. Prevent unauthorized connection of devices at Home Network.). In Eset Smart Security Firewall does not secure protocol IPV 6, all protocols and ports must be maximum secured. For more beautiful design in Graphic Setting would be good to add dynamic control of all icons and active control elements. Eset Social Media Scanner Should have possibility to block pages with ads, public pages, groups etc. Eset Social Media Scanner must have a feature that control accounts, pages, posts, content, etc. (User defined rules ex: Block adult content, block defraud pages; like Control Parental for Facebook). Eset Social Media Scanner Should check if profile image of user or personal data were or not used at other accounts, and check if user’s profile photo is or not used like profile photo at other account. Eset Smart Security when find an infected file displays multiple notifications as file was cleaned or placed in quarantine, but not always files are really cleaned or placed in quarantine (sometimes files remains), clean capacity should be increased. Eset Smart Security is too heavy with system, when is introduced a removable device with many files, when Eset automatic scan this device Eset become unresponsive and freeze. While Eset scans removable device is difficult to run files that are on device. Performance should be improved. Would be good to add my.eset.com Dashboard (See all the status and licensing information about software and services in your own my.eset.com dashboard. Remote scan and fix security issues on all your Eset-protected devices from anywhere using my.eset.com. Eset Smart Security should have Anti-Banner (Protection, filtering publicity banners). Eset Smart Security Would be good to have Secure Keyboard for more protection against Keyloggs. Eset would be good to have Start-Up Manager (Manage all tasks, applications that starts with windows). Eset Smart Security must add Chat Encryption (Keeps your conversations private on Yahoo, messenger, Mail, Social Network, etc. Eset Smart Security should have various profiles which are optimized for different activities. For example: 4 profiles, profile standard (standard settings, tasks, and activities), profile gaming (optimising settings, activities, tasks for gaming.), profile Power Saver (optimiser tasks, settings, activities for maximum energy savings.), profile Advanced (premium settings, activities, maximum power, ultimate protection by additional parameters). At Eset Smart Security Advanced Settings must be optimised (changed) such that can be accessed easily from windows 8 tablets and from touch screen devices. Eset Smart Security would be good to have a Self-Repair feature (this feature auto repair Eset Smart Security or provide user repair methods from errors missing files, drivers or malfunction). In AutoScan from Eset Smart Security would be good to introduce Scan Automatically Mapped Network Devices, also keyloggs scan would be good to add. Eset Smart Security should have a feature (tool) that safe decrypt files in case if computer is infected with Ransomware and offer good shield against Ransomware. Eset Smart Security it is necessary to have a tool that create a secure network connection, VPN (Virtual Private Network). Eset Smart Security would be good to have Live-Grid Statistics (Display number of safe files and infected files that were collected by cloud). When new version of Eset Smart Security will come, hope that GUI will be improved.
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