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  1. Hi there, ​ I have noticed on the latest version of Android Mobile Security 3.3.17 0-0, that Remote SMS command feature has changed. When sending a remote command such as: eset find password , the SMS and response now appear in the target device SMS inbox as well as sending the same response to the interrogating device - before they were intercepted on the target device i.e. did not appear in the target device inbox. To the best of my knowledge this did not happen in previous versions, and the old behaviour made sense i.e. you want to locate your phone first without any potential thief knowing you are tracking the device. The target device is a Galaxy S5 running Android 6.0.1 Has anyone else observed this different behaviour? Many thanks in advance for any assistance, confirmation etc.
  2. I used the Anti-Theft options with ESET Smart Security and my son took the computer and logged in to the phantom account without me knowing. Once I got the computer back, I marked it via the online system as being "not stolen" but the computer never restarted, and never returned to normal. So right now I am locked out of my normal login and I can only use the computer to browse the internet via the phantom account. I have tried to go back in and reset the whole thing, uninstalled and reinstalled ESET, opened the phantom account, marked it stolen and then recoverd and still nothing. I can't even reset my computer using the Dell recovery because I can only access it from the phantom account. My computer is ruined. How can I fix this?!?! I am using a Dell Latitude 3340 running Windows 7.
  3. My anti theft is not working on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have data. I am connected via the WiFi I have added permissions into the settings to allow system controlls I have added permissions to Device Administrators The test doesn't work. Please help Test #4 15.09.2017 18:18 - 15.09.2017 18:19 Open incident Activity summary Event Result Time FRIDAY 15/9/2017 Anti-Theft test timed out. 18:19 Anti-Theft test started. 18:18
  4. I am using Eset for almost 2 years. I was thinking that by going into anti-theft account on my system people can access my data ! why not to prevent it ? By adding some group policy settings you can prevent anti-theft user to access hidden files or some drives or etc . Please provide me some information about my idea, I'll be glad to help improving overall world security.
  5. My ESET Smart Security keeps giving me a notification about the anti-theft feature not being optimized, yet when I go to the website, it says my computer is optimized at 5 stars. How can I disable this notification or resolve the bug? I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop.
  6. I have upgraded to ESET Smart Security Premium on TWO different computers and BOTH now give me an Anti-Theft Optimization Warning. When I access my online account, it shows BOTH PC's optimized with 5-stars and a green check mark. This is obviously a SW bug and ESET's only response thus far is to re-install ???? I don't think so.
  7. Hello, I have a problem , my nexus 5 locked and ia doesnt remember the password to unlock him . I tread to send a link for my email , but its not worked ESET just dont send it . I tread to contact ESET Customer Care , but they ignore me . In short , I want to know, how to reset the password with friend's phone ?
  8. There is an exclamation mark on Eset logo on the tray all the time which means there is some warning. Once I click on it I open Eset Smart Security panel I can read a warning saying Eset Anti-theft needs to be optimized. However if I click on the details and open my anti-theft account then I can see that my device is fully optimized, I have 5 stars (that means that my device is already optimized.) I'm unable to get rid of that false positive warning. (I have tried to restart my computer, also removed and re-added my device to my anti-theft account, but none of these steps helped.) I attache some screenshots. The language is Hungarian but you will see the warning on the Smart Security panel and the 5 stars on my anti-theft account. Any ideas?
  9. Hi there, I've bought ESET Smart Security 10 and I'm not able to use Anti-Theft. No location data, no images, no ip addresses, "test is still running" for days. Looked through the help section and I've checked everything. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have a current license to my computers. But ESET Anti-Theft says that the computers' licenses have expired. What's up?
  11. Hello, I just purchased a two computer license for ESET Smart Security. I activated the license on both computers. On my laptop running Windows 8.1, it allowed me to enable Anti-Theft; but it won't allow me to "Finish Anti-Theft configuration." All that happens is it keeps wanting me to create a new account; it doesn't ask for me to "pick a name" for my computer; and I end up on the instruction page that tells how to do it...except, of course, I can't and have been going in little circles for the past hour. Then, I tried setting up the Anti-Theft on my laptop that is running Windows 7, and it is asking for me to choose a name; yet I'm concerned that I will only be able to register one laptop for the Anti-Theft, plus my Android device. What should I do? Am I going to be able to register my Windows 8.1 laptop? It's the more valuable one so if I only get to choose one, that's the one I want, but it won't let me...what I really want to have BOTH of my licensed laptops covered by Anti-Theft, is this possible? How can I do this? Can I use one email address and have all three of my devices show up in one account? That would be ideal! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance! (I attached two screenshots: both are concerning my windows 8.1 laptop that it won't allow me to configure) ~kkatblue
  12. I've had eset smart security enabled on my Windows 10 laptop for some time but only tonight activated the anti-theft option. Eset now gives me an Anti-theft Optimization Warning. When I click on the link to see the optimization report I'm directed to the anti-theft.eset.com website. I'm prompted to sign in to my account and then see my laptop listed with four stars out of five, and a message that the device is not fully optimized. When I click on the "optimize this device" link I get a page that shows my machine, then a horizontal separator line, but no other information or links below the line. (Picture inserted below with computer name obscured.) When I see similar screens on the website there are options for "status" "activity" "optimization" etc. below the separator line, but I see nothing at all and so I can't identify or fix the optimization problem. I can't figure out what is my next stop to resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. For some time now, I've found new unknown accounts in my Windows 10 C:\Users folder. These user accounts do not appear in the User Accounts within Control Panel. I have removed these, but they keep returning under various unfamiliar names. I ran a full antivirus scan which found 0 threats. I noticed that ESET creates phantom user accounts with its Anti-Theft protection in ESET Smart Security, but I've never installed Smart Security to my knowledge. I am concerned that these unknown accounts might be from an unknown, nefarious source that might compromise my system (installing a keystroke logger, accessing my email, my applications, my password wallet, etc.). I need to know if ESET has started creating unknown accounts within NOD32 or in any other fashion which explains what I'm experiencing.
  14. Please, my laptop is blocked and just start with the phantom account, don´t let me change to other administrator user or use the devices to reinstall o connect to internet... was kidnaped by Eset anti theft. who can help me??? It´s not a problem of windows 10 because I tried all te options.
  15. Hey, How do I fix this issue? Im trying to turn on anti-theft. Image: hxxp://image.prntscr.com/image/1fbd5643a0ed4c5bbee184c9735433ab.png
  16. Hi ESET Support Team, ​I have problem with Phantom Account, and I need to get back to my original account. Could you please show me the way to get my original account back ? Thank you very much indeed.
  17. Hi All, I am a licensed eset user. I have activated eset anti theft activity, I have marked my device as missing and eset created security based account. When I trying to log to my pc it always log in to some other non administrator account, even if I marked as my device is found, still I could not recover my actual account. Please be kind enough to provide solution for this issue. Thanks and regards, Azhar Azmie.
  18. Hi all is a "Microsoft Lumia 550" mobile phone bought in Australia able to have eset antivirus installed under a smart security Multi device lisence? I need some pointers as i have not been able to get it happening and i am not clear on it being posible. any help is appreciated
  19. I received an email of suspicious activity on my laptop and accidentally hit my device as missing thereby activating my phantom account that I came to understand during a conversation with an Eset consultant a while later. Now I have restored my device as not missing, but, cannot get rid of the phantom account and restore my normal account with access to my file, folders and admin access. I have sent Eset support numerous emails with no call back or support that I am not happy about. Can anyone on this forum please help. Thanks
  20. Hey everyone, I just have a query about the Anti-Theft option. It flags up an issue in the Web Console about not all accounts having a password. I only have an Administrator and a Guest account (so indeed, I'm a naughty fellow for always using an Admin enabled account, I will change my ways eventually). The admin account is password protected and doesn't auto-login, the Guest account has no password. Apparently the Web Console will still insist on having the Guest account with a password; will this cause issues with Guest access across a local area network? And how does this affect stolen Laptop usage? If the laptop is already on, logged in but on a locked screen, then unless the Thief can find a WiFi connection with no Cloud Login or WPA, then how can the Laptop connect to the Internet in the background to communicate it's location, or recieve an update from ESET Servers to say it's now stolen? Alternatively, if it's shutdown when stolen; when the Thief boots it up, they won't be able to log into any accounts, and the Phantom account won't be able to appear due to no cue from the Internet, right? I've just considered a LAN Cable would circumvent such wireless issues, but it's still a little bit of a stretch. Let's face it, I must be misunderstanding something, because the below quote from the Anti-Theft help page doesn't really make sense to me either. It more and more comes across as; this can only work in it's entirety if someone steals your laptop while you're logged in with no lock screen, so when it's completely open. Sorry for being so dim about this, I appreciate your support in explaining this feature! - Nelafanji
  21. I just install the new eset smart security v9 but can not set up the antivol/ antitheft as help is base on older vesion qnd i get error message as per which optimisqtionis not fully done. would it be possible to get updqted help file
  22. Dear support, I have a problem with a warning that don't disappear after disabling the anti-theft services. The point is that I don't want to enable the shadow account on my laptop, and if I keep enabled the anti-theft services the main interface is always in a warning status (see attachment eset1.png). I disable completely the services (see attachment eset2.png) but then (even after a restart) the GUI is always in a warning state. How can I disable that warning? My apologize for the Italian language in the GUI, it shouldn't be a problem anyway. Best regards
  23. My secure banking used to open a new browsing page (secure) for my bank. All of the sudden it has changed and I'm allowed to access my banking like before having the antivirus. I've tried to disable and enable and still the same thing.
  24. Hi All, When I test around the iOS MDM features, it seems the remote wipe not really works at all. I created some dummy contacts in iPad Contact List and Run the remote ripe task in the ERA. The task show success , but there is nothing happen on the iPad. Related Contact Still there.... So what going on ? Anyone can advice ?
  25. I've got a new computer. Called it the same name as old one. Went to my.eset.com and removed that computer device. Came back to desktop application and attempt to turn off Anti-Theft. Keep getting message "Anti-Theft not disabled, invalid login parameters, please try again" Do I have to assure you I did try again and again and again, and I was extremely careful while entering ID/Password, and I verified then by logging to the website? (I do not know why someone thinks I have to logon into some internet site to turn off some feature of some software on my own computer, but I sure as hell know how to all software I do not want and cannot get rid of. It's called virus)
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