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  1. Endpoint v7.x supports so-called uPCU updates to update the program, however, we haven't released such update yet. Program updates will not be automatic, however, an administrator can enable automatic program updates. Unfortunately due to substantial changes under the hood, after updating to Endpoint v7.3 a computer restart is required, otherwise real-time protection will not work.
  2. In automatic mode non-initiated inbound communication is blocked. Create a rule for inbound communication with the local port 80 and 443 while leaving the remote IP address and port unset.
  3. The OP wrote that disabling protocol filtering didn't make any difference.
  4. The latest version of ESET products is compatible with the latest released version of Mac OS.
  5. ESET's plug-in writes to emails as they are scanned which may cause sync issues by design if emails are modified on the mail server at the same time. V7.3 uses the same Outlook plug-in as the previous versions of Endpoint v7.
  6. So disabling protocol filtering didn't help in your case which is in contrary with the findings in the Steam community forum. Disabling SSL filtering will not make any difference either then. I'd recommend starting Windows in safe mode and: - renaming "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\Drivers" to Drivers_bak - renaming the following drivers, one at a time: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\eamonm.sys C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ehdrv.sys Let us know renaming which of the drivers resolved the issue.
  7. Ok so @ajgamer please confirm that disabling protocol filtering helps. Then re-enable protocol filtering and disable only SSL scanning and let us know if that helps too:
  8. You have created the "Minecraft" rule incorrectly. The local and remote IP addresses and ports cannot be same. I'd remove this rule and create a new one for inbound communication with the local port 25565. Do not define the local IP address nor the remote IP address and port: <ITEM NAME="3F"> <NODE NAME="ruleID" TYPE="string" VALUE="0686ffc0-ed96-4ce6-b592-63740000000c" /> <NODE NAME="bEnable" TYPE="number" VALUE="1" /> <NODE NAME="strName" TYPE="string" VALUE="Minecraft" /> <NODE NAME="strDescription" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="eDirection" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="eAction" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="bExtActionNotify" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="eProtocol" TYPE="number" VALUE="101" /> <NODE NAME="uCustomProtocol" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <ITEM NAME="localZones" DELETE="1" /> <NODE NAME="strLocalIP" TYPE="string" VALUE=",&#13;&#10;" /> <NODE NAME="strLocalPort" TYPE="string" VALUE="25565" /> <ITEM NAME="remoteZones" DELETE="1" /> <NODE NAME="strRemoteIP" TYPE="string" VALUE=",&#13;&#10;" /> <NODE NAME="strRemotePort" TYPE="string" VALUE="25565" /> <NODE NAME="strIcmpType" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="strAppPath" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="strServiceName" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="profileID" TYPE="string" VALUE="" /> <NODE NAME="bTemporary" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <NODE NAME="bDefault" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> <ITEM NAME="stConditions" DELETE="1" /> <NODE NAME="eSeverity" TYPE="number" VALUE="0" /> </ITEM>
  9. I still could not find an answer to the question if temporarily disabling protocol filtering makes a difference. Please answer this. It could be that SSL filtering or protocol filtering per se is interfering with the communication in a way that is not expected by the game and it crashes. The other AV may not be filtering SSL communication or http(s) communication is scanned differently and thus the issue doesn't manifest.
  10. To my best knowledge the driver is required to detect active rootkits.
  11. Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector so that we can check the firewall rule that you have created. You can also try using the firewall troubleshooting wizard to unblock the desired communication. If necessary, you can edit the firewall rule to allow communication from any IP address for instance.
  12. I've reported the issue to developers for a check. Will keep you posted.
  13. Yeah, the problematic driver that we saw in another case with BSOD was from 2016 too. Please uninstall v7.2 in safe mode and install 7.3 after starting Windows in normal mode.
  14. You can uninstall EP7.2 in safe mode using the uninstall tool and after starting Windows in normal mode install EP7.3. Could you please provide c:\windows\system32\DRIVERS\stdcfltn.sys or at least check if it's several years old?
  15. V4 for Linux is a legacy product which doesn't support activation / deactivation. You simply enter a username and password for update and that's it. If update didn't work it must have been a glitch with your credentials that was subsequently resolved but definitely the issue could not be connected to activation.
  16. That shouldn't happen. You'd need to have ESET installed on many machines to have problems like this.
  17. I'd recommend submitting a support ticket via the built-in submission form and also select logs to be submitted so that customer care can try to reproduce the issue on their end and possibly report it to developers.
  18. It appears that the issue is related to an older version of stdcfltn.sys found on Dell computers. If somebody else is experiencing the issue, it'd be good to know if updating the driver to the latest version helped.
  19. Are you getting the message repeatedly? As far as I know, it should be displayed just once. The upcoming version of ESET Endpoint for Mac will not leverage legacy extensions any more.
  20. Any Endpoint v7 is already compatible with Windows 10 updates scheduled for 2020. Endpoint v7.3 is the first version which is preliminary compatible with Windows 21H1 aka Windows 10 Iron. While we can't guarantee there won't be any further issues with future builds of the OS update which is still being developed, should some issues arise they should be resolved by the time the update is officially released.
  21. Please provide software-install.log or try to install Endpoint v7.3 manually and create an install log as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb406-how-do-i-generate-an-installation-error-log-for-windows-eset-products. If the installation fails, the install log should contain more details about the cause of the failure. Please upload it here along with logs collected with ESET Log Collector.
  22. If you are able to reproduce it, would it be possible to create a dump of ekrn when the issue occurs? If that's not possible, try to get a complete or active memory dump as per the instructions at https://support.eset.com/en/kb380-how-do-i-generate-a-memory-dump-manually.
  23. Please post your feedback in this topic: https://forum.eset.com/topic/14271-future-changes-to-eset-security-management-center-eset-remote-administrator/
  24. I'm gonna provide you with 1-month trial license for ESET Endpoint Antivirus so that you are protected until your admin activates Endpoint with your company's license.
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